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Integral Economics: Releasing the Economic Genius of Your Society

by Ronnie Lessem & Alexander Schieffer

There are real, and many, alternatives to the economic mainstream. The trouble is, of course, that they are hidden from us. In Integral Economics, Ronnie Lessem and Alexander Schieffer pave the way for a sustainable...

Design Education: Learning, Teaching and Researching Through Design

by Philippa Lyon

Design Education encapsulates and analyses the research findings facilitated by the UK based Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design. By examining over 40 projects, ranging in focus from...

The Crisis of Food Brands: Sustaining Safe, Innovative and Competitive Food Supply

by Adam Lindgreen, Martin K. Hingley & Joëlle Vanhamme

Food and agribusiness is one of the fastest changing global markets; change that is driven by technology, developments in manufacturing and supply, and a growing consumer engagement. The success of the agri-food...

Towards Ecological Taxation: The Efficacy of Emissions-Related Motor Taxation

by David Russell

Governments around the world are struggling to meet their commitments to achieve targets relating to reductions in greenhouse gases. Many writers advocating ways to achieve these targets offer radical but often...

The Rise and Fall of Management: A Brief History of Practice, Theory and Context

by Gordon Pearson

Pearson reviews how management became a practice and body of understanding, the development of its crucial role in economic progress, and then how its corruption came about as a result of malign theory, leading...

Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide

by Catherine Antoinette Raimbault & Anne Barr

Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide restores the constructive dialogue between the business professional and the expert/scientist community, essential if companies are to anticipate, plan ahead and...

Collaborative Leadership in Financial Services

by Philip Ullah

Collaborative Leadership in Financial Services is a practical guide which focuses on technologists within investment banking and capital markets. It is intended for everyone within the hierarchy of an organization...

Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis

by David Hulett

This companion volume to Practical Schedule Risk Analysis explores the second area where projects so often go horribly wrong - project cost. Many cost estimates are fundamentally flawed in their conception,...

Gower Handbook of Discrimination at Work

by Tessa Wright & Hazel Conley

Changing organisational culture is necessary to tackle the persistent forms of discrimination that exist in the workplace. The Gower Handbook of Discrimination at Work considers the current legal framework of...

Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry

by Laura Brown & Tony Grundy

Written firmly from the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry, Laura Brown and Tony Grundy offer a guide to the tools and techniques of project management. They cover both the technical and human aspects...

Project-Oriented Leadership

by Ralf Müller & J Rodney Turner

Projects need leaders who can give them vision, identity, keep the stakeholders and the project team on board and make the difficult decisions. This book explains the key leadership models and shows how they...

A Short Guide to Customs Risk

by Catherine Truel

Managing customs risk is often seen as a cost centre but it is also a source of competitive advantage. A sound customs management can reduce or remove customs duties, generate savings, and generally improve...

A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

by Güler Aras & David Crowther

Written by experts from all over the world, A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility is the most authoritative single-volume guide to the relationship between good governance and social responsibility...

The Durable Corporation: Strategies for Sustainable Development

by Güler Aras & David Crowther

The Durable Corporation combines rigorous applied research with practical examples of best practice from around the world as it explores the nature, value and role of sustainability in business.

Winning Your Rebid: How to Retain Contracts through Successful Competitive Rebids

by Nigel Thacker

Losing any contract during the rebid phase has a major impact on a business. Investment in time, effort and resources on rebids can underpin significant increases in growth, at a lower cost than from new business...

The Focused Organization: How Concentrating on a Few Key Initiatives Can Dramatically Improve Strategy Execution

by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

One of the weaknesses in both project and portfolio management has been the limited extent to which organizations have connected these activities to their key strategic needs. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez shows you...

A Short Guide to Equality Risk

by Tony Morden

Using appropriate case studies and drawing on a growing body of international experience, Tony Morden analyses components of an Equality, Diversity and Discrimination (EDD) Agenda, and examines issues and dilemmas...

Performance Auditing of Public Sector Property Contracts

by Lori Keating

Despite the rhetoric PPP/PFI contracts tend to create a context where dispute and litigation rather than partnership are the norm. In this environment, effective auditing is essential to ensure that projects...

Creating Innovative Products and Services: The Forth Innovation Method

by Gijs van Wulfen

Innovation is an important managerial instrument - but many of us struggle with how to approach it. Creating Innovative Products and Services has been written for directors, managers, advisors and innovation...

Disruptive Business: Desire, Innovation and the Re-design of Business

by Alexander Manu

The book provides a timely new perspective of current behavioural disruptions which are relevant to the continuity of business, as well as a set of practical methodologies for business design, aimed at creating...