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Creating Innovative Products and Services: The Forth Innovation Method

by Gijs van Wulfen

Innovation is an important managerial instrument - but many of us struggle with how to approach it. Creating Innovative Products and Services has been written for directors, managers, advisors and innovation...

Disruptive Business: Desire, Innovation and the Re-Design of Business

by Alexander Manu

The book provides a timely new perspective of current behavioural disruptions which are relevant to the continuity of business, as well as a set of practical methodologies for business design, aimed at creating...

New Demographics New Workspace: Office Design for the Changing Workforce

by Jeremy Myerson, Jo-Anne Bichard & Alma Erlich

This book alerts top managers on how to design a work environment that supports an ageing workforce to avoid feeling burnt-out, bottle-necked and bored in the knowledge economy.

Six SIGMA in HR Transformation: Achieving Excellence in Service Delivery

by Mircea Albeanu, Ian Hunter & Jo Radford

Mircea Albeanu and Ian Hunter explain some of the basic concepts to show how applying Six Sigma tools and methodologies can be used to manage the practical challenges of improving HR operations to meet your...

Benefit Realisation Management: A Practical Guide to Achieving Benefits Through Change

by Gerald Bradley

Gerald Bradley's Benefit Realisation Management is a highly practical guide to using measures to track performance throughout a programme's life; enabling you to eliminate wasted investment, realise more benefits...

Project Sponsorship: An Essential Guide for Those Sponsoring Projects Within Their Organizations

by David West

David West's Project Sponsorship explains the roles and skills that lie at the heart of effective sponsorship. The sponsor acts as a lynch-pin between the Board and the Project Manager, communicating and translating...

The Manager's Guide to Discipline

by Derek Eccleston & Kate Goschen

Derek Eccleston's concise guide provides a clear picture of the purpose and the process of the disciplinary procedure. This toolkit approach contains invaluable information and includes clear checklists and...

Making the Connections: Using Internal Communication to Turn Strategy Into Action

by Bill Quirke

Bill Quirke demonstrates practically how businesses can use internal communication to achieve differentiation, to improve their quality, customer service, and innovation, and to manage change more effectively....

International Operations Management: Lessons in Global Business

by Alberto F. De Toni

International Operations Management: Lessons in Global Business, uses a fascinating selection of case studies researched during the international operations management project sponsored by the European Commission....

Looking Beyond Profit: Small Shareholders and the Values Imperative

by Peggy Chiu

This fascinating in-depth study of small shareholders provides both theoretical and empirical insights into their personal values and attitudes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Peggy Chiu establishes...

Country Analysis: Understanding Economic and Political Performance

by David M. Currie

This valuable book shows how to interpret country performance and provides the practicing investor with sufficient background on economic principles, so that they better understand how to interpret country summaries...

Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Business Competitiveness: The Fragility of Interdependence

by Dimitris N. Chorafas

Dimitris Chorafas reviews Europe, America and Asia's energy needs in the coming decade, pointing out that current policies are inadequate at best, and more likely disastrous for the economy. Governments persist...

The Economics of Abundance: A Political Economy of Freedom, Equity, and Sustainability

by Wolfgang Hoeschele

This book critiques capitalism as being based on the creation of scarcity in order to yield profits, and proposes an alternative path of development that would promote freedom, equity and sustainability (as...

Leading Complex Projects

by Kaye Remington

Kaye Remington's Leading Complex Projects draws on original, empirical research into leadership of complex projects across a broad range of industries. The book explains and applies emerging best-practice in...

Leading Successful PMOs: How to Build the Best Project Management Office for Your Business

by Peter Taylor

Leading Successful PMOs is a guide to maximising project success through a Project Management Office (PMO). Building and leading an effective PMO is a complex process. Peter Taylor outlines the basics of setting...

Bid Writing for Project Managers

by David Cleden

Involving the designated project manager at the bidding stage is becoming the norm in many commercial organizations. Getting the bid right is the essence of planning for project success. However, many project...

Making the Business Case: Proposals That Succeed for Projects That Work

by Ian Gambles

A well-written and well-researched business case will secure funding; make sure any project stays on the right side of regulation; mobilize support for the cause; provide the platform for managing the project...

Credit Management

by Glen Bullivant

The best single-volume guide for anyone responsible for managing credit, risk and customers. Previously published as Credit Management Handbook, the new edition, with a new editor, has been revised to reflect...

Ethics, Psyche and Social Responsibility

by Ana Maria Davila Gomez & David Crowther

This important volume considers the psychological aspects of organizational life, particularly in the context of firms' ethical behaviour and its implications for corporate social responsibility. The authors...

Globalization's Limits: Conflicting National Interests in Trade and Finance

by Dimitris N. Chorafas

Globalization, the internationalization of trade, and financial integration are having enormous implications for businesses as well as for the whole economies of countries or blocks of countries. Dr Chorafas...