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The Dividend Imperative: How Dividends Can Narrow the Gap between Main Street and Wall Street

by Daniel Peris


You've seen the markets swing from bubble to scandal and back again. You've watched the divide between Wall Street and Main Street...

The CustomerCentric Selling® Field Guide to Prospecting and Business Development: Techniques, Tools, and Exercises to Win More Business

by Gary Walker

The Proven Approach to Prospecting for the Long Sales Cycle

It's a fact: 92 percent of C-level executives never respond to e-mail blasts or cold calls . . . so why would you continue to rely on these approaches...

Leadership Sustainability: Seven Disciplines to Achieve the Changes Great Leaders Know They Must Make

by Dave Ulrich & Norm Smallwood


Every day, thousands of people put great effort--and money--into becoming more effective leaders, through seminars, personal coaching, and employee development plans. These...

Leading Your Business Forward: Aligning Goals, People, and Systems for Sustainable Success

by John Pyecha & Shane Yount


SIMPLE IS BETTER! Businesses today are overwhelmed by complex, expensive, and time-consuming...

Mutiny and Its Bounty: Leadership Lessons from the Age of Discovery

by Patrick J. Murphy

Violent mutiny was common in seafaring enterprises during the Age of Discovery—so common, in fact, that dealing with mutineers was an essential skill for captains and other leaders of the time. Mutinies in...

Closing the Deal: The Al Sinclair Way: Real Estate Made Easy

by Al Sinclair

Closing the Deal is a handy tip book for anyone looking to buy, rent or sell their place. With tips that others won't share with you, Al gives you advice and ideas to educate you on how to get things done effectively....

Success Made Easy

by Sanjay Burman

8 Steps! 8 Exercises! 8 Weeks! A no-nonsense approach like never before! So what's your excuse? LIFE ISN'T HARD. We make it harder than it is. We can always find something to complain about! Yes, times are tough,...

Faster Cheaper Better: The 9 Levers for Transforming How Work Gets Done

by Michael Hammer & Lisa Hershman

A bold and revolutionary thinker’s legacy for how business can meet the greatest economic challenge in decades...


It’s no secret: everyone knows that the way most companies do things is screwed up. Surprisingly,...

Private Foundations: Tax Law and Compliance

by Bruce R. Hopkins

With more than 50,000 private foundations in the United States and the increasing scrutiny of the IRS, this much-needed, annually updated manual provides you with a wide range of tax rules and regulations for...

Improving Learning In Uganda, Volume 2: Problematic Curriculum Areas and Teacher Effectiveness: Insights from National Assessments

by Innocent Mulindwa Najjumba & Jeffery H. Marshall

The Uganda school system has expanded over the years resulting from mass education reforms at the primary - since 1997, and the lower secondary level - since 2007. This has enabled provision of key inputs to...

Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Problem Solving

by M. Afzalur Rahim

In this volume, M. Afzalur Rahim gathers ten contributions covering a diverse range of topics. These include Type III error in medical decision making, a theoretical model of social intelligence, a structural...

The Executive's Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy: How Social Networks Are Radically Transforming Your Business

by Mike Barlow & David B. Thomas

An actionable framework for developing and executing successful social media strategies supporting collaboration, teamwork and communication in modern corporations

Using straightforward language, this book offers...

Reading Financial Reports For Dummies

Fear Your Strengths: What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem

by Robert E. Kaplan & Robert B. Kaiser

Leaders have countless resources and books aimed at helping them discover their strengths-which is fantastic-but none of them address what happens when these strengths are inevitably overplayed and start to...

Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations

by Frederick Gilbert

Presenting to senior decision makers can be a terrifying "through the looking glass" moment. The stakes are high-one presentation can make or break a career-but the rules are utterly unclear. This book is an...

Designing Socialism: Visions, Projections, Models

by Al Campbell

This highly readable volume explores what contemporary models of socialism have to offer for envisioning a better world and developing feasible alternatives to neoliberalism and pervasive inequality. The book...

Best Way to Find a Job Is to... Effectively Manage Your Job Search

by JM Roman

The book takes the job seeker beyond a fine tuned resume and addresses ways to structure, organize and manage a focus job search.

This book addresses the five basic functions of managing a job search –-Planning,...

Museums: A Place to Work: Planning Museum Careers

by Jane R. Glaser & Artemis A. Zenetou

Surveying over thirty different positions in the museum profession, this is the essential guide for anyone considering entering the field, or a career change within it.

From exhibition designer to shop manager,...

Economics as an Art of Thought: Essays in Memory of G.L.S. Shackle

by Peter Earl & S FROWEN

This volume unites scholars from all over the world, and with very different theoretical perspectives. Their chapters probe into typical Shacklean themes of time and money, uncertainty and expectation, and into...

Handbook of Media Management and Economics

by Alan B. Albarran, Sylvia M. Chan-Olmsted & Michael O. Wirth

This comprehensive Handbook provides a synthesis of current work and research in media management and economics. The volume has been developed around two primary objectives: assessing the state of knowledge...