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Marketing Apocalypse: Eschatology, Escapology and the Illusion of the End

by Jim Bell, Stephen Brown & David Carson

The present volume of essays examines the extent to which the end of marketing is nigh. The authors explore the present state of marketing scholarship and put forward a variety of visions of marketing in the...

Privatisation and Liberalisation in European Telecommunications: Comparing Britain, the Netherlands and France

by Willem Hulsink

This book combines a detailed, sector-specific study of comparative telecommunications regimes set in the context of the EC, with an extensive historical and empirical analysis of individual policy management...

Small Firms and Network Economies

by Martin Perry

Recent development experience points to the way business can be the key to a dynamic small business sector, especially where those links are built on high trust co-operative relations.

This book reviews different...

Informal Learning in the Workplace: Unmasking Human Resource Development

by John Garrick

Informal learning has become an extremely important issue as post-industrial workplaces seek to harness its productive potential. Managers and HRD practitioners have attempted to deploy informal learning in...

Transforming Rural China: How Local Institutions Shape Property Rights in China

by Chih-Jou Jay Chen

It is often assumed that privatization leads to profit, and that well-delineated property rights and a strong private sector will help boost an economy. This book investigates the property rights in Chinese...

The Downsizing of Asia

by François Godement

Until very recently it was assumed that the Asian miracle of prodigious economic growth would continue indefinitely. Europe and America, it seemed, were being left behind. The recent financial crisis in Asia...

The History of Economic Thought

by Steven G Medema & Warren J. Samuels

This new reader in the history of economic thought is edited by two of the most respected figures in the field. With clearly written summaries putting each selection into context, this book will be of great...

Payment Systems in Global Perspective

by Maxwell J. Fry

This book provides an authoritative overview of the complex practical and policy implications of international payments systems by central bankers from both developed and developing countries, Payments Systems...

Marketing and Social Construction: Exploring the Rhetorics of Managed Consumption

by Chris Hackley

Marketing is at the centre of the business education boom: a million or more people worldwide are studying the subject at any one time. Yet despite widespread discontent with the intellectual standards in marketing,...

Post-Industrial Labour Markets: Profiles of North America and Scandinavia

by Thomas Boje & Bengt Furåker

In nearly all OECD countries, the labour market has been in flux in recent decades. This book examines the labour markets and the institutional frameworks that condition their functioning in four different countries:...

Understanding Human Resource Development: A Research-Based Approach

by Jim McGoldrick, Jim Stewart & Sandra Watson

This edited volume contains original chapters by some of the leading researchers and writers in HRD. It provides a definitive work on the design and conduct of research in HRD and identifies and examines the...

Work and Unseen Chronic Illness: Silent Voices

by Margaret Vickers

In an increasingly ageing society, medicine, hygiene and nutrition have reduced the impact of acute and life-threatening illnesses. However, whilst we are living longer, the chance of developing or contracting...

Managing Buyer-Supplier Relations: The Winning Edge Through Specification Management

by Rajesh Nellore

Managing suppliers is a complex process that is often underestimated. This book presents research carried out by a practising manager in the automotive industry, coupled with over six hundred interviews with...

Marketing the E-Business

by Charles Dennis & Lisa Harris

Since the much-hyped crash, treading the e-business path can be daunting. In these increasingly uncertain and cynical times, this useful text unpicks the challenges of e-Marketing for many types of business....

Policy Evaluation with Computable General Equilibrium Models

by Amedeo Fossati & Wolfgang Wiegard

Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling is a relatively new field in economics, however, it is rapidly becoming one of the most useful tools for policy evaluation. This book applies CGE modelling to some...

Natural Disaster and Development in a Globalizing World

by Mark Pelling

The number of humanitarian disasters triggered by a natural hazard has doubled every decade since the 1960s. At the same time, the global economic growth rate per capita is twice its 1960s value. Does this mean...

Papers on the Science of Administration

by Luther Gulick & L. Urwick

This edited collection includes contributions by Follett, Fayol, Mooney, Dennison, Henderson, Whitehead and Mayo. The paper by Henderson, Whitehead and Mayo discusses the findings of the Hawthorne experiments....

The Institute of Accounts

by Stephen E. Loeb & Paul J. Miranti

This book focuses upon the Institute of Accounts (IA), an organization to which the modern United States accounting profession can trace its roots. The IA was organized in the early 1880s in New York City and,...

Internationalisation of Retailing in Asia

by Sang Chul Choi, John Dawson & Roy Larke

European retailers have successfully internationalised their activities in Europe but have been less successful in North America. American retailers have been successful in their home market but less so in Europe....

International Business and the Eclectic Paradigm: Developing the Oli Framework

by John Cantwell & Rajneesh Narula

The eclectic paradigm has arguably become the dominant theoretical basis in the study of FDI, multinational corporations and internationalisation over the last two decades. The contributions to this volume evaluate...