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Managing Multiple Projects: EBook Edition

by Michael S., PMP Dobson & Deborah Singer, M.Ed. Dobson

Let's face it - who among us has only a single project? Multiple projects are the norm, not the exception, and there are very good reasons why this is so. A lot of projects simply aren't big enough to justify...

Managing Educational Tourism

by Brent W. Ritchie

Increasingly tourists are seeking learning and educational holidays. This interest has led to the provision of tourism product with some form of learning or education as an integral component, including cultural...

Lake Tourism: An Integrated Approach to Lacustrine Tourism Systems

by C. Michael Hall & Tuija Härkönen

Lakes are an essential element of some of the world's most popular tourism destinations. However, increased pressure from visitors and the tourism industry as well as from other, sometimes competing, land and...

Marine Ecotourism: Issues and Experiences

by Brian Garrod & Julie C. Wilson

This book introduces the concept of marine ecotourism and assesses its value as a sustainable development option. The first section examines the major issues involved in planning and managing marine ecotourism....

Tourism, Mobility and Second Homes: Between Elite Landscape and Common Ground

by C. Michael Hall & Dieter K. Muller

Second homes - the cottage, the summer house, the bach - are an important part of the tourism and leisure lifestyles of many people in the developed world. Second homes are therefore an integral component of...

Nordic Tourism: Issues and Cases

by C. Michael Hall & Dieter K. Muller

Tourism is a major industry in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) as well as a growing field of academic study. For many cities and regions tourism is also increasingly recognised...

Sustainable Tourism in Southern Africa: Local Communities and Natural Resources in Transition

by Jarkko Saarinen & Fritz Becker

Tourism has become a major economic agent and an important social and cultural element in contemporary southern Africa. As such, tourism has a wide range of impacts on environment, economy, cultures, and the...

Health and Wellness Tourism: Spas and Hot Springs

by Patricia Erfurt-Cooper & Malcolm Cooper

Geothermal springs constitute a major tourism resource, providing spectacular settings, recreation facilities, a recognised value in treatments beneficial for health and wellness, a sense of heritage and adventure,...

Codes of Ethics in Tourism: Practice, Theory, Synthesis

by David A. Fennell & David Malloy

With ethics fast becoming a mainstay in tourism studies and the tourism industry in general, this volume provides a timely and intensive look at the theory and practice of codes of ethics in tourism. While the...

Managing Coastal Tourism Resorts: A Global Perspective

by Sheela Agarwal & Gareth Shaw

The vast majority of existing academic research of coastal tourism resort management has been undertaken in northern and southern Europe at the expense of a wider global consideration. This book aims to address...

Youth Tourism to Israel: Educational Experiences of the Diaspora

by Erik H. Cohen

This book is a cumulative analysis of an international, longitudinal study of a tour program which brings Jewish youth from around the world to Israel. It is a case study of the longest running and most thoroughly...

Royal Tourism: Excursions around Monarchy

by Philip Long & Nicola J. Palmer

There are multiple and complex relationships between royalty and tourism which have received little attention in the academic literature. This book draws on historical, sociological and cultural perspectives...

Tourism and Australian Beach Cultures: Revealing Bodies

by Christine Metusela & Gordon Waitt

This book explores the ever-changing interconnections between bodies, subjectivities, space, beach cultures and tourism, engaging with the geographies of the beach: its makings, boundaries and meanings for the...

Slow Tourism: Experiences and Mobilities

by Simone Fullagar & Kevin W. Markwell

This book examines the emerging phenomenon of slow tourism, addressing growing consumer concerns with quality leisure time, environmental and cultural sustainability, as well as the embodied experience of place....

Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business

by Derek R. Hall & Irene Kirkpatrick

This book provides the latest conceptual thinking on, and case study exemplification of, rural tourism and sustainable business development from Europe, North America, Australasia, the Middle East and Japan...

2050  Tomorrow's Tourism

by Ian Yeoman

In 2050, it is predicted that 4.7bn or nearly 50% of the world's population will take an international holiday. But can humankind meet that forecast given the issues of ageing populations, peak oil, the global...

Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100: 7 Principles for Boosting Profits

by Rosalie Lober


Your business is profitable. Though you sweat every detail, it's too easy for customers and employees to slip away. Meanwhile, you're tempted...

Irish Tourism: Image, Culture and Identity

by Michael Cronin & Barbara O'Connor

For many years Ireland has been a popular tourist destination and tourism has been one of the most significant social, economic and cultural forces in Irish society. Irish Tourism: Image, Culture and Identity...

New Profits From The Monetary Crisis

by Harry Browne & Roger Lipton

Introduction by Publisher - Roger Lipton: Harry Browne not only told a good story; he proved to be right, which in the financial world is all important. There are few financial commentators who can document...

How You Can Profit From The Coming Devaluation

by Harry Browne, James Grant & Roger Lipton