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Market Evolution in Developing Countries: The Unfolding of the Indian Market

by Erdener Kaynak & Subhash C Jain

Markets in Third World countries are growing rapidly and in the next several decades will offer tremendous business opportunities. Firms aspiring to be a part of this growth must establish their presence in...

New Strategies in Higher Education Marketing

by James A Burns & Thomas J Hayes

With rising financial difficulties and declining enrollments, many colleges and universities are finding that they need new and better ways to present and promote themselves to potential students and the general...

Symbiosis of Government and Market: The Private, the Public and Bureaucracy

by Sadao Tamura & Minoru Tokita

In this volume, a group of international scholars address issues relating to community wellbeing and the role of politics, law and economics in Europe and Japan in achieving human-centred symbiotic governance....

Internal Marketing: Your Company's Next Stage of Growth

by William Winston & Dennis J Cahill

In today's business world, competence is no longer enough in an employee-competent employees are merely a starting point. Internal Marketing: Your Company's Next Stage of Growth details how you can improve employee...

Interpreting Macroeconomics: Explorations in the History of Macroeconomic Thought

by Roger E. Backhouse

Interpreting Macroeconomics explores a variety of different approaches to macroeconomic thought. The book considers a number of historiographical and methodological positions, as well as analyzing various important...

Japanese Views on Economic Development: Diverse Paths to the Market

by Kenichi Ohno

This newly revised clearly-presented text looks at Japan's economic history from the nineteenth century through to World War II. Within a framework based on the theories and approaches of Development Studies,...

The Economics of Soviet Breakup

by Bert van Selm

This book analyzes the effects of the break-up of the Soviet Union into fifteen independent states. Topics discussed include:

* past and present economic relations between the republics, and forecasts for the...

The Economics of Commercial Property Markets

by Michael Ball, Colin Lizieri & Bryan D. Macgregor

This new text provides a rigorous analysis of real estate markets. Three main sections cover:

  • microeconomics of property markets
  • the macroeconomics of commercial property
  • the financial economics of property...

Emerging Trends for Eaps in the 21st Century

by Nan Van Den Bergh

Raise your organization's productivity and morale with the proper EAPs!The development of employee assistance programs (EAPs) was one of the 20th century's most important workplace innovations. Emerging Trends...

Marketing Your City, U.S.A.: A Guide to Developing a Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan

by Kaye Sung Chon, Ronald A Nykiel & Elizabeth Jascolt

With Marketing Your City, U.S.A.: A Guide to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan, you'll discover how easy it is to market your hometown to potential tourists. You'll find a simple, sure-fire strategy proven...

Factor Analysis at 100: Historical Developments and Future Directions

by Robert Cudeck & Robert C. MacCallum

Factor analysis is one of the success stories of statistics in the social sciences. The reason for its wide appeal is that it provides a way to investigate latent variables, the fundamental traits and concepts...

Aging and Work in the 21st Century

by Kenneth S. Shultz & Gary A. Adams

The aging of baby boomers, along with the predicted decrease of the available labor pool, will place increased scrutiny and emphasis on issues relating to an aging workforce. Furthermore, future economic downturns...

Multinational Enterprises from the Netherlands

by Rajneesh Narula & Roger van Hoesel

Despite the long history of international economic activity and the dominant role of Dutch MNEs in the world economy there has been relatively little academic research in the area. This book explores issues...

Foreign Exchange Issues, Capital Markets and International Banking in the 1990s (Rle Banking & Finance)

by Khosrow Fatemi & Dominick Salvatore

The need for continued analysis and evaluation of the international financial system is as pressing now as it was when this book was originally published. This volume provides an in-depth analysis of certain...

Globalization Competitiveness and Human Security

by Cristóbal Kay

This collection explores the connections between globalization, competitiveness and human security and their relevance for development studies. These issues, amongst others, are also explored in a number of...

Banking Policy and Structure (Rle Banking & Finance): A Comparative Analysis

by J S G Wilson

This book provides a comparative analysis of the several types of banking structure and the ways in which banks undertake their business. It surveys central banking arrangements in a number of countries. Against...

Sovereign Risk Analysis (Rle Banking & Finance)

by Shelagh Heffernan

Directed both at students of international finance and practitioners in the field, the book stresses the importance of treating the analysis of sovereign risk in a more general framework than is typically the...

Understanding Learning at Work

by David Boud & John Garrick

Work now invariably requires a continual focus on learning: to improve productivity, to enhance the flexibility of employees and to develop and transform organizations. This volume brings together leading experts...

Organizations in Action: Competition Between Contexts

by Peter Clark

This original and ambitious work provides a fascinating examination of organizations from both a post-modern and new organizational economics perspective. Combining strategy, international business and organisational...

Keynes and the Neoclassical Synthesis: Einsteinian Versus Newtonian Macroeconomics

by Dario Togati

This remarkable volume provides a critical assessment of Neoclassical Synthesis, long regarded as the standard interpretation of Keynes. Taking issue with this orthodoxy, the author offers a unique interpretation...