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Developing HR Talent: Building a Strategic Partnership with the Business

by Kirsty Saddler & Jan Hills

In this addition to the Gower HR Transformation Series the authors describe best practice in talent management for the HR function. They share, and guide you through, their model for successful HR development,...

Shopping 3.0: Shopping, the Internet or Both?

by Cor Molenaar

Customers don't come into a shop because they have to, because they have no choice; they enter a shop voluntarily because it is practical, or attractive, or fun! Shops are not yet written off and retailers are...

Gower Handbook of Leadership and Management Development

by Jeff Gold, Richard Thorpe & Alan Mumford

The fifth edition of the Handbook explores the role and value of leadership and management development and provides tools, techniques and authoritative guidance on how to deliver it effectively. The contributors,...

Going Global: Managing the HR Function Across Countries and Cultures

by Cat Rickard, Jodi Baker & Yonca Crew

Going Global outlines the types of activity and capability that are needed to establish an HR function able to support business operations at a regional or global level. It focuses on two areas, the decision...

Service Led Design: Planning the New HR Function

by Jane Saunders & Ian Hunter

The very same businesses that have been spending recent years cost cutting, restructuring and streamlining, are putting the pressure on the HR 'overhead' to prove that it is not just a cost centre, but a function...

Money Laundering: A Concise Guide for All Business

by Doug Hopton

The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 have extended the range of businesses covered by the Proceeds of Crime Act to include solicitors, lawyers, estate agents and, in effect, all companies involved in consultancy...

Managing Risk in Projects

by David Hillson

A concise description of current best practice in project risk management introduces the latest relevant developments enabling project managers, project sponsors and others responsible for managing risk in projects...

Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain: Linking Financial Performance and Supply Chain Decisions

by Enrico Camerinelli

Enrico Camerinelli provides the supply chain manager and the chief financial officer with the means to link the value of supply chain to an organization's bottom line. He explores the problem with current supply...

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis

by David Hulett

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis, contains a complete treatment of schedule risk analysis from basic to advanced concepts. Benefits of the process, relationship to traditional critical path method scheduling...

Managing Communications in a Crisis

by Peter Ruff & Khalid Aziz

A comprehensive, practical handbook outlining how to prepare for a crisis (in terms of media and stakeholder relations) and what to do if and when one hits.

Gower Handbook of Internal Communication

by Marc Wright

A comprehensive guide to managing communication within organisations, the Handbook recognises Internal Communication's continued growth as a management discipline. It is aimed at leaders who want insight into...

Purchasing Performance: Measuring, Marketing and Selling the Purchasing Function

by Derek Roylance

If the only measure of your organization's purchasing performance is forcing down prices from suppliers then not only is your purchasing team failing to add value, they may also be damaging your supply chain...

Patient Compliance: Sweetening the Pill

by Madhu Davies & Faiz Kermani

Vast global resources are ploughed into the delivery of treatment interventions ranging from diet and lifestyle advice to complex surgery. In all cases, whatever the intervention, unless the recipient is engaged...

Information Security and Employee Behaviour: How to Reduce Risk Through Employee Education, Training and Awareness

by Angus McIlwraith

Angus McIlwraith's book explains how corporate culture affects perceptions of risk and information security, and how this in turn affects employee behaviour. He then provides a very pragmatic solution involving...

The Employer Brand: Keeping Faith with the Deal

by Helen Rosethorn & Members of Bernard Hodes Group

Employer branding is a complex process that involves internal and external customers, marketing and human resource professionals. The Employer Brand puts the whole topic into context, explores some of the shortcomings...

A Short Guide to Reputation Risk

by Garry Honey

Does your organization have a good or bad reputation, and who takes responsibility for it? Reputation risk is a topic with relevance across the organization, from risk managers to corporate communication managers,...

Project Governance

by Ralf Müller

Ralf Müller's book provides a well-researched governance framework along with the best-practices, roles and responsibilities related to governance tasks. This concise text is an important guide for project...

Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance

by Graham Oakes

Graham Oakes' Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance is about learning from your mistakes and understanding what's really going on with your projects. In order for reviews and assurance to provide you with...

Business Wargaming: Securing Corporate Value

by Daniel F. Oriesek & Jan Oliver Schwarz

As the first comprehensive look at wargaming as a business tool, Business Wargaming explores the anatomy and success factors of a typical business wargame. The authors explain how and when wargaming can be used...

Intelligent Internal Control and Risk Management: Designing High-Performance Risk Control Systems

by Matthew Leitch

This important book offers a way of improving the value of control and risk management by bringing creativity and design skills to the fore. It provides an arsenal of 60 high performance control mechanisms,...