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The Political Economy of the European Constitution

by Luigi Paganetto

The enlargement process, the creation of the Monetary Union and the need to promote further the political and economic integration of Europe have ignited an intense debate at the European level among researchers...

Banking Regulation of UK and US Financial Markets

by Dalvinder Singh

Dalvinder Singh provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the legal aspects of prudential supervision. This gives the reader a broader understanding of the core processes of banking supervision. By using the...

Child Labour in South Asia

by Gamini Herath & Kishor Sharma

Child labour is a serious and contentious issue throughout the developing world and it continues to be a problem whose form and very meaning shifts with social, geographical, economic and cultural context. While...

Human Resource Management in Russia

by Michel E. Domsch & Tatjana Lidokhover

Investigating Human Resource Management issues in Russia, this volume looks at the current state of Human Resource practice within Russian enterprises; its various problems and possible solutions.

Following a...

Industries and Markets in Central and Eastern Europe

by Bruno S. Sergi & William T. Bagatelas

A combination of rigorous analysis and case material; this book is an essential guide to trade and industry developments in Central and Eastern Europe. Its scope encompasses globalization, the business strategies...

Changing Working Life and the Appeal of the Extreme Right

by Jörg Flecker

This book investigates the interplay of the recent transformation of working life and the growing appeal of political right-wing populism and extremism in Europe. It explores the individual and collective reactions...

Strategic Arena Switching in International Trade Negotiations

by Wolfgang Blaas & Joachim Becker

Since the 1970s global rule-making with respect to international trade has increased in importance. Political and academic attention has been focused either on global institutions like the IMF, the World Bank,...

Stories, Visions and Values in Voluntary Organisations

by Christina Schwabenland

Christina Schwabenland's book is based on extensive research into stories told by people working in voluntary organizations in the UK and in India. With a view to social change, the author employs hermeneutic...

Assessing the Extent of China's Marketization

by Xiaoxi Li

China is indisputably one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world; however the character, nature and extent of its market economy status remains in question.

This book provides an empirical analysis...

Impact of e-Commerce on Consumers and Small Firms

by Salvatore Zappalà & Colin Gray

The change from old to new technologies has fundamentally changed the relationship between the consumer and the firm. This book is at the frontier of behavioural research into how these new commercial realities...

Transition, Taxation and the State

by Gerard Turley

In economic terms three of the most important and controversial issues of our times are transition, taxation and the role of the state. This book examines the core associated problems of tax payment and collection...

Economic Integration and Development in Africa

by Henry Kyambalesa & Mathurin C. Houngnikpo

The debates over what African economic integration and development actually entails continue across international economic organizations, national governments and NGOs. Despite the glare of media attention and...

China's Rural Economy after WTO: Problems and Strategies

by Shunfeng Song & Aimin Chen

China's Rural Economy after WTO discusses and analyses China's rural sector problems in detail, including the areas of poverty, income inequality, the gender gap, barriers of rural-urban migration, discrimination...

Globalization and the Transformation of Foreign Economic Policy

by Pawel Bozyk

The onslaught of globalization has brought with it sweeping changes to the foreign economic policy of the last 50 years. As the international political economy of nations and regions continues to be drawn and...

Foreign Direct Investment and the Regional Economy

by Jonathan Jones & Colin Wren

The 'boom' in foreign direct investment (FDI) since the mid-1980s, continues to be paramount in policy interest. This book reviews the literature on the nature of FDI and reports the recent results on the performance...

The Chinese Economy after WTO Accession

by Shuming Bao & Shuanglin Lin

This book provides an analysis of the Chinese economy in the context of globalization after China's admission to the WTO. In four parts it addresses globalization, privatization, fiscal policy and financial...

Dynamic Induction: Games, Activities and Ideas to Revitalize your Employee Induction Process

by Susan El-Shamy

Dynamic Induction: Games, Activities and Ideas to Revitalise Your Employee Induction Process is a practical guide to upgrading your induction process and actively facilitating the new employee's becoming a positive,...

Legendary Away Days: The Complete Guide to Running Successful Team Events

by Karen Cooley & Kirsty McEwan

Building strong, responsive, teams is one of the key factors in putting your organisation ahead of its competitors. So why do many teams fail to deliver to their true potential? The answer is that even when...

Fraud: The Counter Fraud Practitioner's Handbook

by Alan Doig

Fraud: The Counter Fraud Practitioner's Handbook looks at fraud investigation methods and explores the practical options for preventing and remedying fraud. An effective fraud and financial crime strategy involves...

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: Business Solutions for Poverty Alleviation from Around the World

by Daphne Halkias & Paul W. Thurman

In Entrepreneurship and Sustainability the editors and contributors challenge the notion that not-for-profit social entrepreneurship is the only sort that can lead to the alleviation of poverty.