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External Evaluation of IMF Economic Research Activities

by Internation International Monetary Fund

This report, commissioned by the Executive Board, was prepared by a committee of academic economists. The report assesses the appropriateness of current research activities, the quality and added value of the...

Fiscal Policy, Stabilization, and Growth in Developing Countries

by Mario I. I. Bléjer

Edited by Mario I. Blejer and Ke-young Chu, this book investigates linkages among components of the public sector, as well as between macro and micro aspects of fiscal policy, in developing countries. It presents...

Central and Eastern Europe: Roads to Growth

by Georg Winckler

The experience of Central and Eastern European countries with moving from centrally planned to open-market economies is examined in this collection of papers given at an April 1991 seminar, moderated by Georg...

Building on Progress: Reform and Growth in the Middle East and North Africa

by Mohamed A. A. El-Erian

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa region have unprecedented opportunities for transforming their economies through accelerated economic growth, but the countries themselves must ensure the necessary...

International Financial Policy: Essays in honor of Jacques J. Polak

by Jacob A. A. Frenkel

During his distinguished career at the IMF, Jacques J. Polak served as both Director of Research and, subsequently as a member of the IMF Executive Board. His distinct contribution to the discipline of international...

India at the Crossroads -- Sustaining Growth and Reducing Poverty

by Patricia Reynolds

The authors examine the numerous structural and policy changes Indian authorities have adopted since the 1991 balance of payments crisis; how these changes helped India weather the Asian financial crisis of...

Legal Aspects of Regulatory Treatment of Banks in Distress

by T. M. C. M. C. Asser

This book analyzes and compares the laws of selected industrial countries that are representative of the different approaches to the treatment of banks in distress. It addresses only those banking and economic...

How to Measure the Fiscal Deficit

by Mario I. I. Bléjer

Fiscal policy seeks to equilibrate the public sector's financing needs with the private sector's demand for investment and a sustainable balance of payments. Correct measurement of the public sector's net use...

Silent Revolution: The International Monetary Fund, 1979-89

by James M. M. Boughton

This volume, fourth in a series of periodic histories of the institution, is as much a history of the world economy during 1979-89 as one of the IMF itself. Boughton discusses the IMF’s surveillance of the...

Trade Policy Issues

by Naheed Kirmani

This book edited by Chorng-Huey Wong and Naheed Kirmani, examines a wide range of trade policy issues relevant in the 1990s that were the subject of a seminar organized by the IMF in 1996. The topics include...

Africa: Adjustment to the Challenges of Globalization

by Laura Wallace

Sub-Saharan Africa needs much faster economic growth and more effective economic, financial, and social policies if it is to make up for lost ground and reduce the number of people living in abject poverty....

Fiscal Policies in Economies in Transition

by Vito Tanzi

The collapse of central economic planning in many countries and the breakup of the Soviet Union have put into disarray systems of government revenues and expenditures in those countries. This collection of 16...

Report on the Measurement of International Capital Flows

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The Report evaluates statistical practices relating to the measurement of international capital flows. In particular, the principal sources of statistical descrepancies in the component categories of the capital...

Fiscal Federalism in Theory and Practice

by Teresa Ter-Minassian

Over the past few decades, a clear trend has emerged worldwide toward the devolution of spending and, to a lesser extent, revenue-raising responsibilities to state and local levels of government. One view is...

Building Sound Finance in Emerging Market Economies: Proceedings of a Conference held in Washington, D.C., June 10-11, 1993

by Timothy D. D. Lane

The 12 papers in this book, edited by Gerard Caprio, David Folkerts-Landau, and Timothy D. Lane, explore issues in building a financial structure suitable for economies in transition. They cover for main topics:...

External Evaluation of the ESAF

by Internation International Monetary Fund

One result of the IMF's move to increased openness are independent external evaluations of important IMF policies, to complement its own in-house evaluations. This paper, prepared by a team of evaluators, includes...

Effective Government Accounting

by A. Premchand

This book, by A. Premchand, seeks to bridge fiscal economics and government accounting. It examines historical developments, ingredients of existing systems, features of accounting standards, and other issues...

Beyond Adjustment: The Asian Experience

by Paul Streeten

This book, edited by Paul Streeten, examines the ends and means of adjustment, aspects of trade policy, and lessons from the experience of South and East Asia, as well as comparing the debt situations of Asian...

Financial Programming and Policy: The Case of Sri Lanka

by S. Rajcoomar

This book, by a staff team in the IMF Institute, contains a series of workshops that introduce the process of formulating a hypothetical macroeconomic and structural adjustment program, which is a central element...

Investment Policies in the Arab Countries: Papers Presented at a Seminar held in Kuwait, December 11-13, 1989

by Saíd| El-Naggar

This volume, edited by Said El-Naggar, examines the impact of macro- and microeconomic policies on the investment climate in the Arab countries, the efficiency of public investment, and the role of foreign direct...