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Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice: A Guide to People Management

by Michael Armstrong

Armstrong's Essential Human Resource Management Practice is a guide for non-HR students and professionals who need to gain an thorough understanding of how to effectively manage people. Includes information...

The Value of Talent: Promoting Talent Management Across the Organization

by Janice Caplan

The Value of Talent examines the importance of talent in contributing to organizational success. It presents a number of strategies to encourage, assess, develop and retain talent across all levels of the organization....

Understanding CBT: Develop Your Own Toolkit to Reduce Stress and Increase Well-Being

by Kasia Szymanska & Stephen Palmer

Understanding CBT introduces Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and explains how CBT techniques can help you to understand and change your thoughts and behaviour - and those of others around you.

Managing Conflict at Work: Understanding and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationships

by Clive Johnson & Jackie Keddy

Managing Conflict at Work provides guidance on preventing, containing and resolving conflict. It examines conflict in the context of workforce motivation, leadership and corporate responsibility and includes...

About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising

by Dan Hill

About Face is the new ground breaking book by best-selling author Dan Hill. Based on research using facial coding, eye tracking and cutting edge tools, as well as interviews and examples, it gives essential...

A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing: Moving Your Business Into the Cloud

by Mark I Williams

A Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing aims to help a non-technical audience grasp the concept of cloud computing, analyse its benefits and pitfalls, choose the right technology and supplier and move into the...

Tales for Change: Using Storytelling to Develop People and Organizations

by Margaret Parkin

Including 50 tried and tested tales to aid change management, Tales for Change helps managers, trainers, educators and coaches to reinforce key messages and stimulate fresh thinking.

Tales for Coaching: Using Stories and Metaphors with Individuals and Small Groups

by Margaret Parkin

A guide to using extracts from literature, anecdote and metaphor to help coach staff, either individually or in groups. Tales for Coaching comes complete with 50 tales that managers can use immediately, ranging...

More Tales for Trainers: Using Stories and Metaphors to Influence and Encourage Learning

by Margaret Parkin

More Tales for Trainers is an introduction to using stories, anecdotes, metaphors and poetry to give training programmes more impact. It includes 50 tales that trainers can use in a variety of training such...

Sticky Marketing: Why Everything in Marketing Has Changed and What to Do about It

by Grant Leboff

Sticky Marketing describes how companies need to move away from the old marketing system of shouting messages at people, to a new model of customer engagement, where they will attract customers by providing...

Strategic Procurement: Organizing Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

by Caroline Booth

Strategic Procurement explores the critical value of procurement to a business. Demonstrating the importance of supplier relationship management and explaining how to re-skill and re-shape organizations to manage...

Knowledge Management Primer

by K Bali & Nilmini Wickramasinghe

This book provides readers with an essential understanding of approaches to knowledge management (KM) by examining the purpose and nature of its key components. It aims to demystify the KM field by explaining...

Designing Central Banks

by Heinz Herrmann & David Mayes

This book looks at independence, how central banks can actually influence their respective economies, goals responsibilities and governance with contributions from such scholars as Anne Sibert and Forrest Capie....

China and Europe

by Klaus Kunzmann & Willy A Schmid

China and Europe address the challenges for the cities and regions of Europe that may be the consequences of such development trends. Contributions by policy-makers and academic observers will prepare the ground...

Corporate Power and Ownership in Contemporary Capitalism

by Susanne Soederberg

This book examines neoliberal corporate power within the context of the American political economy and its relationship to emerging market economies in order to understand the global dimensions of the corporate-financial...

Global Social Economy: Development,, Work and Policy

by John B Davis

This volume expands on the standard economic framework of 'global economy' by looking at the way in which economic life is framed by society and social relationships and investigates how social values influence...

The Leadership Challenge Workbook

by James M. M. Kouzes

The new edition of the classic change leader's workbook

A blend of leadership development, project management, and execution, this perfect companion to the bestselling The Leadership Challenge has been refreshed...

The Creation of Money Without Money

by Chin Cheung Chan

"MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, AS THE SAYING GOES. But contrary to this belief, successful entrepreneurs have always contributed to society from time immemorial either by money or in kind. My friends have suggested...

Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of Starbucks' Stock

by Karen Blumenthal

Karen Blumenthal, like most people, is mystified by the stock market. Just why is it, she wonders, that seemingly good news can send a stock plummeting and bad news can send it skyrocketing again?

In Grande...

Make the Impossible Possible: One Man's Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary

by Bill Strickland

Success is the point where your most authentic talents, passion, values, and experiences intersect with the chance to contribute to some greater good.”

--Bill Strickland

According to MacArthur Fellowship...