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New Zealand

by International Monetary Fund

This paper discusses prospects for potential growth, house prices, household debt, and financial stability risks, and tax policy reforms in New Zealand. Despite having world-class institutions and strong policy...

Pass-Through of Imported Input Prices to Domestic Producer Prices

by JaeBin, Mr. Ahn & Chang-Gui Park

Motivated by stylized facts pointing to a dominant role of imported inputs in transmitting external price shocks to domestic prices, this paper zooms in to study the pass-through of imported input costs to domestic...

When Do Structural Reforms Work? On the Role of the Business Cycle and Macroeconomic Policies

by Anna Rose, Miss Bordon & Christian, Mr. Ebeke

Structural reforms are expected to lift growth and employment, but their effects are surprisingly difficult to pin down empirically. One reason is their potential endogeneity to the economic environment in which...

Republic of Moldova: Financial Sector Assessment Program-Detailed Assessment of Observance on the Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervis

by International Monetary Fund

The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) has made significant progress in reinforcing its prudential and supervisory framework. Two medium-term strategies have been designed in succession since 2008 to set a forward-looking...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper discusses three important sectors of Belize economy: financial, sugar market, and energy. Belize's banking system has continued to strengthen since the 2014 Article IV Consultation in June 2014. Despite...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper reviews Morocco's economic performance under a program supported by a two-year Precautionary and Liquidity Line (PLL) arrangement. Macroeconomic conditions of Morocco have continued to improve, but...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper focuses on the selected issues of the Indonesian economy: (1) banking sector condition in India, (2) corporate vulnerabilities, (3) analysis of macrofinancial linkages in Indonesia, and (4) infrastructure...

The Welfare Multiplier of Public Infrastructure Investment

by Giovanni, Mr. Ganelli & Juha Tervala

We analyze the welfare multipliers of public spending (the consumption equivalent change in welfare for one dollar change in public spending) in a DSGE model. The welfare multipliers of public infrastructure...

Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Management In Less Developed Countries

by Marco, Mr. Airaudo & Edward F., Mr. Buffie

We analyze coordination of monetary and exchange rate policy in a two-sector model of a small open economy featuring imperfect substitution between domestic and foreign financial assets. Our central finding...

Central Bank Governance and the Role of Nonfinancial Risk Management

by Ashraf Khan

This paper argues that nonfinancial risk management is an essential element of good governance of central banks. It provides a funnelled analysis, on the basis of selected literature, by (i) presenting an outline...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper focuses on the important issues of Montenegro economy which are as follows: microfinancial setting, financial system resilience, financial oversight, resolution of nonperforming loans, and financial...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper presents an overview of Argentina's economic developments in the past 10 years. Argentina's impressive growth over the past decade has been accompanied by the accumulation of a number of major vulnerabilities....

Macroprudential Policies in Southeastern Europe

by Dilyana Dimova & Piyabha, Ms. Kongsamut

This paper presents a detailed account of the rich set of macroprudential measures taken in four Southeastern European countries-Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia-during their synchronized boom and bust...

Republic of Tajikistan

by International Monetary Fund

This paper highlights Tajikistan's macroeconomic environment and gives an overview of the financial sector and its stability, and discusses its regulatory, supervisory, crisis prevention, and management framework....

Unconventional Policy Instruments in the New Keynesian Model

by Zineddine Alla & Raphael A., Mr. Espinoza

This paper analyzes the use of unconventional policy instruments in New Keynesian setups in which the 'divine coincidence' breaks down. The paper discusses the role of a second instrument and its coordination...

An Empirical Investigation of Oil-Macro-Financial Linkages in Saudi Arabia

by Ken, Mr. Miyajima

Oil-macro-financial linkages in Saudi Arabia are analyzed by applying panel econometric frameworks (multivariate and vector autoregression) to maceoeconomic and bank-level balance sheet data for 9 banks spanning...

Understanding What Financial Help You Need

by Bonnie Kirchner

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

This Element is an excerpt from Who Can You Trust With Your Money? Get the Help You Need Now and Avoid Dishonest Advisors (9780137033652), by Bonnie Kirchner. Available...

Republic of Moldova: Financial System Stability Assessment

by International Monetary Fund

Moldova has made some important advances since the 2008 FSAP Update. On the positive side, inflation has been brought down to single digits, the payment system has been upgraded, and important enhancements have...

China's Slowdown and Global Financial Market Volatility

by Paul, Mr. Cashin & Kamiar, Mr. Mohaddes

China's GDP growth slowdown and a surge in global financial market volatility could both adversely affect an already weak global economic recovery. To quantify the global macroeconomic consequences of these...


by International Monetary Fund

Uruguay has achieved more than a decade of high and inclusive economic growth, supported by social stability and reduced regional linkages. The country has weathered the recent global and regional headwinds...