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Fraud Prevention

by David Meade

Recent studies have indicated that the average corporation loses 1-6% per year of their revenue to fraud. The author has put together a book which covers every necessary aspect of protecting a privately-held...

The Handy Accounting Answer Book

by Amber K. Gray

  • Nearly 800 answers to common questions on accounting fundamentals, concepts, and terms
  • Written by a professor of accounting, but aimed at general audiences with no or little prior accounting experience
  • Brings...

  • How to Audit Your Account without Hiring an Auditor

    by Aaron Efuribe

    Most times there arises conflict as regards what auditors perceive as auditing and what users perceive as auditing. 

    Users of financial statements feel that an audited account shows that the company has a clean...

    Successful Organizational Tidbits for Today's Business Leaders

    by Eric Smith

    Managing people in organizations is one of the single greatest challenges organizational leaders face today. What is ironic is that some organizational leaders inadvertently enable a work environment where employees...

    Leading-Edge Research in Public Sector Innovation

    by Eleanor D. Glor

    Government and non-profit innovation has emerged as a strong cross-disciplinary research field with its own schools of study. Innovation is studied in fields and organizations that are open to trying out new...

    Credit Analysis and Lending Management

    by Milind Sathye & James Bartle

    Lending is one of the most important functions of any financial institution. If not managed properly, it can lead to credit quality problems, threatening the existence of the financial institution. To manage...

    Foundation of Uniformity with Modernization

    by Y. L.

    1. This work will be the continuous unit for the "Foundation of Cognition" and "Foundation of Reality with Practical values", for the development of modern trend through the informational explosion and internet...

    Post Offices of Europe 18th – 21st Century

    by Muriel Le Roux & Sébastien Richez

    The cursus publicus, established by the Roman Empire to connect all its conquered territories, may be considered to be the ancestor of all modern post offices. Therefore, mail service networks are part of an...

    Austerity and the Implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy in Spain

    by Javier Ramos & Esther del Campo

    This book adopts a critical perspective to analyze the Europe-2020 Strategy and its effects on the transformation of the European productive and social model, particularly in Spain. The evidence provided in...

    The New Pension Mix in Europe

    by David Natali

    This book – based on a research project carried out by the Observatoire Social Européen asbl, with the financial support of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) – looks at the most recent developments...

    Facing Poverty and Marginalization

    by Maria Cecília Camargo Magalhães, Maria José Coracini & Michalis Kontopodis

    A long history of poverty, discrimination, colonialism and struggle for social justice has provided, over the last fifty years, the context for the development of a vast amount of critical scholarship targeting...

    The Great Financial Plumbing: From Northern Rock to Banking Union

    by Karel Lannoo

    The financial crisis has led to a far-reaching redesign of the European regulatory and supervisory framework for financial markets. This book provides students and professionals with a lucid guide to the new...