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A Short Guide to Fraud Risk: Fraud Resistance and Detection

by Martin Samociuk, Nigel Iyer & Helenne Doody

A Short Guide to Fraud Risk gives a concise but thorough introduction to the risk of fraud based on a six-element strategy. It includes practical steps to assess and treat fraud risks company-wide, including...

Change Leadership: Developing a Change-Adept Organization

by Martin Orridge

This concise guide explores the human aspects of change and explains how we, as leaders, can help everyone cope with change and in turn ensure our organization's long-term survival. Whether organizational change...

Bullying in the Arts: Vocation, Exploitation and Abuse of Power

by Anne-Marie Quigg

Workplace bullying has long been identified in a range of disciplines and fields, but Anne-Marie Quigg's research suggests that the arts, despite subscribing to ideas like governance by consensus, respect for...

Ageing Populations and Changing Labour Markets: Social and Economic Impacts of the Demographic Time Bomb

by Stella Vettori

Ageing populations are seen both as a threat and an opportunity. There is concern about discrimination against older workers, at the same time as there is concern about a shortage of labour. Professor Stella...

Education and Employment in the European Union: The Social Cost of Business

by Dimitris N. Chorafas

Dimitris Chorafas argues that European educational standards, from primary schools through to universities, leave much to be desired. He then turns to employment. Already affected by problems with education,...

Interactive Business Communities: Accelerating Corporate Innovation through Boundary Networks

by Mitsuru Kodama

In Interactive Business Communities, Mitsuru Kodama shows how a new business approach can enable managers to access, share and integrate diverse knowledge both inside and outside the corporation using Boundary...

Age Discrimination: Ageism in Employment and Service Provision

by Malcolm Sargeant

Age Discrimination looks at how both young and old can be penalised by prejudice against their age group. This comprehensive new book is essential to practitioners responsible for HR issues, finance, operations,...

Alcohol at Work: Managing Alcohol Problems and Issues in the Workplace

by Clive Tobutt

In this definitive guide to the problem of alcohol at work, the author explores the nature and scale of the problem and the impact of national policy. He provides a complete range of ideas and techniques to...

Project Success: Critical Factors and Behaviours

by Emanuel Camilleri

In chapters dedicated to factors such as leadership, teams, communication, information management and risk management, the author shines a light on the key behaviours in which project managers and others engage...

The Project Risk Maturity Model: Measuring and Improving Risk Management Capability

by Martin Hopkinson

Martin Hopkinson equips you with the ability to assess the capability of your organisation's risk management process on four distinct levels. This enables you to assess whether your current level of risk management...

Business Contracts Handbook

by Charles Boundy

Anyone in business is liable to need an understanding of the contract process so they can comprehend the background, anticipate the issues, plan the structure and identify the key points. Rather than teach the...

Vulnerable Workers: Health, Safety and Well-being

by Malcolm Sargeant & Maria Giovannone

Vulnerable Workers considers the growth of job insecurity, the prevalence of flexible or temporary work, and the emergence of precarious forms of self-employment. It looks at new market economies, where economic...

Corporate Reputation: Managing Opportunities and Threats

by Ronald J. Burke, Graeme Martin & Cary L. Cooper

According to Ernst & Young, the investment community believes that up to 50 per cent of a company's value is intangible - based mostly on corporate reputation. This book contains academic content along with...

Culture and Economics in the Global Community: A Framework for Socioeconomic Development

by Kensei Hiwaki

As part of the Transformation and Innovation Series, Professor Hiwaki presents a detailed theoretical framework for balanced socioeconomic development relevant to sustainable development of the global community....

Creating Food Futures: Trade, Ethics and the Environment

by Cathy Rozel Farnworth, Janice Jiggins & Emyr Vaughan Thomas

Leading academics and practitioners consider how we trade, process and purchase the food we eat and the many challenges and opportunities that arise from these practices. They offer examples of positive ways...

Enterprise Growth Strategy: Vision, Planning and Execution

by Dhirendra Kumar

Even during economic downturns businesses have to grow to survive and compete in domestic and international markets. There is always a need to plan for future growth. Enterprise Growth Strategy presents the...

Universal Design: The HUMBLES Method for User-Centred Business

by Francesc Aragall & Jordi Montana

Universal Design offers every organization, whether a provider of services or of products, a clear understanding of the role and value of Design for All/Universal Design. It provides a model for assessing current...

Design for Services

by Anna Meroni & Daniela Sangiorgi

Design for Services explores what service design brings to the table and reflects on why the ideas and practices of service design are resonating with today's design community. The contributors offer a broad...

The Principles of Islamic Marketing

by Baker Ahmad Alserhan

The Principles of Islamic Marketing provides a complete guide to the requirements an organization needs to follow when managing its entire marketing function within the Muslim market or when adapting part of...

Project Politics: A Systematic Approach to Managing Complex Relationships

by Nita A. Martin

The ability of individuals to work together to facilitate the delivery of a project can be a major factor in determining its success. Project Politics provides a framework for solving political concerns through...