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Internal Control and Fraud Detection

by Dr Dr. Jae K. Shim

Internal Control and Fraud Detection covers the essential tools you need to perform internal-control related services. It will take you through your clients' responsibility to design and implement programs and...

Economics and Sociability in new tools for Integrated Welfare

by Maria Teresa Bianchi

The reflection that has stimulated the present work could be summarized in the expression: “the State withdraws progressively from welfare, as it fills that void?”. The answer to this question is fragmented...

Assessing Innovation Scientific and technical operating problems

by Maria Teresa Bianchi

At a time when the crisis thin profit margins and the spending capacity of workers, the recipe for the exit from this impasse is to invest in innovation. Economic reality, however, leads to a series of reflections:...

Internal auditing between simplification and transparency

by Maria Teresa Bianchi

The work aims to carry out a reconnaissance of governance models in our sorting in order to highlight two important aspects. The first is that the model must be consistent with the underlying realities; from...

Business Process Management BPM 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on BPM Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions

by Gerard Blokdijk

Business Process Management BPM 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on BPM Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions

Crisis, Turnaround and Corporate Reorganization

by Olga Cucaro

Crisis, Turnaround and Corporate Reorganization. It is a work born from the study of corporate crisis, the Default and the cleansing of the companies. Even before starting the PhD, the author has analyzed the...

The Handy Accounting Answer Book

by Amber K. Gray

  • Nearly 800 answers to common questions on accounting fundamentals, concepts, and terms
  • Written by a professor of accounting, but aimed at general audiences with no or little prior accounting experience
  • Brings...

  • Get An Online MBA In A Week: Cheap & Affordable Ivy League Education Programs Online for Litte or No Cost

    by James Abbott

    One Week to An MBA How to Get an Online Ivy League Education for Litte or No Cost

    James Abbott

    By now, many know that MBA programs are too expensive and offer little benefit compared to the huge cost. Not only...

    Management Accounting in Support of Strategy

    by Graham S. Pitcher

    Management Accounting in Support of Strategy explores how management accounting can support the strategic management process of analysis, formulation, implementation, evaluation, monitoring, and control. If...

    Accelerating Start to Finish

    by Paul Menig

    Business Accelerants™ CEO Paul Menig explains the 7 Forces that are applicable to setting strategy for all companies, large and small. He provides relevant stories on their application and how to scale the...

    Choosing the Right Business Partner

    by Greg R Berman

    “Choosing The Right Business Partner” is a book for Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, and Women who want to learn the essential steps they must take to choose the right business partner. This book will teach you...

    The Digital Workforce

    by Jarrod McGrath

    Many businesses are being challenged by the convergence of technologies,

    such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the internet of things (IoT).

    In The Digital Workforce, Jarrod shares a 5-step methodology...

    Secrets of Restraurant Accounting With Quickbooks!

    by Andrei Besedin

    Secrets of Restaurant Accounting with Quickbooks!

    Are you a restaurant operator or owner? No doubt, you might have tried many accounting products on the market to manage your finances. But have you tried QuickBooks?...

    How To Learn Quickbooks For Accounting Quickly!

    by Andrei Besedin

    Do you wish to become a reliable accountant, tax professional, or bookkeeper? Learning QuickBooks for accounting is one of the things you should never neglect. Do you know why? QuickBooks for accounting has...

    Pressure Points

    by David Pollock Mba

    An ounce of prevention is a worth a pound of cure! That old saying especially applies to the many financial challenges facing the local church today. Written for pastors, finance staff, and board members of...

    A Practical Guide - Management of Risks in Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

    by Dr. Malcolm Freeman

    Risk Management is an important concept for all organisations. Especially organisations in the high growth stage, when various risks may be not understood. Incidents can take place with devistating results....

    Manager Mechanics

    by Eric P. Bloom

    An entertaining, fast-paced, and enjoyable read, Manager Mechanics serves as both mentor and guide for newly minted managers. Blooms uses his more than twenty-five years experience to give first-timers the practical...

    Understanding Management Control and Organisational Sense-making

    by Krister Bredmar

    This book centres around three different areas; management control, organisations and information systems - in order to understand what is actually going on and to make sense of management control questions....

    Strategic Cost Analysis, Second Edition

    by Roger Hussey & Audra Ong

    Increasing business competition is compelling managers not only to develop realistic and achievable strategies but also to analyze goals in financial terms and to evaluate performance. But where do you, as a...

    Be Better Than

    by Mark Ashley

    At last, a simple learning tool to help readers understand the complicated art of Management & Leadership,

    and essential skills in becoming more productive.

    This non-conventional, non-laborious pocket book captures...