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How to Make Money Marketing Your Business on YouTube

by Jamie Turner

Discover powerful, proven ways to use YouTube to attract new clients and customers!


You’ve probably watched video on YouTube or other user-generated video sites such as HowCast, Flickr, or DailyMotion....

Get Ready to Grow Your Company After a Recession

by Lori Williams

The recession will end. Most companies won't be ready: They're spending all their time hunkering down. But a few companies will be prepared to jump on their best new opportunities, grab new profits, and supercharge...

Get Time-Wasters Out of Your Inbox

by Lori Williams

Stop wasting time: transform your email inbox from time-waster to supercharged productivity tool! Lori Williams shows how to regain control over email...eliminate unnecessary messages and "cover-your-rear" cc:s...handle...

Entrepreneurship and Visualization: Harness the Power of Visualizing for Business Success

by Tricia Molloy

Every top athlete has harnessed the power of visualization. You can, too! Discover how to visualize your next business success, your next sale, your next interview--whatever you want! Next, enhance your visualization...

Entrepreneurship and Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

by Tricia Molloy

Never underestimate the power of gratitude! Learn how to show appreciation and give thanks...keep a gratitude grateful for the gifts that accompany failure and disappointment...refocus on what you...

Entrepreneurship and Positive Attitudes for the Road to Business Success

by Tricia Molloy

Whatever you do, you think it first. What are you saying to yourself and the universe right now? Learn how to transform those messages...make them more positive, self-affirming...and use your new affirmations...

Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, 2013 Supplement

by Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz & David P. Hoffman

In the last 20 years, the need for a financial expert to act as a witness and consultant to litigating attorneys has grown even more than litigation itself.  Twenty years ago, few certified public accountants...

Entrepreneurship and Integrity

by Tricia Molloy

When your thoughts and actions don't align with the truth, you waste precious energy and tarnish your reputation. Walk through your integrity checkup! Discover opportunities to increase your level of integrity...

Value Investing in Growth Companies: How to Spot High Growth Businesses and Generate 40% to 400% Investment Returns

by Rusmin Ang & Victor Chng

How to apply the value investing model to today's high-growth Asian companies

This revised edition of Value Investing in Growth Companies serves as a step-by-step guide that lets investors combine the value...

Managing Projects in Africa: Essentials from the Project Management Journal

by Project Management Journal

This special issue of the Project Management Journal presents a collection of six articles on managing projects in Africa. Providing a window into the important project activity taking place there, these articles...

The Birkman Method: Your Personality at Work

by Sharon Birkman Fink & Stephanie Capparell

The first in-depth book on the personality assessment used by millions of people worldwide, revealing the underlying needs that drive and inspire you

Whether you're wondering if you are in the right career,...

Entrepreneurship Minus the Clutter for a More Successful Business

by Tricia Molloy

Clutter distracts us, confuses us, drains us--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Clutter's everywhere. Paperwork. Mail. Email. Bills. News. The Internet. Unfulfilled commitments. Difficult clients....

Entrepreneurship and an Abundance of Prosperity

by Tricia Molloy

Abundance: It's money, but so much more! It's health, energy, joyful relationships. It's living each day with grace and ease. However you define it, you deserve it. It's time you believed that. Now, learn how...

Entrepreneurship and Setting Your Business Intentions

by Tricia Molloy

Why are you here? Tricia Molloy will help you find the answer, put it into words...and then put those words into action. Molloy guides you in defining a personal quest and one that benefits others: what you're...

Entrepreneurship and Your Inner Divine Wisdom

by Tricia Molloy

Hire the business partner who'll never let you down and won't cost you a dime...the partner who brings the wisdom of the universe...the partner who's deep inside you...the partner you've been ignoring too long....

Happiness Leads to High Performance

by Cathy Greenberg & Barrett Avigdor

Happiness leads directly to better work performance--really! Now, two leading performance experts reveal why the link is tighter than you ever realized. Next, they offer a practical "formula" for improving your...

Land a Great Job After Graduation--Fast!

by Jill Ferguson

Get that first great job after college! In minutes, learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd...get your "dream company" to call you...interview brilliantly...follow up masterfully! From first impressions...

You Can Get That Raise--Even in a Recession!

by Laura Browne & Jill Ferguson

Think you can't get a raise in tough times? Think again: It's all in how you ask. Here's your practical plan for getting "more money" now...placing yourself "first in line" when raises start again...proving...

Make Yourself the One They'll Never Fire: Four Questions to Help You Stay Employed

by Laura Browne

Want to keep (or improve) your job? Laura C. Browne identifies the four questions you must ask yourself right now. Then, based on the answers, Browne helps you take charge of your career, identify opportunities,...

Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business, Portable Documents

by Luke Williams

For more and more companies in a world that's changing fast, there’s only one way to win the game: transform it entirely. For anyone who wants to thrive in this new order, this requires a revolution in thinking--a...