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Sovereign Assets and Liabilities Management

by D. F. I. F. I. Folkerts-Landau

This volume, edited by David Folkerts-Landau and Marcel Cassard, consists of papers presented at a conference held in Hong Kong SAR that was hosted by the IMF and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. It focuses...

The Economy of the Middle East and North Africa in 1997

by Susan Fennell

The economy of the Middle East and North Africa improved considerably in 1996, and remained favorable in 1997. This paper, by Mohamed A. El-Erian and Susan Fennell, presents an assessment of the recent experience...

Central Banking Technical Assistance to Countries in Transition: Papers and Proceedings of the Meeting of Donor and Recipient Central Banks and Intern

by Susana Almuina

This book, edited by J.B. Zulu, Ian S. McCarthy, Susana Almuiña, and Gabriel Sensenbrenner, presents the proceedings of the special Joint Meetings on Central Banking Technical Assistance held in St. Petersburg,...

Growth-Oriented Adjustment Programs: Proceedings of a Symposium held in Washington, D.C., February 25-27, 1987

by Mohsin S. S. Khan

This volume presents the proceedings of a symposium that was orgainzed jointly by the IMF and the World Bank and held in Washington, D.C. The symposium was organized by Vittorio Corbo, Morris Goldstein, and...

Coordinating Stabilization and Structural Reform: Proceedings of the Seminar Coordination of Structural Reform and Macroeconomic Stabilization, Washin

by Richard C. C. Bart

This seminar volume, edited by Richard C. Barth, Alan R. Roe, and Chorng-Huey Wong, presents an overview of the links between structural and macroeconomic policies that were addressed in an IMF Institute seminar...

Fiscal Policy, Economic Adjustment, and Financial Markets

by Mario Monti

Edited by Mario Monti, this volume contains the proceedings of a seminar that was held in Milan at the Centre for Financial and Monetary Economics, Universitá Luigi Bocconi. Participants included government...

Regional Economic Outlook, April 2011: Western Hemisphere - Watching Out for Overheating

by Internation International Monetary Fund

Despite the recent deterioration in the global economic environment, projections for the region involve only a modest worsening of the outlook. The October 2011 Regional Economic Outlook: Western Hemisphere...

The Changing Role of Export Credit Agencies

by Malcolm Stephens

Export credit agencies play an important role in international trade and investment flows. Exports insured or financed by the approximately 50 export credit agencies that are members of the Berne Union account...

Reforming China's Public Finances

by Ehtisham Ahmad

The reform of fiscal relations between different levels of geovernment is crucial to the success of China's current structural transformation to a socialist market economy. The reform will profoundly affect...

Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide is provided to assist balance of payments compilers in the conduct of an internationally coordinated survey of security holdings being conducted under the auspices...

The Evolving Role of Central Banks

by Patrick Downes

Central Banks should enjoy a fair degree of autonomy in pursuing price stability to promote long-run growth and prosperity. This volume, edited by Patrick Downes and Reza Vaez-Zadeh, contains the papers presented...

Inflation Targeting in Practice: Strategic and Operational Issues and Application to Emerging Market Economies

by Mario I. I. Bléjer

A growing number of countries are anchoring their monetary policy through explicit inflation targeting. This policy has already scored remarkable successes in several countries, establishing central bank credibility,...

Rebalancing Growth in Asia: Economic Dimensions for China

by Vivek B. B. Arora

This book analyzes the importance for Asia of rebalancing its growth model toward domestic demand, and what such a rebalancing would entail. The nature of the challenge differs across regional economies, as...

The Social Effects of Economic Adjustment on Arab Countries

by Taher Hamdi Hamdi Kanaan

The papers presented in this volume edited by Taher H. Kanaan - the eighth in a series of seminars sponsored by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Arab Monetary Fund, the IMF, and the World...

Legal Effects of Fluctuating Exchange Rates

by Joseph Gold

This volume, by Joseph Gold, discusses some of the major letgal effects of fluctuating exchange rates in both public international law and national law. The problems and similarities in the solutions are reviewed,...

Australia: Benefiting from Economic Reforms

by R. Brooks

Australia's recent economic performance has been impressive. It has experienced steady growth since the early 1990s and inflation has averaged just 2 percent over the same period. This strong showing marks a...

Approaches to Exchange Rate Policy

by Richard C. C. Bart

External sector policies and exchange rate policy are central to a country's economic performance and to the IMF's surveillance functions. The papers in this book, edited by Richard Barth and Chorng-Huey Wong,...

Closing a Failed Bank: Resolution Practices and Procedures

by David C. C. Parker

This manual addresses problem bank resolution from the time a bank is identified as being in financial trouble through intervention to liquidation. It comes with an interactive CD-ROM from which users can download...

Economic Policy Coordination: Proceedings of an International Seminar held in Hamburg

by Wilfried Guth

This volume, which presents the proceedings of a seminar moderated by Wilfred Guth in Hamburg, Germany, dicusses the extent of international policy coordination, its effectiveness, and how it can be expected...

Public Expenditure Management

by A. Premchand

This book, by A. Premchand, a former Assistant Director of IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department, provides a comprehensive discussion of the expenditure process in public authorities from a management perspective....