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Mastering Corporate Finance Essentials: The Critical Quantitative Methods and Tools in Finance

by Stuart A. McCrary

An essential guide to corporate finance

Understanding corporate finance is a necessity for financial practitioners who struggle every day to find the right balance between maximizing corporate value and reducing...

The Development of Accounting Theory: Significant Contributors to Accounting Thought in the 20th Century: Significant Contributors to Accounting Thoug

by Michael Gaffikin & Michael Aitken

This book is a resource book for the comprehensive study of the development of accounting thought. It is designed to facilitate the study of the original works and stimulate further study of important accounting...

Local Authority Accounting Methods: Problems and Solutions 1909-34 (Vol 2): Problems and Solutions, 1909-1934

by Hugh Coombs & J. R. Edwards

The book contains a collection of papers dealing with a range of controversial accounting issues which exercised the minds of local authority officials during the period 1909-1934 and the "solutions" embodied...

History of Accounting: An International Encyclopedia: An International Encylopedia

by Michael Chatfield & Richard Vangermeersch

Global in scope, accounting has had its share of great thinkers and practitioners, from Luca Pacioloi, the father of accounting, to R. J. Chambers, W. W. Cooper, Yuji Ijiri, Stephen A. Zeff and other figures....

Accounting Theory

by William T. Baxter

Discussing various aspects of accounting theory by collecting diverse pieces originally published between 1978 and 1994, this volume asks and answers the following questions:

  • What do the figures from a company's...

Studies in Accounting

by William T. Baxter & Sidney Davidson

This volume brings together noteworthy articles in accounting. Some of the pieces existed in journals, but many were commissioned specifically for this volume. They fill gaps in the usual text-books, gaps that...

Recurring Issues in Auditing: Professional Debate, 1875-1900: Professional Debate 1875-1900

by Roy A. Chandler & J. R. Edwards

This book gives a flavour of the issues that concerned auditing practitioners more than one hundred years ago and which retain a certain relevance to us today. The material is arranged chronologically and thereby...

The Complete Dictionary of Accounting and Bookkeeping Terms Explained Simply

by Cindy Ferraino

Accounting and bookkeeping can quickly become the bane of any new business, providing a great deal of headache and problems for even the most seasoned and technically proficient business owners. Hiring an accountant...

British Cost Accounting 1887-1952: Contemporary Essays from the Accounting Literature.: Contemporary Essays from the Accounting Literature

by Trevor Boyns, Malcolm Anderson & J. R. Edwards

This anthology provides readers with a flavour of the development of cost accounting and emerging management accounting literature from 'The Costing Renaissance' to 1952. Many of the issues which were prominent...

Accounting Essentials for Hospitality Managers

by Chris Guilding

For non-accountant hospitality managers, accounting and financial management is often perceived as an inaccessible part of the business. Yet having a grasp of accounting basics is a key part of  management....

Retire Rich with Your 401K Plan: A Complete Resouce Guide with 100s of Hints, Tips, & Secrets from Experts Who Do It Every Day

by Heather Kleba

Have you ever wondered how to turn those slow-growing 401(k) plans into exploding retirement accounts? Do you hope to quit your job early and live through your retirement comfortably? Retire Rich With Your 401(k)...

The Development of Double Entry: Selected Essays: Selected Essays

by Chris W. Nobes

This compilation concerns account books, not books on accounting. Most of the essays analyse the account book(s) of a single person or business. In each case the account book(s) demonstrate the presence of,...

Developing Control Concepts in the 20th Century

by Lee D. Parker

This book examines the conceptual development of control in the literature of both management and accounting disciplines, from 1900 to 1980. In order to portray the development of control concepts over time,...

Financial Reporting to Employees: From Past to Present: From Past to Present

by Lee D. Parker

This book introduces accountants and managers to an historical perspective of corporate financial reporting to employees. It presents a resource for research and practice based upon a literature that for its...

Studies of Company Records 1830-1974 .: 1830-1974

by J. R. Edwards

This anthology comprises a selection of articles which demonstrates the explanatory potential of company records as source material for the accounting historian. They were published in the UK and the USA between...

A History of Financial Accounting

by J. R. Edwards

This volume deals with the evolution of accounting from earliest times, and gives particular attention to corporate accounting developments since the Industrial Revolution. The author identifies the various...

From the Companies Act of 1929 to the Companies Act of 1948: A Study of Change in the Law and Practice of Accounting: A Study of Change in the Law and

by Paul Bircher

The accounting provisions of the Companies Act 1948 (CA48) represented a major change from the provisions of preceding company legislation, the Companies Act 1929 (CA29). CA48 contained radically different accounting...

Perspectives on Accounting and Finance in China

by John Blake & Simon S. Gao

The rush of entrepreneurial activity in China has been watched with interest by the financial world. This book, the result of an international symposium on Chinese accounting and financial management, assesses...

Financial Accounting: An Introduction: An Introduction

by John Blake

This book is a practical textbook for first-year students. It begins by describing the nature and environment of accounting and continues with an examination of the double entry book-keeping system. There are...

Some Early Contributions to the Study of Audit Judgement

by Robert H. Ashton

Although there has been increased emphasis on research that attempts to understand, evaluate and improve audit decision making in recent years it is less well-known that some noteworthy contributions to the...