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Macroeconomic Impacts of Gender Inequality and Informality in India

by Purva Khera

This paper examines the macroeconomic interaction between informality and gender inequality in the labor market. A dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model is built to study the impact of gender-targeted...


by International Monetary Fund

Uruguay: Selected Issues

Sovereign Defaults, External Debt, and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics

by Tamon, Mr. Asonuma

Emerging countries experience real exchange rate depreciations around defaults. In this paper, we examine this observed pattern empirically and through the lens of a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model....

Taming Indian Inflation

by Paul, Mr. Cashin & Rahul Anand

High and persistent inflation has presented serious macroeconomic challenges in India in recent years, increasing the country's domestic and external vulnerabilities. A number of factors underpin India's high...


by International Monetary Fund

This report discusses key issues related to the economy of Portugal. Highly accommodative macroeconomic conditions have generated only modest growth in the presence of remaining structural impediments. In 2015,...

United Kingdom

by International Monetary Fund

Considerable progress has been achieved in the post-crisis repair of the UK economy. Private-sector indebtedness has been reduced, the financial sector regulatory framework has been overhauled, the fiscal deficit...

Individual Choice or Policies? Drivers of Female Employment in Europe

by Lone Engbo Christiansen & Huidan Lin

Female labor force participation has increased markedly in many European countries during the past decades. Nonetheless, participation rates remain low in some economies, and a significant gender gap persists...

From Global Savings Glut to Financing Infrastructure

by Rabah, Mr. Arezki & Patrick, Mr. Bolton

This paper investigates the emerging global landscape for public-private co-investments in infrastructure. The creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other so-called "infrastructure investment...

Republic of Moldova: Financial Sector Assessment Program-Bank Crisis Resolution-Technical Note

by International Monetary Fund

An important aspect of the FSAP mission was the review of the bank crisis resolution framework in Moldova. There are several characteristics of vulnerabilities in the banking system which suggests the need for...

United Kingdom

by International Monetary Fund

United Kingdom: Selected Issues

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

by International Monetary Fund

The Ex Post Assessment aims to provide a frank review of progress during the 2006 and 2011 programs, and a forward-looking assessment that takes into account lessons learned. It begins by providing the background...

Winning the Oil Lottery

by Tiago, Mr. Cavalcanti & Daniel Da Mata

This paper provides evidence of the causal impact of oil discoveries on development. Novel data on the drilling of 20,000 oil wells in Brazil allows us to exploit a quasi-experiment: Municipalities where oil...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper discusses the financial crisis management and crisis preparedness framework of Argentina. Although Argentina has a well-developed financial safety net that has provided timely support to stressed...

How Do Fiscal and Labor Policies in France Affect Inequality?

by Raphael A., Mr. Espinoza & Esther Perez, Mrs. Ruiz

This paper explores the impact of fiscal and labor market policies on efficiency, inequality, and fiscal outcomes in France. We extend the general equilibrium model calibrated for France by Alla and others (2015),...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper provides technical analysis and detailed information underpinning the Financial Sector Assessment Program in Argentina. The implementation of stress tests is conceptually challenging in the Argentinean...

Graduate to a Great Career: How Smart Students, New Graduates and Young Professionals Can Launch Brand YOU

by Catherine Kaputa

Get you the tools you need to survive—and learn how to thrive—by creating “Brand You”.

Pilot Project on Concentration and Distribution Measures for a Selected Set of Financial Soundness Indicators

by Joseph Crowley & Plapa Koukpamou

This paper reports the main findings of a pilot project launched in July 2014 by the IMF's Statistics Department to test augmenting the IMF's financial soundness indicators (FSIs) with concentration and distribution...


by International Monetary Fund

The 2015 Article IV Consultation discusses the key issues related to the economy of Austria. Austria has recovered from the global financial crisis, but the crisis still remains in bank and public sector balance...

Republic of Moldova: Financial Sector Assessment Program-Bank Crisis Resolution-Stress Testing

by International Monetary Fund

This note discusses the stress tests that were carried out on Moldova's banking system as part of the 2014 Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) Update. The objective of this exercise was to assess the...


by International Monetary Fund

This paper discusses the following issues related to the economy of Argentina: macro-financial performance and financial system overview, financial sector risks and resilience, financial safety nets, financial...