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Judgment on the Front Line: How Smart Companies Win By Trusting Their People

by Chris DeRose & Noel M. Tichy

Front-line employees who deal directly with customers are the face of any organization. Not only do they have the most impact on how a brand is perceived, but they are also the most valuable source of insight...

Equal Time, Equal Value: Community Currencies and Time Banking in the US

by Ed Collom, Judith N. Lasker & Corinne Kyriacou

Equal Time, Equal Value is the first systematic investigation of Time Banking in the United States. Drawing upon detailed case studies and making use of a mix of qualitative and quantitative data this book explores...

Archives, Museums and Collecting Practices in the Modern Arab World

by Sonja Mejcher-Atassi & John Pedro Schwartz

Collecting has a long tradition in the Middle East but the museum as a public institution is relatively new. Today there are national museums for antiquities in most Arab countries. While in some cases the political...

Land, Proto-Industry and Population in Catalonia, c. 1680-1829: An Alternative Transition to Capitalism?

by Julie Marfany

This monograph makes a fresh contribution to a longstanding but far from exhausted debate concerning the transition to capitalism in Europe. The work investigates key aspects of this transformation: the changes...

Regulating Multinationals in Developing Countries: A Conceptual and Legal Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility

by Edwin Mujih

Edwin Mujih explores the difficulties associated with regulating multinational companies operating in developing countries, with a particular focus on extractive industries. The author highlights the need to...

Designing Safe Road Systems: A Human Factors Perspective

by Jan Theeuwes, Richard van der Horst & Maria Kuiken

Many books focus on individual differences and how those relate to traffic safety such as accident proneness, gender differences, age, alcohol, and the effects of drugs. Others focus on the safety effects regarding...

Individualisation at Work: The Self between Freedom and Social Pathologies

by Norbert Ebert

Individualisation has become an ambiguous, but defining feature of late modern societies and while it is in part characterised by an increase in individual autonomy and a sense of liberation, individuals are...

Cultural Policy, Work and Identity: The Creation, Renewal and Negotiation of Professional Subjectivities

by Jonathan Paquette

How have cultural policies created new occupations and shaped professions? This book explores an often unacknowledged dimension of cultural policy analysis: the professional identity of cultural agents. It analyses...

Business Architecture: A Practical Guide

by Jonathan Whelan & Graham Meaden

Organizations today exist in an environment of unprecedented change. They do so against a backdrop of a global, competitive marketplace, the fast-paced enablement of technology, amplified regulation and accelerating...

In Business and Battle: Strategic Leadership in the Civilian and Military Spheres

by Charles Style, Nicholas Beale & David Ellery

The UK's Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) annual programme unites senior personnel from around the world who are preparing for the highest responsibilities in civilian and military spheres. Each year,...

Co-operative Workplace Dispute Resolution: Organizational Structure, Ownership, and Ideology

by Elizabeth A. Hoffmann

Understanding the complex dynamics involved in workplace disputes helps improve the way organizations deal with unwelcome but inevitable occurrences. These issues have been researched from different perspectives,...

Contemporary Identities of Creativity and Creative Work

by Stephanie Taylor & Karen Littleton

Creative workers have been celebrated internationally for their flexibility in new labour markets centred on culture, creativity and, most recently, innovation. This book draws on research with novice and established...

Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud

by Norman A. Katz

For most large organizations, the supply chain is a commercial advantage, enabling innovation, cost management and resilience. But the supply chain is open to fraud: the length and complexity of it creates opportunities...

Checklist for Change: A Pragmatic Approach for Creating and Controlling Change

by Thomas R. Harvey

Now in Paper! Helpful examples from both the public and private sectors and from literature and history are presented in this outstanding volume for superintendents, central-office administrators, and corporate...

Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition

by Anthony G. Percy

Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition is a theological and historical exploration of the treatment of entrepreneurship, business, and commerce in the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. It presents a...

Principles of Risk-Based Decision Making

by In c. ABS Consulting

Principles of Risk-Based Decision Making provides managers with the foundation for creating a proactive organizational culture that systematically incorporates risk into key decision-making processes. Based...

The Economic Theory of Developing Countries' Rise: Explaining the Myth of Rapid Economic Growth in China

by Yangsheng Zhong, Xiaohui Wang & Guangmin He

This book is about the economics of developing countries' rise, based on the case of China and focuses on economic growth theory. It features traditional political economics and Chinese characteristics of socialism...

Museums in Motion: An Introduction to the History and Functions of Museums

by Edward P. Alexander & Mary Alexander

In 1979, Edward P. Alexander's Museums in Motion was hailed as a much-needed addition to the museum literature. In combining the history of museums since the eighteenth century with a detailed examination of...

Desperately Seeking Ethics: A Guide to Media Conduct

by Howard Good

Not just another media ethics book, this engaging and unconventional text breaks away from the usual practice of presenting the ethical theories of well-known philosophers in watered-down form. Instead, the...

Standards-Based Leadership: A Case Study Book for the Superintendency

by Sandra Lowery & Sandra Harris

Here, the authors offer a way for superintendents and those in training to combine best-practice theory with practice using everyday, realistic situations within the framework of state and national standards....