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Managing Project Supply Chains

by Ron Basu

A major project has many suppliers, contractors and customers; it has procurement and supply, demand planning and scheduling; it often lasts over several years and has longer lead times. Therefore it can be...

Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management

by Nigel Povah & George C. Thornton III

Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management focuses on strategies that influence the design of the assessment centre in terms of the competencies being assessed, the exercises that are used and the nature...

No Waste: Managing Sustainability in Construction

by Uly Ma

No Waste: Managing Sustainability in Construction explores sustainable construction at the micro level of good site practice, as well as looking at the competitive advantage offered by organizations using this...

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management: Engaging People to Identify, Own and Manage Risk

by Penny Pullan & Ruth Murray-Webster

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management is for all those who need to make sound decisions in important but risky situations; people who work with groups to identify, prioritize and respond to risks, and...

A Short Guide to Operational Risk

by David Tattam

A Short Guide to Operational Risk provides you with a comprehensive overview of the nature of operational risk in organizations. It is a book to be read and shared at all levels of the organization; it offers...

Value in Due Diligence: Contemporary Strategies for Merger and Acquisition Success

by Professor Dr. Ronald Gleich, Dr. Gordana Kierans & Thomas Hasselbach

Value in Due Diligence explores new applications for due diligence including areas such as corporate culture, social responsibility, and innovation. It also examines the due diligence process itself to draw...

Re-Imagining the Office: The New Workplace Challenge

by Adryan Bell

Adryan Bell and his former organization DEGW have been world-leaders on the subject of workplace design and workplace change for many years and his latest book draws on real innovative workplace projects to...

Diversity in the Workplace: Multi-Disciplinary and International Perspectives

by Stefan Gröschl

Diversity in the Workplace looks at the concept of diversity in different social and legal contexts, and from perspectives such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy and organizational theory. The...

Creating Collaborative Advantage: Innovation and Knowledge Creation in Regional Economies

by Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen & Richard Ennals

This book is about the language, concepts and practice of creating 'collaborative advantage'. There is an emerging new collaborative economic order where innovation results from an integrated process of collaboration...

Game Theory in Management: Modelling Business Decisions and Their Consequences

by Michael Hatfield

Architects and engineers can build models to test their ideas - why not managers? Game theory can be used to evaluate rival technical approaches to solving managerial problems in order to discover the most effective...

Plan for the Planet: A Business Plan for a Sustainable World

by Ian Chambers & John Humble

The scale of the global issues we are facing today: unsustainable population growth; climate change; energy supplies; water and food supplies; planet sustainability and biodiversity; extreme poverty; global...

Program Management

by Michel Thiry

Based on practical applications of Program Management in different countries, as well as the leading standards, this book reflects the most recent developments in the area. It offers an understanding of program...

Using Technology to Create Value: Designing the Tools for the New HR Function

by Allan Boroughs & Cat Rickard

Part of the Gower HR Transformation Series - Using Technology to Create Value provides a step-by-step guide detailing how to identify your requirements, develop a compelling business case and ensure the design...

Innovative Thinking in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management

by Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett and the expert contributors look at civil safety and security as it is affected by man-made and natural threats. They provide ideas and action plans for risk, crisis, and disaster management within...

The Internationalisation of Corruption: Scale, Impact and Countermeasures

by Clare Fletcher & Daniela Herrmann

With an inclusive and broad-based understanding of corruption from the perspective of international studies as an interdisciplinary space in the social sciences, the authors of The Internationalisation of Corruption...

Investigation and Prevention of Financial Crime: Knowledge Management, Intelligence Strategy and Executive Leadership

by Petter Gottschalk

Petter Gottschalk considers how, in some competitive environments, goals can 'legitimise' all kinds of means, and how culture can exert a role in relation to what is seen as acceptable or unacceptable behaviour...

Corruption in International Business: The Challenge of Cultural and Legal Diversity

by Sharon Eicher

International business involves complex, ethically challenging, and sometimes threatening dilemmas that can involve political and personal agendas. As a result, it can often be difficult to discern corruption...

Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society

by Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer

There are real, and many, alternatives to the economic mainstream. The trouble is, of course, that they are hidden from us. In Integral Economics, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable...

Design Education: Learning, Teaching and Researching Through Design

by Philippa Lyon

Design Education encapsulates and analyses the research findings facilitated by the UK based Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design. By examining over 40 projects, ranging in focus from...

The Crisis of Food Brands: Sustaining Safe, Innovative and Competitive Food Supply

by Adam Lindgreen, Martin K. Hingley & Joëlle Vanhamme

Food and agribusiness is one of the fastest changing global markets; change that is driven by technology, developments in manufacturing and supply, and a growing consumer engagement. The success of the agri-food...