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Developing the Global Organization

by J.D., William G. Stripp, Philip R. Harris & Robert T. Moran

With expanding world markets and increased international business competition comes a corresponding demand for organizations and individuals who are prepared to operate in these new arenas of global commerce....

Leading for a Change

by Ralph D. Jacobson

Bringing together the best practices of many of the most highly

respected organizational thinkers shaping the future landscape of

business, Leading for a Change finally answers the question of how to make leadership...

Wake Me When It's Time to Work

by Tom Edel

This wisdom-filled and often amusing book prepares you for virtually every unpleasant business experience imaginable. Originally written as a father's advice to his children as they entered the workforce, it...

Business Abroad

by J.D., Ph.D., Lawrence E. Koslow

From something as simple as finding a distributor to as complex as founding an overseas operation. Here's a 'meat and potatoes' guide to entering and excelling in the international business arena. Combining...

Leading Consciously

by Debashis Chatterjee & Peter Senge

Leading Consciously addresses the issues of motivation, decision-making, communication, time management, effective learning, work psychology, organizational development, and self-mastery. The author weaves together...

The Alchemy of Fear

by Kay Gilley

The dramatic effects of downsizing, mergers, and reengineering have created a climate of fear in the workplace, fears that generally go unacknowledged. The Alchemy of Fear teaches us how to accept our emotions...

Flight of the Phoenix

by John Whiteside

Flight of the Phoenix provides insights to the series of management initiatives seeping the workplace, such as re-engineering, restructuring, and reinvention. This title shows how employees can assert themselves...

Transcultural Leadership

by Carmen Vazquez, George F Simons & Philip R Harris

Supervisors, project managers and CEOs should find this book useful as it deals with an emerging global reality - culturally diverse people of both genders in the workplace. The new workplace environment demands...

Conscious Capitalism

by David A. Schwerin

Conscious Capitalism shows how the principles of ancient wisdon are directly relevant to modern day business. Drawing on thirty years of financial and executive experience, Schwerin addresses contemporary issues...

A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

by Dale Neef

It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is a time honored cautionary statement that has suddenly acquired a new urgency. A little knowledge is dangerous, because as a force for dramatic change,...

Beyond Strategic Vision

by Michael Cowley & Ellen Domb

Hoshin is a system which was developed in Japan in the 1960's, and is a derivative of Management By Objectives (MBO). It is a Management System for determining the appropriate course of action for an organization,...

Power Partnering

by Sean Gadman

Power Partnering is a brilliant yet refreshingly simple approach that breaks innovative thinking and acting down into four distinct contexts, allowing people to respond to complex situations in highly creative...

After Atlantis: Working, Managing, and Leading in Turbulent Times

by Ned Hamson

Based on both fundamental theory and practical experience, After Atlantis identifies a broad range of approaches that will better equip individuals and organizations not only to react in time to change but to...

Business and the Feminine Principle

by Carol R. Frenier

Business and the Feminine Principle: The Untapped Resource describes in lay persons' language the essence of the archetypal feminine and its potential for business. This book shows both women and men how the...

The Springboard

by Stephen Denning

The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations is the first book to teach storytelling as a powerful and formal discipline for organizational change and knowledge management....

Cultivating Common Ground

by Daniel Hanson

Caring is a nitty-gritty process. Cultivating Common Ground teaches us how to care at work with real life experiences, rather than through conceptual thinking alone. Caring relationships to our work and each...

Intuitive Imagery

by Susan E. Mehrtons & John B. Pehrson

Intuitive Imagery puts the discoveries of modern science to work through a

simple, proven technology to meet the challenges of our fast-paced changing world. This book shows you how to harness the wisdom of...

The Rhythm of Business

by David Rottenberg & Jeffrey C. Shuman

The Rhythm of Business identifies and describes the natural development process which all successful business people use intuitively when starting and running a business. Once you understand The Rhythm of Business,...

Revitalize Your Corporate Culture

by Ph.D., Franklin C. Ashby

Adapt or die-this is the simple choice that business has always faced. Here's a valuable guide to the how's, what's, when's, and why's of that choice.

'Revitalize Your Corporate Culture' will help you to:


How to Influence Others at Work

by Dick McCann

Being able to influence others is absolutely vital to the business manager who is not only responsible for their own destiny, but also the well-being of their staff and the future of their company. Getting people...