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SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales Superstar

by Paul McCord

McCord shows how to identify one's sales strengths and then find the products or services, the markets, the marketing methods, and the selling process thatwill highlight those selling strengths and minimize...

The Wall Street Journal. Personal Finance Workbook

by Jeff D. Opdyke

A hands-on, interactive guide to managing your monday and building your financial future

Many of the worksheets in this book are available online and can be saved, printed, and recalculated at any time. Go to:...

Winning New Business: Essential Selling Skills for Non-Sales People

by Richard Denny

Winning New Business by Richard Denny is the book for everyone who needs to know the skills of successful selling but lacks the training - or the courage - to sell effectively.


by David A. Sousa

Through engaging stories and studies, the author shows you how to leverage the most provocative brain research to increase your productivity, expand your creative vision, and become a stronger leader. By applying...

Motivate to Win: Learn How to Motivate Yourself and Others to Really Get Results

by Richard Denny

Motivate to Win is a comprehensive guide starting from the very definition of motivation, to its implications for achievement in everyday life, both business and personal. Including sections on confidence, goal-setting...

Living Rich for Less: Create the Lifestyle You Want by Giving, Saving, and Spending Smart

by Ellie Kay

You really can be rich in every way, every day.

So you want to own the home you love, make memories on wonderful vacations with family or friends, finance college educations, and help others too?

You can–starting...

Resume 101: A Student and Recent-Grad Guide to Crafting Resumes and Cover Letters that Land Jobs

by Quentin J. Schultze & Richard N. Bolles

Minimal job experience? No problem!


You’ve just graduated and are ready to land your first real job after college or high school. But how do you write the first résumé and cover letter of your career if...

Leadership Jazz: The Essential Elements of a Great Leader

by Max Depree

Leadership in the workplace, says Max DePree, is like playing jazz; it's more an art than a science. Today's successful managers are attuned to the needs and ideas of their followers and even step aside at times...

The Wall Street Journal. Complete Home Owner's Guidebook: Make the Most of Your Biggest Asset in Any Market

by David Crook

Your Map for a Brave New Real-Estate World

The days of real-estate mania—when you really couldn’t go wrong with buying a home, then selling it in a few years for a lot more than you paid for it—are over....

Bold Truth about Investing

by Adam Bold

In times of economic uncertainty, it is vital to not only protect your hard-earned assets,but also to stay attuned to new investment opportunities. Mutual funds guru Adam Bold has distilled a back-to-basics...

Boss Talk: Top CEO's Share the Ideas That Drive the World's Most Sucessful Companies

by Wall Street Journal

Timeless and effective business lessons from twenty-one top CEOs

Every business leader—from manager to entrepreneur—wants to know the ideas that motivate and inspire the world’s most successful CEOs. Boss...

Blood & Oil: A Prince's Memoir of Iran, from the Shah to the Ayatollah

by Manucher Farmanfarmaian & Roxane Farmanfarmaian

PEN/West Award Finalist

"        Told with energy, perception and great charm. . . . For anyone who wants     to . . . gain insight into the great cultural and political richness of Iran, past, present...

Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century

by John B. Thompson

"All you need to know about the industry at a time of momentous change."

-Drake McFeely, chairman and president, W.W. Norton & Company

For nearly five centuries, the world of book publishing remained largely...

What Is Your One Sentence?: How to Be Heard in the Age of Short Attention Spans

by Mimi Goss

Your "one sentence" is that irreducible part of your message that you want your audience to remember. A good sentence stops people in their tracks. It surprises them. It makes them think. And in today's age...

The Ultralight Startup: Launching a Business Without Clout or Capital

by Jason L. Baptiste

“When I was first starting out, I had to learn many things by trial and error, and I know I could have saved myself a lot of grief if someone had given me advice on what to do. I hope this book will help and...

Accounting for Value

by Stephen Penman

Despite their skills and extensive training, many analysts fail to recognize the basics of good accounting and its deployment in valuation. By focusing on abstract concepts such as measurement basis, exit values,...

How to Run a Company: Lessons from Top Leaders of the CEO Academy

by Dennis Carey & Marie-Caroline Von Weichs


Every six months Dennis C. Carey and Marie-Caroline von Weichs run the CEO Academy, an immersion course for newly appointed CEOs of the world’s leading...

Why Pride Matters More Than Money: The Power of the World's Greatest Motivational Force

by Jon R. Katzenbach

The book that turns our understanding of motivation on its head . . . and shows why most companies get it wrong.

There are few people with more experience and accumulated wisdom about the inner workings of business...

Betterness: Economics for Humans

by Umair Haque

Betterness: Economics for Humans is a powerful call to arms for a post-capitalist economy. Umair Haque argues that just as positive psychology revolutionized our understanding of mental health by recasting the...

Limited Liability Companies For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

by Jennifer Reuting

Flex your entrepreneurial muscle with an LLC

The previous drawbacks to forming an LLC have all but disappeared. The IRS has loosened the restrictions on entities electing partnership taxation and subsequently...