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The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense

by Joel Comm

Hidden on the Internet, scattered among billions of Web pages, are the clues to an incredible secret. For those who know the secret, the result is untold wealth. Each month, a small group of people put their...

The Brand Who Cried Wolf: Deliver on Your Company's Promise and Create Customers for Life

by Scott Deming

Branding has become the narrow responsibility of the marketing department, and customers have stopped believing the ads. This book shows you how to build a powerful, lasting brand. You will learn how to involve...

The History of Marketing Science

by Russell S Winer & Scott A Neslin

The field of marketing science has a rich history of modeling marketing phenomena using the disciplines of economics, statistics, operations research, and other related fields. Since it is roughly 50 years from...

Storytelling on Steroids: 10 Stories That Hijacked the Pop Culture Conversation

by John Weich

"Storytelling on Steroids will give even the most ad-hardened civilians a great insight into how the modern world works." WALLPAPER MAGAZINE "Need to enhance your brand's performance? Take this steroid." ROB...

The illustrator's survival guide - 2nd Edition

by Amélia Giroux-Gagné & Nicolas Trost

The illustrator’s survival guide - 2nd edition “Since its inception in 1983, Illustration Québec (Québec Association of Illustrators) has developed numerous promotional tools for illustrators. It has also...

Write Great Ads: A Step-By-Step Approach

by Erica Levy Klein

You don't have to be especially "creative." And you can forget about writer's block. Because now, even if you've never written advertising before, there's a simple proven way to Write Great Ads!

Great copywriters...

Cases in Advertising and Marketing Management: Real Situations for Tomorrow's Managers

by Edd Applegate & Art Johnsen

Cases in Advertising and Marketing Management offers readers, whether new managers or students, opportunities to practice their abilities on realistic business situations. The authors, a professor of advertising...

I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow Your Fame, Wealth and Success

by Pam Lontos

Isn't it time you used publicity to boost your career? Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, speaker, author or other business professional, you need "I See Your Name Everywhere" to grow your...

Victor & Al and the strange meeting - The TV commercial

by Maria Elena Paladini

Our friends, Victor and Al have returned with a new adventure involving TV cameras and flashlights. Guided by their lovely new friend, they discover the secrets of making a TV commercial. Let’s go with them...

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

by Donny Deutsch & Peter Knobler

It's not a question. It is a philosophy to live by. It's Donny Deutsch's motto. And it is the secret possessed by every person with the right stuff—the one-in-a-hundred who gets to the top of their team, their...

Build a Successful MLM Downline to Make Money

by Anne Schlosser

MLM, or Multi-Level-Marketing, was born when common goals and common minds came together and realized they were stronger as a team than apart. This revolutionary idea galvanized the business world, creating...

Online Customer Blueprint

by Emmanuel Onyewuchi

It’s no longer the question of whether you should be optimizing the online world to find new customers, increase sales and grow your business, it now very clear to us all that any business that is not optimizing...

Brand it like Jesus

by George A. Spoetl

A tale about marketing and the best marketer of all time: Can Jesus teach us anything about marketing? Well, Brand it like Jesus is a business fable filled with useful marketing ideas. Travel back in time and...

# Hashtag-Marketing

by Sebastian Merz

Hashtag marketing is a relatively young marketing discipline. People who master it don't only win over entirely new target groups and dominate niches. They also optimise their ranking on Google, and become more...

Amazon Fba

by Steve Smith

Are You Frustrated with the frequent Job-related worries like Layoff, recission, etc and Trying for some time to start for Your Plan B or a backup plan . If Yes Then Fulfillment by Amazon or Popularly known...

How to Land a Top-Paying Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers Job: Your Complete Guide to Opportunities, Resumes a

by Brad Andrews

How to Land a Top-Paying Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations, and Sales Managers Job: Your Complete Guide to Opportunities, Resumes and Cover Letters, Interviews, Salaries, Promotions, What...

Let Your Clients Close All On Their Own

by Frank Witthoff

Frank Witthoff, active in sales for »ages«, shares with his readers his recipes for success. And in doing so, he has consistently overachieved and done more than met his goals and has still managed to be greatly...

Influence Marketing for CEO's

by Stéphane Bouillet

This book will reveal why influence marketing is THE type of media that has been growing the most in the last 5 years as well as how to measure the impact of your campaigns on consumers. You will be able to...

Coaching Jobseekers

by Karin Tenelius

Anyone who wants to get out onto the job market is capable of taking responsibility themselves for their job search. With respect, empathy, sensitivity and straight talking, a coach can support the jobseeker...

The 100 most important questions for every negotiation

by Friedhelm Wachs

Almost all negotiations are badly prepared. The most common argument: no time. This book will help you with the 100 most important questions to prepare your negotiation quickly and well. Questions that you often...