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Enterprise Growth Strategy: Vision, Planning and Execution

by Dhirendra Kumar

Even during economic downturns businesses have to grow to survive and compete in domestic and international markets. There is always a need to plan for future growth.

Enterprise Growth Strategy presents the total...

Design for Services

by Anna Meroni & Daniela Sangiorgi

In Design for Services, Anna Meroni and Daniela Sangiorgi articulate what Design is doing and can do for services, and how this connects to existing fields of knowledge and practice. Designers previously saw...

The Principles of Islamic Marketing

by Baker Ahmad Alserhan

The Principles of Islamic Marketing fills a gap in international business literature covering the aspects and values of Islamic business thought. It provides a framework and practical perspectives for understanding...

Project Politics: A Systematic Approach to Managing Complex Relationships

by Nita A. Martin

The ability of individuals to work together to facilitate the delivery of a project can be a major factor in determining its success. By misinterpreting or even missing the signs of underlying political issues...

Stock Market Efficiency, Insider Dealing and Market Abuse

by Paul Barnes

The recent turbulence in the stock market has brought into question the way, and prices at which, shares are traded, and how the market effectively values companies. It has also raised public concern as to the...

Employee Communication During Mergers and Acquisitions

by Jenny Davenport & Simon Barrow

Communication is the key to organisational success and nowhere is this truism more apparent than in the influence of internal communication during a transformational process as dramatic as a merger or acquisition....

International Trade and the Successful Intermediary

by Davide Giovanni Papa & Lorna Elliott

International Trade and the Successful Intermediary reveals how intermediaries can safely and effectively guarantee they are paid commission in lucrative commodity trades. Davide Papa and Lorna Elliott explain...

Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility: Diversity, Rights, and Sustainability

by Ana Maria Davila Gomez & David Crowther

The issue of human rights, in the context of corporate social responsibility, is normally taken to relate to concern about exploitation in the supply chain - child labour, slavery in developing countries, and...

Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce: From the GI Generation to the Millennials

by Robert G. DelCampo, Lauren A. Haggerty & Meredith Jane Haney

For the first time in history, four distinct and very different generations are working together. Generational conflict is one of the last bastions of acceptable discrimination in today's workplace. Each generation...

The Competitive Advantage of Regions and Nations: Technology Transfer Through Foreign Direct Investment

by Boris Ricken & George Malcotsis

The importance of technology transfer for the competitive advantage of companies and the economic success of nations cannot be overstated. Technology is a determining element for firms and nations to increase...

Creating and Re-Creating Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture

by Alzira Salama

Entrepreneurship is often considered only in the context of new venture creation, small business issues, and the profiles and personalities of individual entrepreneurs. The emphasis in Creating and Re-Creating...

Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance and CSR

by Güler Aras & David Crowther

Good governance is good PR, it is important in every sphere of society, whether it be the corporate environment, the political, or wider society. When resources are too limited to meet the minimum expectations...

Green Outcomes in the Real World: Global Forces, Local Circumstances, and Sustainable Solutions

by Peter McManners

Over the last three decades the world economy has grown strongly on the back of 'globalization' supported by the policies of free-trade, open markets and privatisation. Support has also grown for the concept...

Project Psychology: Using Psychological Models and Techniques to Create a Successful Project

by Sharon De Mascia

Why do carefully planned projects fail? Projects are affected, for good or ill, by the humans who undertake them. If the plan fails to take account of the psychology of managing people and the psychology of...

Second Order Project Management

by Michael Cavanagh

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got, and if it's not good enough, you need to do something else. As project complexity increases, so too does the need to do new things.

The existing...

Developing HR Talent: Building a Strategic Partnership with the Business

by Kirsty Saddler & Jan Hills

Faced with numerous challenges, from globalism to economic turbulence, organizations need an Human Resources function that can lead from the front. The process of transforming HR is complex (and rarely linear)....

Shopping 3.0: Shopping, the Internet or Both?

by Cor Molenaar

Retailers are in difficult times. The recession, global competition, government regulation and the growth of the Internet mean that costs are rising but margins are increasingly squeezed.

Cor Molenaar's Shopping...

Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development

by Jeff Gold, Richard Thorpe & Alan Mumford

The fifth edition of the Handbook explores the role and value of leadership and management development and provides tools, techniques and authoritative guidance on how to deliver it effectively. The contributors,...

Going Global: Managing the HR Function Across Countries and Cultures

by Cat Rickard, Jodi Baker & Yonca Crew

As organizations operate across countries and continents there is an increasing demand for the development of an HR function designed to deliver global support. This requires rethinking the structure of HR,...

Service Led Design: Planning the New HR Function

by Jane Saunders & Ian Hunter

For many years now, both private and public sector organizations have been dealing with the challenge of how best to improve corporate performance. HR has not escaped this scrutiny. The very same businesses...