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China: Competing in the Global Economy

by Markus Rodlauer

China's economic reforms over the past two decades have brought tremendous economic transformation, rapid growth, and closer integration into the global economy. Real income per capita has increased fivefold,...

Financial Programming and Policy: The Case of Hungary

by Karen Swiderski

The case study of Hungary clarifies the specific macroeconomic policy requirements of countries in transition from centrally planned to market economies. The study, edited by Karen A. Swiderski, covers the period...

The Future of the SDR in Light of Changes in the International Monetary System

by James M. M. Boughton

This book edited by Michael Mussa, James M. Boughton, and Peter Isard, records the proceedings of a seminar held at the IMF in March 1996 on the future of the special drawing right (SDR), given changes in the...

Macroeconomic Adjustment: Policy Instruments and Issues

by Jeffrey M. M. Davis

IMF-supported adjustment programs aim to restore economic growth, while bringing about a sustainable balance of payments position. Achievement of these goals requires coordinated use of a variety of policy meansures,...

Fiscal Policy in Open Developing Economies

by Vito Tanzi

Based on papers presented at the 44th Congress of the international Institute of Public Finance, this book, edited by Vito Tanzi, deals with public finance and macroeconomic policy in open, developing economies,...

In the Know in Japan: The Indispensable Guide to Working and Living in Japan

by Jennifer Phillips


Doing business across borders is very different from doing business across town–subtle and not-so-subtle differences in attitudes and etiquette play a big role.

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External debt: Definition, Statistical Coverage and Methodology

by Internation International Monetary Fund

This book is intended to provide the user of debt statistics with a comparative description fo the statistics collected by the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization...

Structural Adjustment and Macroeconomic Policy Issues

by V. A. A. Jafarey

This volume presents the proceedings of a conference, moderated by V.A. Jafarey, held in Lahore, Pakistan. papers given at the seminar addressed fiscal reform, monetary reform, privatization, and trade liberalization...

System of National Accounts 1993

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The 1993 SNA represents a major advance in national accounting. While updating and clarifying the 1968 SNA, the 1993 SNA provides the basis for improving compilation of national accounts statistics, promoting...

The Macroeconomics of HIV/AIDS

by Markus Haacker

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) publishes a wide variety of books, periodicals, and electronic products covering macroeconomics, international finance, fiscal and monetary issues, statistics, and exchange...

Report on the Measurement of International Capital Flows: Background Papers

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The Background Papers gathers together a number of studies that were prepared as research to the final report. Although not a part of the report itself, these papers provide detail on a number of issues grouped...

External Debt and Capital Flight in Sub-Saharan Africa

by Mohsin S. S. Khan

Mounting external debt and large-scale capital flight have been at the forefront of Africa's economic problems since the 1980s. External Debt and Capital Flight in Sub-Saharan Africa, edited by S. Ibi Ajayi...

Macroeconomic Policies in an Interdependent World

by Paul R. R. Masson

Copublished with the Brookings Institution, Washington D.C. and the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, and edited by Ralph Bryant, David Currie, Jacob A. Frenkel, Paul Masson, and Richard Portes, this...

Regional Economic Outlook, April 2011: Sub-Saharan Africa - Recovery and New Risks

by Internation International Monetary Fund

Sub-Saharan Africa's economic recovery is well under way, although among country groups there is variation in the speed of the recovery. In most of the region's low-income countries and among the seven oil exporters...

Building Strong Banks Through Surveillance and Resolution

by Charles Enoch

Since the mid-1990s, economic observers have kept a watchful eye on the financial sector because of its potential to spark economic crises. Banks in particular have come under close scrutiny. Building Strong...

Coordinating Public Debt and Monetary Management

by V. Sundararajan

Edited by V. Sundararajan, Peter Dattels, and Hans Blommestein, this volume outlines strategies for managing public debt, developing government securities markets, and coordinating those activities with monetary...

The United States Economy: Performance and Issues

by Yusuke Horiguchi

This book, by a staff team headed by Yusuke Horiguchi, examines U.S. economic policy and performance in the 1980s, during which the United States enjoyed its longest peacetime expansion. Notwithstanding the...

Public Expenditure Handbook: A Guide to Public Policy Issues in Developing Countries

by Ke-young Chu

This handbook, edited by Ke-young Chu and Richard Hemming, offers guidance to officials formulating public policy recommendations, so that the aggregate level of public spending conforms with the economy's overall...

Macroeconomic Issues and Policies in the Middle East and North Africa

by Zubair Iqbal

This book brings together recent IMF research on how the Middle East and North African countries are grappling with various macroeconomic challenges. It rigorously analyzes policy alternatives for a range of...

Functioning of the International Monetary System

by Jacob A. A. Frenkel

The fiftieth anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference served as an opportunity to reappraise the desirability of strengthening the IMF's oversight of the functioning of the international monetary system....