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OECD Economic Surveys: Indonesia 2010

by Collective

This 2010 edition of OECD's periodic survey of the Indonesian economy includes chapters covering achieving sustainable and inclusive growth, phasing out energy subsidies, tackling the infrastructure challenge,...

OECD Economic Surveys: Slovak Republic 2010

by Collective

Special feature:

  • Green growth

OECD Economic Outlook, Volume 2010 Issue 2 -- Preliminary version

by Collective

The OECD Economic Outlook analyses the current economic situation and examines the economic policies required to foster a sustained recovery in member countries. This issue covers the outlook to end-2012 for...

Do No Harm

by Collective

Despite the best of intentions, donors can inadvertently undermine statebuilding processes. When the resources they deliver or the reforms they advocate weaken rather than strengthen the state’s decision-...

Jobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: Poland 2009

by Collective

First experiences on the labour market have a profound influence on later working life. This report on Poland contains a survey of the main barriers to employment for young people, an assessment of the adequacy...

OECD Investment Policy Reviews: India 2009

by Collective

This review of India's investment policy finds that India has made tremendous progress in building a policy environment to encourage investment. As a result, the country’s economy is growing more rapidly and...

OECD Economic Surveys: Denmark 2009

by Collective

OECD's periodic review of Denmark's economy.  This issue includes chapters covering the recent developments and policies to overcome the crisis, the decline in productivity growth, and human capital.

Latin American Economic Outlook 2010

by Collective

Contrary to prevailing wisdom, Latin American countries that opened their markets to international competition during the last decade have not been more vulnerable to the global economic downturn. The OECD Latin...

Students with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages in the Baltic States, South Eastern Europe and Malta

by Collective

This book provides an internationally comparable set of indicators on the educational provision for students with disabilities, learning difficulties and disadvantages (SENDDD). It covers the number of students...

Competitive Interaction between Airports, Airlines and High-Speed Rail

by Collective

How should airports be regulated to contain market power? This round table proceedings first examines whether they need to be regulated at all. It concludes that because regulation is inevitably imperfect and...

Evaluating and Rewarding the Quality of Teachers: International Practices

by Collective

Drawing on relevant international research, including information from experts’ presentations and papers given at the December 2008 Joint Conference between the OECD and the Government of Mexico, this book...

African Economic Outlook 2009

by Collective

The African Economic Outlook 2009 Country Notes volumes review the recent economic situation and predict the short-term evolution of 47 African countries which account for 99% of the continent's economic output...

Policy Ownership and Aid Conditionality in the Light of the Financial Crisis

by Collective

The current economic situation has obliged the international donor community to reexamine its stance on the conditionality of development assistance. This study evaluates which controversies persist with respect...

Higher Education to 2030, Volume 2, Globalisation

by Collective

Growing flows of knowledge, people and financing cross national borders and feed both worldwide collaboration and competition.  These effects of globalisation increasingly impact higher education. How then...

OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations 2009

by Collective

This 2009 edition of Transfer Pricing Guidelines has now been superceded by a more recent edition.

OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations provides guidance on...

Jobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: United States 2009

by Collective

First experiences on the labour market have a profound influence on later working life. This report on the United States contains a survey of the main barriers to employment for young people, an assessment...

The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation

by Collective

Against the background of a projected doubling of world greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, this book explores feasible ways to abate them at least cost. Through quantitative analysis, it addresses key...

Tax Co-operation 2009

by Collective

This fourth annual assessment of transparency and tax information policies carried out by the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information brings to 87 the number of countries covered by the...

The Political Economy of Reform

by Collective

This report examines why some policy reforms get implemented and others languish by examining 20 structural reform efforts in 10 OECD countries over the past two decades. The case studies cover a wide variety...

OECD Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies: Slovenia 2009

by Collective

This report analyses the main challenges for labour market and social policies in Slovenia and considers the available policy options from the perspective of OECD countries' experience. It finds that Slovenia...