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Accounting Questions & Answers

by Speedy Publishing

An accounting study guide with questions, and answers is a helpful tool for anyone that is taking an an accounting class. An accounting course book covers topics extensively. With the study guide the person...

Culture in Italy 2012

by AA.VV. & Adelaide Maresca Compagna

Context activities and cultural partecipation trends in Italy: a wide-angle snapshot of basic data and statistics illustrating the activities of the ministry and other public and private entities working to...

Internal Control and Fraud Detection

by Dr Dr. Jae K. Shim

Internal Control and Fraud Detection covers the essential tools you need to perform internal-control related services. It will take you through your clients' responsibility to design and implement programs and...

Money and Wealth: A Book of Quotations

by Joslyn Pine & Peter Donahue

Hundreds of quotes on the subject of money include observations on having it as well as doing without it. This three-part original anthology consists of attributed quotes, biblical quotes, and proverbs.

Economics and Sociability in new tools for Integrated Welfare

by Maria Teresa Bianchi

The reflection that has stimulated the present work could be summarized in the expression: “the State withdraws progressively from welfare, as it fills that void?”. The answer to this question is fragmented...

Assessing Innovation Scientific and technical operating problems

by Maria Teresa Bianchi

At a time when the crisis thin profit margins and the spending capacity of workers, the recipe for the exit from this impasse is to invest in innovation. Economic reality, however, leads to a series of reflections:...

Internal auditing between simplification and transparency

by Maria Teresa Bianchi

The work aims to carry out a reconnaissance of governance models in our sorting in order to highlight two important aspects. The first is that the model must be consistent with the underlying realities; from...

Financial Accounts in the Sstem of National Accounts (SNA) and in the Current Economy

by Daniele Fano

Daniele Fano is a graduate from the Universities of Siena and Harvard. He has worked in the public sector, in industrial and financial corporations, both on the management and on the research side. He is a guest...

The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management Updates

by Charles E. Menifield

This book brings budgetary theory and practice together. It exposes students to basic budget and finance concepts, public revenue, financial management, risk assessment, and cost benefit analysis, helping them...

Connected Technology: How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting

by Amanda Fisher

Connected Technology - How to Transform your Business with Cloud Accounting is the definitive guide which helps business owners transition from desktop accounting software to a cloud accounting system.

Experiencing the European Union

by Marco Brunazzo & Pierpaolo Settembri

The EU is a complex political and institutional machine, with distinct procedures, language and codes. Its functioning is based on negotiations among a variety of actors at different levels (local, regional,...

GAAP How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 62 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

by Beth Hasson

GAAP How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 62 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

Business Process Management BPM 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on BPM Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions

by Gerard Blokdijk

Business Process Management BPM 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on BPM Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions

Becoming a 401(k) Millionaire

by Peter R. Fisher

Becoming a 401(k) Millionaire answers the big questions when it comes to retirement planning no matter what stage of life you are in. In a few hours you will have clarity in what steps to take with your company...

Management Accounting in Support of Strategy

by Graham S. Pitcher

Management Accounting in Support of Strategy explores how management accounting can support the strategic management process of analysis, formulation, implementation, evaluation, monitoring, and control. If...

Accelerating Start to Finish

by Paul Menig

Business Accelerants™ CEO Paul Menig explains the 7 Forces that are applicable to setting strategy for all companies, large and small. He provides relevant stories on their application and how to scale the...

Choosing the Right Business Partner

by Greg R Berman

“Choosing The Right Business Partner” is a book for Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, and Women who want to learn the essential steps they must take to choose the right business partner. This book will teach you...

How to Succeed in Accounting Studies

by Sylvie Deslauriers

The volume How to Succeed in Accounting Studies presents various learning strategies leading to success. It provides many ways to learn to focus on the essentials, with a winning attitude. The volume offers...

Business Chemistry

by Kim Christfort & Suzanne Vickberg

A guide to putting cognitive diversity to work

Ever wonder what it is that makes two people click or clash? Or why some groups excel while others fumble? Or how you, as a leader, can make or break team potential?...

Pick a Number, Second Edition

by Roger Hussey & Audra Ong

The first edition of this book explained the efforts of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to develop accounting regulations to be used worldwide. In 2002, progress was accelerated by the decision...