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Just-In-Time Logistics

by Kee-hung Lai & T.C.E. Cheng

Just-in-Time Logistics extends the JIT concept in manufacturing to business logistics, an area that has been observed to account for more than 30 per cent of sales revenue for some firms. It gives you an overview...

The Contract Scorecard: Successful Outsourcing by Design

by Sara Cullen

An upfront investment in your contracts, from a commercial rather than legal perspective is probably the single most influential activity you can undertake; one that will ensure your outsourcing relationships...

Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: A Concise Guide for Businesses, Innovative and Creative Individuals

by Jane Lambert

The development of a global 'knowledge economy' has encouraged organizations of all types to focus on the opportunities for, and the threats to, the intellectual property that they hold. The variety of intellectual...

The Changing Public Sector: A Practical Management Guide

by Malcolm Prowle

The continuing process of change in the public sector means that managers and service professionals have had to adopt new ways of working and acquire a wide range of new skills. These managerial skills need...

Hacking the Human: Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures

by Ian Mann

Ian Mann's Hacking the Human highlights the main sources of risk from social engineering and draws on psychological models to explain the basis for human vulnerabilities. Offering more than a simple checklist...

Hoshin Kanri: The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement

by David Hutchins

Hoshin Kanri is not the next big thing in quality, it is a strategic approach to continuous improvement that provides a context for ongoing initiatives such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. David Hutchins'...

Making Sense of Project Realities: Theory, Practice and the Pursuit of Performance

by Charles Smith

Drawing heavily on research into the experiences of practising project and programme managers from across private and public sector organizations, this readable, very credible and imaginative exploration of...

Managing Group Risk Attitude

by Ruth Murray-Webster & David Hillson

David Hillson and Ruth Murray-Webster bring together leading-edge thinking on risk attitudes and emotional literacy to create a unique resource for those wishing to move beyond mere implementation of a risk...

HR Transformation Technology: Delivering Systems to Support the New HR Model

by Allan Boroughs, Les Palmer & Ian Hunter

HR Transformation Technology is a complete, business-orientated guide to the planning, design and delivery of HR information systems. It spells out the full scope of the applications required to support HR shared...

The Project Manager's Guide to Purchasing: Contracting for Goods and Services

by Garth Ward

This very practical guide describes the whole process of contracting for goods and services, from selecting tenderers to placing a contract. It details the key topics that are necessary for success, such as...

Regoverning Markets: A Place for Small-Scale Producers in Modern Agrifood Chains?

by Bill Vorley, Andrew Fearne & Derek Ray

This book offers a contemporary look at what happens when the modernisation of food supply chains comes face to face with the livelihoods of rural and poor people. The authors are drawn from eighteen countries...

Age Discrimination in Employment

by Malcolm Sargeant

Malcolm Sargeant's Age Discrimination in Employment is an encyclopaedic guide for HR specialists and employment lawyers to the nature of age discrimination in the workplace in a number of countries, along with...

Commoditization and the Strategic Response

by Andrew Holmes

In this groundbreaking book, Andrew Holmes sets out why commoditization represents such a clear and present danger to every corporation and all white-collar workers. He describes how commoditization is affecting...

Design for Inclusivity: A Practical Guide to Accessible, Innovative and User-Centred Design

by Roger Coleman, John Clarkson & Hua Dong

Inclusive design not only ensures that products, services, interfaces and environments are easier to use for those with special needs or limitations, but in doing so makes them better for everyone. Design for...

Global Project Management: Communication, Collaboration and Management Across Borders

by Jean Binder

Global Project Management describes how to adapt your organization and your projects to thrive in a multi-cultural, multi-language environment. The text is filled with real-life examples and techniques and illustrates...

Film and Television Distribution and the Internet: A Legal Guide for the Media Industry

by Andrew Sparrow

Film and Television Distribution and the Internet focuses on the practical application of UK and EU law as it applies to the distribution of television and film through the internet. This includes terms of contract...

New Business Models for the Knowledge Economy

by Wendy Jansen, Wilchard Steenbakkers & Hans Jägers

This book features a business model framework that presents three new types of business model, in which 'customization', 'innovation', and 'authenticity' play an important role as solutions to the new requirements...

Forecasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Models for New Product and In-Market Forecasting and How to Use Them

by Arthur G. Cook

The author explores the pharmaceutical forecasting process; the varied tools and methods for new product and in-market forecasting; how they can be used to communicate market dynamics to the various stakeholders;...

Project Delivery in Business-As-Usual Organizations

by Tim Carroll

Tim Carroll's Project Delivery in Business-as-Usual Organizations, provides an authoritative guide to improving project delivery in organizations such as banks, insurance, business and consumer service companies,...

Strategic HR: Building the Capability to Deliver

by Peter Reilly & Tony Williams

This book sets out a vision of where HR might be headed, including a definition of its future role and activities. It identifies a number of challenges that HR will have to face if it is to be effective. These...