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Rebalancing Growth in Asia: Economic Dimensions for China

by Vivek B. B. Arora

This book analyzes the importance for Asia of rebalancing its growth model toward domestic demand, and what such a rebalancing would entail. The nature of the challenge differs across regional economies, as...

Legal Effects of Fluctuating Exchange Rates

by Joseph Gold

This volume, by Joseph Gold, discusses some of the major letgal effects of fluctuating exchange rates in both public international law and national law. The problems and similarities in the solutions are reviewed,...

Australia: Benefiting from Economic Reforms

by R. Brooks

Australia's recent economic performance has been impressive. It has experienced steady growth since the early 1990s and inflation has averaged just 2 percent over the same period. This strong showing marks a...

Approaches to Exchange Rate Policy

by Richard C. C. Bart

External sector policies and exchange rate policy are central to a country's economic performance and to the IMF's surveillance functions. The papers in this book, edited by Richard Barth and Chorng-Huey Wong,...

Closing a Failed Bank: Resolution Practices and Procedures

by David C. C. Parker

This manual addresses problem bank resolution from the time a bank is identified as being in financial trouble through intervention to liquidation. It comes with an interactive CD-ROM from which users can download...

Economic Policy Coordination: Proceedings of an International Seminar held in Hamburg

by Wilfried Guth

This volume, which presents the proceedings of a seminar moderated by Wilfred Guth in Hamburg, Germany, dicusses the extent of international policy coordination, its effectiveness, and how it can be expected...

Finance & Development, September 2010

by Simon Willson

Restoring Hope: Reinvigorating the Millennium Development Goals' assesses how the world is doing in meeting the MDGs--international development targets that all UN member countries and many international organizations...

Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks, Volume IV.

by Robert C. C. Effros

This volume, edited by Robert C. Effros, surveys developments at international financial institutions, regional developments affecting central banks, the progress of the European Union countries toward monetary...

Economic Adjustment and Reform in Low-Income Countries (ESAF Review Background Papers)

by Hugh Bredenkamp

The Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) is the cenerpiece of the International Monetary Fund's strategy to provide assistance on concessional terms to low-income member countries that are undertaking...

Regional Economic Outlook, April 2011: Asia and Pacific - Managing the Next Phase of Growth

by Internation International Monetary Fund

The April 2011 issue of the Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific focuses on the policy challenges of managing the next phase of growth after Asia's recovery from the global crisis. The analytical chapters...

Transforming Financial Systems in the Baltics, Russia and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union

by Arne B. B. Petersen

In 1991, the Baltics, Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union set out on the road to establishing market economies by lieberalizing prices, dismantling the instruments of central planning, and...

Into the EU: Policy Frameworks in Central Europe

by C. Christou

This book examines the opportunities and challenges involved for five central European applicants-the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and Slovenia-in joining the European Union. The central...

Currency Convertibility in the Middle East and North Africa

by Saleh M. M. Nsouli

Currency convertibility is a far-reaching instrument to facilitate integration into the global economy. With it a country can gain the benefits of increased freedom in capital movements and of fostering trade...

China: Competing in the Global Economy

by Markus Rodlauer

China's economic reforms over the past two decades have brought tremendous economic transformation, rapid growth, and closer integration into the global economy. Real income per capita has increased fivefold,...

Financial Programming and Policy: The Case of Hungary

by Karen Swiderski

The case study of Hungary clarifies the specific macroeconomic policy requirements of countries in transition from centrally planned to market economies. The study, edited by Karen A. Swiderski, covers the period...

The Future of the SDR in Light of Changes in the International Monetary System

by James M. M. Boughton

This book edited by Michael Mussa, James M. Boughton, and Peter Isard, records the proceedings of a seminar held at the IMF in March 1996 on the future of the special drawing right (SDR), given changes in the...

Macroeconomic Adjustment: Policy Instruments and Issues

by Jeffrey M. M. Davis

IMF-supported adjustment programs aim to restore economic growth, while bringing about a sustainable balance of payments position. Achievement of these goals requires coordinated use of a variety of policy meansures,...

Fiscal Policy in Open Developing Economies

by Vito Tanzi

Based on papers presented at the 44th Congress of the international Institute of Public Finance, this book, edited by Vito Tanzi, deals with public finance and macroeconomic policy in open, developing economies,...

In the Know in Japan: The Indispensable Guide to Working and Living in Japan

by Jennifer Phillips


Doing business across borders is very different from doing business across town–subtle and not-so-subtle differences in attitudes and etiquette play a big role.

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External debt: Definition, Statistical Coverage and Methodology

by Internation International Monetary Fund

This book is intended to provide the user of debt statistics with a comparative description fo the statistics collected by the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization...