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The Complete Guide to Spotting Accounting Fraud & Cover-ups: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

by Martha Maeda

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, accounting fraud cost more than $994 billion in recent years, and the average organization lost 7 percent of its total revenue to fraud. So how can...

Studies in Cash Flow Accounting and Analysis  (RLE Accounting): Aspects of the Interface Between Managerial Planning, Reporting and Control and Extern

by Charles F. Klemstine & Michael W. Maher

The fourteen papers in this volume, both unpublished and originally published between 1981 and 1990 offer a comprehensive selection of G. H. Lawson's work and discuss the following:

  • assessing economic performance...

Shaping the Accountancy Profession (RLE Accounting): The Story of Three Scottish Pioneers

by Thomas A. Lee

The emergence of an accountancy profession in Scotland is described in the context of three leading Chartered Accountants, whose careers spanned the second half of the nineteenth century and early part of the...

The International Accounts (RLE Accounting): A Constructive Criticism of Methods Used in Stating the Results of International Trade, Service, and Fina

by Cleona Lewis

This volume analyses and presents the results of the trade, service and financial operations between any given country and the rest of the world. Among other issues the volume discusses tax measures of the 1920s,...

The Development of Double Entry (RLE Accounting): Selected Essays

by Chris W. Nobes

This compilation concerns account books, not books on accounting. Most of the essays analyse the account book(s) of a single person or business. In each case the account book(s) demonstrate the presence of,...

Developing Control Concepts in the Twentieth Century (RLE Accounting)

by Lee D. Parker

This book examines the conceptual development of control in the literature of both management and accounting disciplines, from 1900 to 1980. In order to portray the development of control concepts over time,...

Financial Reporting to Employees (RLE Accounting): From Past to Present

by Lee D. Parker

This book introduces accountants and managers to an historical perspective of corporate financial reporting to employees. It presents a resource for research and practice based upon a literature that for its...

Methodology and Method in History (RLE Accounting): A Bibliography

by Lee D. Parker & Finley O. Graves

This bibliography provides the reader with a comprehensive reference tool that will enhance understanding of methodological issues and enable the user to employ research methods appropriate to their subject...

Papers on Accounting History (RLE Accounting)

by Robert H. Parker

Written over a period of twenty years the papers included here reflect the changing circumstances around the study of accounting history.

Accounting in Australia (RLE Accounting): Historical Essays

by Robert H. Parker

The history of accounting in Australia is of interest because it provides an opportunity to examine how accounting techniques, institutions and concepts have been imported and adapted to an environment similar...

Multinational Accounting (RLE Accounting): Segment Disclosure and Risk

by Bimal Prodhan

Up until the mid 1980s multinational enterprises usually published only consolidated worldwide accounts. This changed in subsequent years with increasing legal requirements to publish separate national accounts...

The Australian Accounting Standards Review Board (RLE Accounting): The Establishment of its Participative Review Process

by Asheq R. Rahman

This study provides a neutral and comprehensive explanation about the activities which precede the formulation of accounting regulatory policies. The knowledge gained from it can be applied to understand the...

Law and Accounting (RLE Accounting): Nineteenth Century American Legal Cases

by Jean Margo Reid

This book contains 53 nineteenth century American legal cases in which courts discussed accounting issues. Some are well known: Wood v. Drummer (1824) was the foundation for the idea that capital could not be...

Law and Accounting (RLE Accounting): Pre-1889 British Legal Cases

by Jean Margo Reid

This book contains edited versions of thirty British legal cases involving accounting issues decided from 1849-1888. These cases are a valuable source of information about the development of accounting principles...

Studies of Company Records (RLE Accounting): 1830-1974

by J. R. Edwards

This anthology comprises a selection of articles which demonstrates the explanatory potential of company records as source material for the accounting historian. They were published in the UK and the USA between...

A History of Financial Accounting (RLE Accounting)

by J. R. Edwards

This volume deals with the evolution of accounting from earliest times, and gives particular attention to corporate accounting developments since the Industrial Revolution. The author identifies the various...

Accounting Queries (RLE Accounting)

by Harold C. Edey

First published in 2014. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Accounting Innovation (RLE Accounting): Municipal Corporations 1835-1935

by Hugh Coombs & J. R. Edwards

The period 1835-1935 saw the development of the structure of local government which remains broadly intact today and also the growth of modern financial reporting procedures. This book examines the accounting...

British Audit Practice 1884-1900 (RLE Accounting): A Case Law Perspective

by Roy A. Chandler & J. R. Edwards

This book sheds light on the nature of the late nineteenth century audit by reference to the views expressed in 26 legal cases. The treatment of late nineteenth century legal issues which might appear somewhat...

Accounting History 1976-1986 (RLE Accounting): An Anthology

by Peter Boys & John Freear

The journal Accounting History was published in eight volumes intermittently between 1976 and 1986. It had a relatively small circulation and this re-issue of its anthology provides the opportunity for many...