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The Coming Collapse of China

by Gordon G. Chang

China is hot. The world sees a glorious future for this sleeping giant, three times larger than the United States, predicting it will blossom into the world's biggest economy by 2010. According to Chang, however,...

The Big Book of Small Business: The Number 1 Guide to Growing, Prospering and Succeeding Today

by Andrew Griffiths

Smart, realistic and powerful advice to help any small business reach its full potential.

Leadership Beyond Good Intentions: What It Takes to Really Make a Difference

by Geoff Aigner & Lama Ole Ole Nydahl

How can we help change things for the better as a manager? Experienced leader and trainer Geoff Aigner shows how leaders can find compassionate ways of facilitating change in their organisations.

As You Sow So Shall You Reap: Public Investment Surges, Growth, and Debt Sustainability in Togo

by Michal Andrle & Antonio David

This paper presents an analysis of the public investment scaling-up strategy for Togo using a dynamic macroeconomic model that explicitly analyzes the links between public investment, economic growth, and debt...

Alternative Monetary Policy Rules for India

by Ralph De De Haas & Yevgeniya Korniyenko

We use data on 1,294 banks in Central and Eastern Europe to analyze how bank ownership and creditor coordination in the form of the Vienna Initiative affected credit growth during the 2008–09 crisis. As part...

Exchange Rate Pass Through to Prices in Maldives

by Mick Silver

A key element in the build-up to the global recession and subsequently was the movement in house price indexes (HPIs). These indexes are particularly prone to methodological and coverage differences which can...

Why House Price Indexes Differ: Measurement and Analysis

by Jorge A. A. Chan-Lau

Dynamic provisions could help to enhance the solvency of individual banks and reduce procyclicality. Accomplishing these objectives depends on country-specific features of the banking system, business practices,...

Rmb Internationalization: Onshore/Offshore Links

by Samar Maziad & Joong Shik Shik Kang

Among emerging market currencies, the RMB holds the most potential to become widely used internationally, due to China‘s large economic size, diversified trade structure and network, macroeconomic stability,...

Do Dynamic Provisions Enhance Bank Solvency and Reduce Credit Procyclicality? a Study of the Chilean Banking System

by Tatum Blaise Pua Blaise Pua Tan

Despite robust deposit growth, credit growth has been sluggish in the Philippines. We attribute this to legacy weaknesses in bank balance sheets, consumption-led economic growth, and relatively high net interest...

The Volatility Trap: Precautionary Saving, Investment, and Aggregate Risk

by Reda Cherif & Fuad Hasanov

We study the effects of permanent and temporary income shocks on precautionary saving and investment in a "store-or-sow" model of growth. High volatility of permanent shocks results in high precautionary saving...

Quantifying Structural Subsidy Values for Systemically Important Financial Institutions

by Kenichi Ueda & Beatrice Weder Weder di di Mauro

Claimants to SIFIs receive transfers when governments are forced into bailouts. Ex ante, the bailout expectation lowers daily funding costs. This funding cost differential reflects both the structural level...

Dynamic Loan Loss Provisioning: Simulations on Effectiveness and Guide to Implementation

by Torsten Wezel & Jorge A. Chan A. Chan Lau

This simulation-based paper investigates the impact of different methods of dynamic provisioning on bank soundness and shows that this increasingly popular macroprudential tool can smooth provisioning costs...

Productivity Growth and Structural Reform in Bulgaria: Restarting the Convergence Engine

by Pritha Mitra & Cyril Pouvelle

Labor productivity levels in Bulgaria lag well behind that in the EU, weighing on the convergence process. Stronger productivity growth would allow Bulgaria to close the income gap with the EU average more quickly...

Interest Rate Rules, Endogenous Cycles, and Chaotic Dynamics in Open Economies

by Oana Luca & Nicola Spatafora

We examine determinants of, and interactions between, capital inflows, financial development, and domestic investment in developing countries during 2001-07, a period of surging global liquidity and low interest...

Determinants of Credit Growth and Interest Margins in the Philippines and Asia

by R. John John Irwin & Timothy C. C. Irwin

ROC and CAP analysis are alternative methods for evaluating a wide range of diagnostic systems, including assessments of credit risk. ROC analysis is widely used in many fields, but in finance CAP analysis is...

Foreign Banks and the Vienna Initiative: Turning Sinners Into Saints?

by Carlos Caceres & Anna Kochanova

This paper analyzes the linkages between governance quality and country stress events. It focuses on two types of events: fiscal and political stress events, for which two innovative stress indicators are introduced....

Surging Capital Flows to Emerging Asia: Facts, Impacts, and Responses

by Ravi Balakrishnan & Sylwia Nowak

Net capital flows to emerging Asia rebounded at a record pace following the global financial crisis, raising concerns about overheating and financial stability. This paper documents the size and composition...

The Effects of Government Spending Under Limited Capital Mobility

by Wenyi Shen & Shu-Chun S. S. Yang

This paper studies the effects of government spending under limited international capital mobility, as featured by most developing countries. While external financing of government debt mitigates the crowding-out...

Niger: Request for a New Three-Year Arrangement Under the Extended Credit Facility - Staff Report; Press Release on the Executive Board Discussion; an

by Iyabo Masha & Chanho Park

This study examines the degree of exchange rate pass through (EPRT) into producer and consumer prices in Maldives. ERPT to consumer prices is first estimated using a nonparametric approach. A recursive vector...

Capital Regulation, Liquidity Requirements and Taxation in a Dynamic Model of Banking

by Gianni De De Nicoló & Andrea Gamba

This paper studies the impact of bank regulation and taxation in a dynamic model with banks exposed to credit and liquidity risk. We find an inverted U-shaped relationship between capital requirements and bank...