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Population, Health and Nutrition in the Sahel: Issues in the Welfare of Selected West African Communities

by Allan G. G. Hill

This collection of studies, first published in 1985, describes some contemporary problems of selected pastoral and agro-pastoral communities of the West African Sahel. Several important features of the Sahel...

The Economics of Defence Policy: A New Perspective

by Keith Hartley

Defence policy is of continuing interest and concern to all nations. There are armed conflicts and new threats. Difficult choices cannot be avoided. This book has three aims. First, to identify the typical questions...

Export Instability and Economic Development

by Alasdair Macbean

When this work was first published in 1966, there was much interest in various types of commodity agreements and compensatory financing as methods of reducing the effects of export fluctuations on the economies...

The Planet in 2050: The Lund Discourse of the Future

by Jill Jäger & Sarah Cornell

In 2050, the billions of people living on Earth have found a way to manage the planetary system effectively. Everyone has access to adequate food, shelter, and clean water. Human health is no longer considered...

Generations of Economists

by David Collard

This book focuses on the interaction between practising economists and previous generations of economists. Because economic problems, such as crashes, tend to recur and are only partially understood, it may...

Urbanisation in the Developing World

by David Drakakis-Smith

First published in 1986, this reissue is concerned with the increased social problems, regional imbalances, and economic dislocation resulting from the alarming growth rate of cities in the developing world....

Urbanisation, Housing and the Development Process

by David Drakakis-Smith

Initially published in 1981, this book examines the problems of housing provision for the urban poor in developing countries, within the context of the development process as a whole. The investigation concentrates...

Seaports and Development: The Experience of Kenya and Tanzania

by B. S. S. Hoyle

This book, originally published in 1983, demonstrates the importance of seaports in the growth of less-developed countries. The author focuses on the character of port activity within the context of transport...

African Environments and Resources

by L. A. A. Lewis & L. Berry

First published in 1988, this work provides a comprehensive picture of the range of physical environments in Africa, focusing upon those characteristics and issues central to the management of environmental...

Poltiical Change in the Third World

by Charles Andrain

In this informative and highly readable book, first published in 1988, Charles Andrain explores the ways in which public policies and socio-political beliefs and structures cause political change in the Third...

Ideology and Social Change in Latin America

by June Nash, Juan Corradi & Hobart Spalding

First published in 1977, this reissue contains original articles by contemporary leading scholars in the field of Latin American politics on a range of topics including: working class organisation, populism...

Africa and Europe: From Partition to Independence or Dependence?

by Amadu Sesay

It is now over 100 years since the Berlin Conference of 1884 which started the 'Scramble for Africa' whereby the various European powers carved up the African Continent between themselves. During the last century...

Social Policy in Developing Countries

by Arthur Livingstone

This reissue, first published in 1969, is a study of contemporary social policy in developing countries, which places the emphasis upon the human needs and requirements for social change which confront any people...

Proletarianisation in the Third World: Studies in the Creation of a Labour Force Under Dependent Capitalism

by Barry Munslow & Henry Finch

First published in 1984, this collection of twelve case studies examines the emergence of a free wage-labour force in all regions of the third world. Although the struggle and conflict through which the proletariat...

Development and Underdevelopment in Historical Perspective: Populism, Nationalism and Industrialisation

by Gavin Kitching

How do the intellectual origins and historical background of western and other theories of development affect their relevance to contemporary Third-World conditions? This is the central question behind Gavin...

Rethinking Development: Essays on Development and Southeast Asia

by Peter Preston

First published in 1987, this volume stresses the importance of development studies for sociology, as P. W. Preston argues that this field of study is emerging from the technical social scientific ghetto back...

The Origins of Economic Inequality Between Nations: A Critique of Western Theories on Development and Underdevelopment

by Carlos Ramirez-Faria

First published in 1991 this text provides an incisive analysis of theories concerning the origins of economic inequality between nations. Central to the author's investigation is the concept of underdevelopment,...

Financial Liberalization and Economic Performance: Brazil at the Crossroads

by Luiz Fernando de Fernando de Paula

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Brazil has followed a pattern of economic development inspired by Washington Consensus. This framework includes a set of liberalising and market friendly policies such as privatisation,...

The Third World in Soviet Military Thought

by Mark Katz

First published in 1982, this study traces the development of Soviet military thinking on the Third World and assesses its importance for the conduct of Soviet foreign policy. Changes in Soviet military thought...

The Making of Neoclassical Economics (Routledge Revivals)

by John F. F. Henry

First published in 1990, this unique explanation of the rise of neoclassical economics views social change as an engine promoting change in theory. It attempts to develop a theory of the origins, consolidation...