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The New Management: Bringing Democracy & Markets Inside Organizations

by William E. Halal

A guide to the parallel revolutions in technology, organizations, and leadership This practical yet thought-provoking book presents a wealth of evidence to show that the two recurrent themes of democracy and...

Bengal Industries and the British Industrial Revolution (1757-1857)

by Indrajit Ray

This book seeks to enlighten two grey areas of industrial historiography. Although Bengal industries were globally dominant on the eve of the industrial revolution, no detailed literature is available about...

Latin American Economic Development

by Javier A. Reyes & W. Charles Sawyer

Latin America is one of the most interesting parts of the world. The region's illustrious history, culture, and geography are famous internationally, but in terms of economics, Latin America has been generally...

The Road from Ruin: How to Revive Capitalism and Put America Back on Top

by Matthew Bishop & Michael Green

We Have a World-Class Mess . . . Now What?


 Amid the carnage of bankruptcies, soaring unemployment, and millions of families losing their homes during the financial crisis of 2007–2009 lay the bloody corpse...

Knowing When You Do Not Know

by Ambar Narayan & Carolina Sanchez

Economists have long sought to predict how macroeconomic shocks will affect individual welfare. Macroeconomic data and forecasts are easily available when crises strike. But policy action requires not only understanding...

The Remittance Market in India

by Gabi G. Afram

Millions of migrants worldwide send billions of dollars in remittances each year to their families or communities of origin. In many developing countries, remittances are an important source of family and national...

Generative Social Science: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling

by Joshua M. Epstein

Agent-based computational modeling is changing the face of social science. In Generative Social Science, Joshua Epstein argues that this powerful, novel technique permits the social sciences to meet a fundamentally...

Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems

by Didier Sornette

The scientific study of complex systems has transformed a wide range of disciplines in recent years, enabling researchers in both the natural and social sciences to model and predict phenomena as diverse as...

Survival Guide: Shed or You're Dead - A Fast Acting Change Rx for Healthcare Professionals

by Kathy Dempsey

Healthcare professionals are facing challenging times. This book is filled with practical tools and strategies for overcoming resistance and embracing change.

I'm Working While They're Sleeping: Time Zone Separation Challenges and Solutions

by Erran Carmel & J. Alberto Espinosa

Distance is dead. Time zones are not. Millions of knowledge workers coordinate daily with partners around the globe, yet nearly all overlook the myriad ways that time zones affect their productivity. In I'm...

Global Development Finance 2012

by World Bank

Global Development Finance 2012: External Debt of Developing Countries is a continuation of the World Bank's publications Global Development Finance, Volume II (1997 through 2009) and the earlier World Debt...

The Health Workforce in Ethiopia: Addressing the Remaining Challenges; Edited by Berhanu Feysia ... [Et Al.]

by Berhanu Feysia & Christopher Herbst

Health indicators particularly on child health and malaria in Ethiopia have improved significantly in recent years, with the next challenge now focused on improving maternal health indicators. Improvements in...

New Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development

by Justin Yifu Lin

Economic development is a process of continuous technological innovation and structural transformation. Development thinking is inherently tied to the quest for sustainable growth strategies. This book provides...

Airport Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean: Benchmarking, Regulation, and Pricing

by Tomás Serebrisky

Traditionally, air transport infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) was exclusively under government ownership and management. Starting in the late 1990s, several Latin American countries implemented...

Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don't

by Kevin Maney & Jim Collins

A Fresh and Important New Way to Understand Why We Buy

Why did the RAZR ultimately ruin Motorola? Why does Wal-Mart dominate rural and suburban areas but falter in large cities? Why did Starbucks stumble just...

The Wedge for Financial Advisors

by Randy Schwantz

Want to achieve your personal goals of doubling or tripling your income? Want to have more time to invest in your family and personal relationships? Like its popular predecessor The Wedge, The Wedge for Financial...

How Coaching Works: The Essential Guide to the History and Practice of Effective Coaching

by Joseph O’Connor & Andrea Lages

Coaching is very big business. Over the last decade it has become one of the most popular approaches to personal and business development.

Coaching books tend to focus on just one method, and just one of five...

Divorce: How to Help Yourself and Your Finances

by Sarah Pennells

Divorce is not only becoming more common, it is becoming more complicated too. Unravelling joint finances can be a major headache and there is often uncertainty - on both sides - about what each party may be...


by Daphne Clifton

The ...on a Shoestring series helps small business owners grow their business imaginatively, effectively and without spending a fortune. Aimed at entrepreneurs with plenty of vision and commitment but not a...

The Recipe for Success: What Really Successful People Do and How You Can Do It Too

by Blaire Palmer

If you’ve ever wondered whatmakes some people seem to excel effortlessly at everything they do, businesscoach Blaire Palmer explains all in TheRecipe for Success. Profiling anumber of ’serial succeeders’...