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Accounting, Maths and Computing Principles for Business Studies V10

by Clive W. Humphris

Now published as a portable, learning, reference and subject revision guide, students, teachers and hobbyists can have their own low-cost portable version as an eBook.

For easy reading, a comprehensive list...

Supply Chain Management Best Practices

by David Blanchard

Learn what it takes to develop and have a "best-in-class" supply chain

This new edition shows you how to build supply chains that work by illustrating how leading companies are doing it. Identifying world-class...

Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms

by Ronald J. Baker

Praise for Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical BusinessModel for Professional Firms

"Ron Baker is the most prolific and best writer when it comes topricing services. This is a must-read for executives and...

Mergers and Acquisitions Playbook: Lessons from the Middle-Market Trenches

by Mark A. Filippell

The ultimate "tricks of the trade" guide to mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions Playbook provides the practical tricks of the trade on how to get maximum value for a middle-market business. This...

Internal Control and Fraud Detection

by Shim Jae K

Internal Control and Fraud Detection covers the essential tools you need to perform internal-control related services. It will take you through your clients' responsibility to design and implement programs and...

Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies

by Jill Gilbert , JD, CPA Welytok

You may not believe that there's a fun and easy way to comply with Sarbanes -Oxley, but once you have Sarbanes-Oxley For Dummies, Second Edition in front of you, you're sure to change your mind. This friendly...

Practical Enterprise Risk Management: A Business Process Approach

by Gregory H. Duckert

The most practical and sensible way to implement ERM-while avoiding all of the classic mistakes

Emphasizing an enterprise risk management approach that utilizes actual business data to estimate the probability...

Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management: The Next Step in Business Management

by Sim Segal

The ultimate guide to maximizing shareholder value through ERM

The first book to introduce an emerging approach synthesizing ERM and value-based management, Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management clarifies...

Practitioner's Complete Guide to M&as: An All-Inclusive Reference

by David T. Emott

The ultimate guide to the ins and out of mergers and acquisitions

Practitioner's Complete Guide to M&As provides the practical tricks of the trade on M&As: what they need to know, what they have to know, and...

Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations

by Harry Cendrowski, James P. Martin & Louis W. Petro

Praise for Private Equity

"Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations is an invaluable guide to understanding the world of private equity investing. Harry Cendrowski and his colleagues have drawn on...

Business Ratios and Formulas: A Comprehensive Guide

by Steven M. Bragg

Required reading for anyone starting, running, or growing a business, Business Ratios and Formulas, Second Edition puts answers at the fingertips of business managers, with nearly 250 operational criteria and...

Foreign Currency Financial Reporting from Euro to Yen to Yuan: A Guide to Fundamental Concepts and Practical Applications

by Robert Rowan

The first A-to-Z guide for successfully working in foreign currency environments

Destined to become an essential desktop tool helping professionals build a solid foundation in the background, history, and fundamental...

Internal Control of Fixed Assets: A Controller and Auditor's Guide

by Alfred M. King

For many companies, fixed assets represent the largest single aspect of their financial statement, yet rarely do they command time proportionate to the magnitude of the investment. This is the first book to...

Inventory Best Practices

by Steven M. Bragg

The latest and most important information for best practices in the inventory function

Inventory Best Practices, Second Edition offers the latest and most important information on advanced techniques and strategies...

Protecting Clients from Fraud, Incompetence and Scams

by Lance Wallach

Protect your clients - and yourself - from all kinds of financial chicanery and stupidity with this vital new book

It doesn't matter if a financial error was made because of malice or ignorance - the end result...

Winning CFOs: Implementing and Applying Better Practices

by David Parmenter

Better practices that today's CFOs can employ to bring value and efficiency to the teams that report to them

Helping corporate accountants from the CFOs to the management accountant implement better practices...

The Audit Committee Handbook

by Louis Braiotta Jr., Trent Gazzaway & Robert Colson

The classic handbook to audit committeeresponsibilities—completely updated to cover the latestguidance with practical insights on the new functions of the auditcommittee.

Now containing the newest regulatory...

Social Accounting and Public Management

by Stephen P Osborne & Amanda Ball

This volume brings together researchers from a range of disciplines including accounting, political science, management, sociology and policy studies to discuss and develop our knowledge and theory of the nature...

New Developments In The Financial Industry

by SourceMedia Inc & International Publications Media Group

New Developments In The Financial Industry is a compilation of new findings and initiatives undertaken by financial professionals and highlights the resulting effect on their respect companies. This edition...

Treasury Management: The Practitioner's Guide

by Steven M. Bragg

Praise for Treasury Management The Practitioner's Guide

"Steven Bragg has written a broad-based look at the treasurer'sfunction that is as timely as it is complete. This book is anexcellent choice for experienced...