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The Economic Consequences of the Gulf War

by Kamran Mofid

The Iran-Iraq War were one of the longest and most devastating uninterrupted wars amongst modern nation states. It produced neither victor nor vanquished and left the regimes in both countries basically intact....

Economic Efficiency and Social Welfare (Routledge Revivals): Selected Essays on Fundamental Aspects of the Economic Theory of Social Welfare

by E. J. Mishan

First published in 1981, Professor Mishan's Economic Efficiency and Social Welfare: Selected Essays on Fundamental Aspects of the Economic Theory of Social Welfare is a collection of 22 pioneering essays written...

Diplomacy and Displacement: Reconsidering the Turco-Greek Exchange of Populations 1922-1934: Reconsidering the Turco-Greek Exchange of Populations, 19

by Onur Yildirim

This study presents a comprehensive, balanced and factually grounded narrative of the Turco-Greek Exchange of Populations as a historic event that has been the subject of much distortion in the historiographical...

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

by John Wood

John Wood discovered his passion, his greatest success, and his life's work not at business school or helping lead Microsoft's charge into Asia in the 1990s but on a soul-searching trip to the Himalayas. He...

Interest Rates and Budget Deficits: A Study of the Advanced Economies

by Kanhaya L. Gupta & Bakhtiar Moazzami

There is widespread belief that the high interest rates of the 1980s and 1990s in the developed world have been caused by high budget deficits. Yet, there is no conclusive evidence to support such a belief....

Managerial Finance in the Corporate Economy

by Dilip K. Ghosh & Shahriar Khaksari

In most countries the economic structure and financial landscape are dominated by corporations. A critical examination of the various facets of the corporate economy is thus vitally important. In Managerial...

Global Warming and Energy Demand

by Terry Barker, Paul Ekins & Nick Johnstone

This book presents a range of current views on the use of economic measures to control greenhouse gas emissions. the authors discuss the responsiveness of the energy market to changes in prices, taxes and incomes....

Social Limits to Economic Theory

by Jonathan D Mulberg

Modern economics makes much of its claim to be impartial, objective and value-free but it is unable to address our most immediate problems such as widespread environmental degradation and persistent poverty....

Out of the Margin: Feminist Perspectives on Economics

by Notburga Ott, Susan Feiner & Edith Kuiper

Out of the Margin is the first volume to consider feminist concerns across the entire domain of economics. The book addresses the philosophical roots of 'rational economic man', power relations and conflicts...

Social Economics: Premises, Findings and Policies

by Edward O'Boyle

Social Economics is a way of thinking about economic affairs that begins with the philosphical foundations. It begins at this level, frequently overlooked by mainstream economists, to illustrate how critical...

States Against Markets: The Limits of Globalization

by Robert Boyer & Daniel Drache

This work challenges the popular view that globalization threatens the role of the nation-state in determining national policy. It examines the fundamental issue of competitiveness and market power in an increasingly...

Working for Full Employment

by John Philpott

After more than twenty years of mass unemployment in Britain and throughout much of Europe can the aspiration of "jobs for all" once again become a reality? Working for Full Employment considers the feasibility...

Future of the Nation-State: Essays on Cultural Pluralism and Political Integration

by Sverker Gustavsson & Leif Lewin

The tension between culture, politics and economy has become one the dominant anxieties of modern society. On the one hand people endeavour to maintain and develop their cultural identity; on the other there...

Transformational Growth and the Business Cycle

by Edward Nell

This book examines the concept of Transformational Growth from a number of different historical and geographical perspectives. Transformational Growth sees the economy as an evolving system in which the market...

Fiscal Federalism and European Economic Integration

by Mark Baimbridge & Philip Whyman

The pace of economic integration amongst European Union (EU) member states has accelerated considerably during the past decade, highlighted by the process of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Many aspects of...

Reward Management: A Critical Text

by Geoff White & Janet Druker

This thoroughly revised edition adopts a critical and theoretical perspective on remuneration policy and practices in the UK, from the decline of collective bargaining to the rise of more individualistic systems...

China, East Asia and the Global Economy: Regional and Historical Perspectives

by Takeshi Hamashita, Mark Selden & Linda Grove

Takeshi Hamashita, arguably Asia's premier historian of the longue durée, has been instrumental in opening a new field of inquiry in Chinese, East Asian and world historical research. Engaging modernization,...

Monetary Policy and Central Banking in the Middle East and North Africa

by David Cobham & Ghassan Dibeh

This book examines monetary policy, central banking and exchange rate regimes in the Middle East and North Africa. Part I covers central banking and monetary policy, while Part II covers monetary policy and...

Inflation Theory in Economics: Welfare, Velocity, Growth and Business Cycles

by Max Gillman

These essays bring together a progression in monetary theory. The major theme that runs through all of the chapters is that in order to do monetary economics well in general equilibrium, it helps to have a good...

The Human Equity Advantage: Beyond Diversity to Talent Optimization

by Trevor Wilson

A fresh approach to the old problem of "diversity fatigue"

Trevor Wilson, global diversity strategist and visionary leader, presents a fresh, new management model that goes beyond the traditional diversity debate...