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Masters of Disaster

by Christopher Lehane, Mark Fabiani & Bill Guttentag

The foolproof guide to damage control from the “masters of disaster”


Whether you're a politician caught with his pants down, a publicly traded company accused of accounting improprieties, a family-owned...

Breakthrough Marketing Plans

by Tim Calkins

Almost every company creates a marketing plan each year, and many spend hundreds of employee hours researching, preparing and presenting their tomes to senior executives. But most marketing plans are a waste...

Get Content Get Customers: Turn Prospects into Buyers with Content Marketing

by Joe Pulizzi & Newt Barrett

Connect to customers with compelling content!

The rules of marketing have changed. Instead of loud claims of product superiority, what customers really want is valuable content that will improve their lives....

What Do You Mean by That?:Using Small Talk and Body Language to Increase Credibility

by Booher. Dianna

What does your body language say about you? Studies have proven that over 70 percent of what you communicate is through your body language. What you wear, your posture, and your non-verbal actions speak loudly...

Do You Know What You Just SAID?!!!:Communication Success with the Opposite Sex & Cultural Differences

by Booher. Dianna

Have you ever had that moment of terror when you accidentally said or did something that deeply offended other people? Every skilled communicator has had these moments. But with this communications resource,...

The Conflict Resolution Bible:A Quick Reference Guide for Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

by Booher. Dianna

Your skills in mediating conflict in the workplace are a key factor in career success. As a manager or supervisor, your skills in conflict resolution will make the difference in leading a productive team and...

Confrontational Communication:Delivering Negative Feedback, Bad News, and Other Straight Talk

by Booher. Dianna

Your success as a manager or supervisor will increase tremendously if you can skillfully deliver negative feedback with tact and respect for others' dignity. Learn to offer constructive feedback while still...

Listening for Sales Results:Achieve Sales Success Through Insightful Questions

by Booher. Dianna

Do people describe you as a good listener? Every skilled listener is a master at asking the right questions of the right people. The rules for active listening are changing rapidly with the advance of technology....

Communication Gaffs:How to Recover from NastyGrams, Insults, Insensitivities, Goofs, and Gossip

by Booher. Dianna

Have you ever had someone hurl an insult at you and leave you stunned and speechless? Have you ever discovered that you're the topic of a rumor or gossip that could stall your career? Don't worry; you are not...

Coaching and Managing Teams with Confidence:Quick Tips to Develop Management Skills for Maximum Impact

by Booher. Dianna

Coaching and Managing Teams with Confidence is a classic business communication resource to get your message across clearly, tactfully, and confidently in common management situations. This series of quick tips...

Dealing with Difficult Buyers

by Booher. Dianna

All successful salespeople have to deal with them. It's part of doing business--handling the dreaded difficult buyer or blocker. To understand what makes them tick and to turn them around from foe to friend...

New Rules for Seasoned Sales Pros:Negotiations, Persuasion, Body Language, and Cross-Cultural Selling

by Booher. Dianna

The rules for sales communications are changing rapidly with the adoption of new technology to communicate quickly and globally. This book is a handy business communication resource to communicate clearly, tactfully,...

From Contact to Contract:432 Proven Sales Tips to Generate More Leads, Close More Deals, Exceed Your Goals, and Make More Money

by Booher. Dianna

Are you one of the 16 million Americans working as a sales professional? Are you a small business owner, consultant, doctor, lawyer, or other business professional who must sell your services and promote your...

Energy Efficient Building Use

by Roger Heath & Mark Steel

This manual provides a handy, straightforward summary of energy efficient building use. It assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. It looks at building fabric as well as building services. It provides background...

Start and run a Successful Cleaning Business: The essential guide to building a profitable company

by Robert Gordon

The cleaning industry is worth billions each year. There is plenty of money to be made, and you don't require any specific qualifications to get started. What you do need is a range of key skills, and a personal...

How To Make Your Own Will: Make life simpler for those you leave behind. Ensure that your estate goes to the people who you want to benefit. Minimise

by Carol Godsmark

This invaluable book really will enable you to prepare your own will. It will alert you to the many and broad ranging matters you should consider, and covers factual and legal requirements and technicalities...

How to Be a Property Millionaire: From Coronation Street to Canary Wharf

by Annie Hulley

TV star Annie Hulley has amassed a substantial property portfolio in just three years. In this book she explains how she achieved it, the mistakes she learned along the way, and what she's gleamed from the experience....

Starting and Running a Coaching Business: The Complete Guide to Setting Up and Managing a Coaching Practice

by Aryanne Oade

Guides you through a comprehensive, practical and personalised process as you negotiate the pitfalls and reap the rewards of starting your own coaching business. This title helps to establish and develop your...

Become an Approved Driving Instructor: And Set Up Your Own Driving School

by Colin Crane & Paul Pearson

This title offers practical accessible information on how to become an Approved Driving Instructor (car) and how to set up and run your own driving school. It is suitable for aspiring or trainee driving instructors...

Start And Run A Restaurant: Make life simpler for those you leave behind. Ensure that your estate goes to the people who you want to benefit. Minimise

by Gordon Bowley LLB

This book covers all apsects of the restaurant business - from initial start-up, to building up a regular trade. Running a restaurant can be a most rewarding and stimulating business - both on the personal and...