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Global Derivative Debacles: From Theory to Malpractice


This book analyzes in depth all major derivatives debacles of the last half century including the multi-billion losses and/or bankruptcy of Metallgesellschaft (1994), Barings Bank (1995), Long Term Capital Management...

Secured Transactions (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

Secured Transactions are contracts where a bank or other creditor holds rights to an item for security for funds owed. These often come in the form of mortgages, auto loans, boat loans, or business loans where...

Bankruptcy Laws: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

A bankruptcy laws study guide helps because it will explain what you need to know before you file. You will be able to determine whether or not you should even file for bankruptcy. If you do not have anything...

Global Credit Review: Volume 3

by Risk Management Institute, Singapore

Global Credit Review is an annual publication that provides an overview of the most important developments in global credit markets and the regulatory landscape. The third volume provides some critical analysis,...

The Social Value of the Financial Sector: Too Big to Fail or Just Too Big?

by Viral V Acharya, Thorsten Beck, DOUGLAS D EVANOFF & George G Kaufman et al.

As a result of the recent financial crisis, there has been significant public debate on the role of the financial sector in bringing about the “Great Depression.” More generally, there has been debate about...

The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How Has It Changed?

by DOUGLAS D EVANOFF, Cornelia Holthausen, George G Kaufman & Manfred Kremer

The two most topical issues in current financial markets deal with the causes of the recent financial crisis and the means to prevent future crises. This book addresses the latter and stresses a major shift...

Market Practice in Financial Modelling

by Chia Chiang Tan

Written to bridge the gap between foundational quantitative finance and market practice, this book goes beyond the basics covered in most textbooks by presenting content concerning actual industry norms, thus...

Engineering a Financial Bloodbath: How Sub-Prime Securitization Destroyed the Legitimacy of Financial Capitalism

by Justin O'Brien

In July 2007, the then chief executive of Citigroup, Charles Prince, captured the hubris of a market dangerously addicted to debt: “When the music stops, in terms of liquidity, things will be complicated....

From Foreclosure to Fair Lending: Advocacy, Organizing, Occupy, and the Pursuit of Equitable Credit

by Chester Hartman & Gregory D. Squires

This book addresses important issues of the Occupy protest movement for fair lending, fair housing advocacy, and equal opportunity.

Banking On America

by Howard Green

Since its beginning, when its predecessor, the Bank of Toronto, was founded by a group of flour millers and grain dealers, TD Bank has evolved into one of the most proactive financial institutions on the planet....

The Royal Financial Administration and the Prosecution of Crime in France, 1670-1789

by Albert N. Hamscher

This book explores the French monarchy’s role in financing criminal prosecutions in the royal courts of the realm between 1670 and 1789.


by Mark Trainston

You’ve come to the right place! This is a 3-book bundle.

Book 1: The bitcoin buzz has actually exploded and it's still an excellent chance to invest in or purchase cryptocurrencies. For how long it will last,...


by Mark Trainston

Individuals have actually been discussing it for a while now. They used to state that it's a fraud, it's for geeks, or it will vanish in a year or more. Well, now a few of those doubters have actually signed...

Dark Towers

by David Enrich


New York Times finance editor David Enrich's explosive exposé of the most scandalous bank in the world, revealing its shadowy ties to Donald...

No Sales, No Sleep

by Mark Swain

Today banking and financial services sales professionals are under more pressure than ever to perform due to globalization, disruptive technology, increased compliance, unrelenting competition, digital transformation...

Singularity Bank

by Claudio Scardovi

Artificial intelligence is driving the next revolution in banking, with disruptive forces presenting profound challenges to traditional business models. As the adoption of new technologies, and innovation of...

Investment and Financing Moving on the European Agenda

by Paolo Garonna (ed.)

This volume collects contributions based on the papers and oral presentations delivered at the 2017 Rome Investment Forum, which took place in Rome, on 15-16 December 2017. 

In the first part (Essays) we publish...


by David Freud

The ebook edition of David Freud’s universally acclaimed 2006 autobiographical account of his accidental career in the City and how, after a bruising 20 years, he emerged as one of the most successful investment...

The future of banking (Flash Ensayo)

by Miguel Á. Fernández Ordóñez

A reflection on the fragile banking sector nowadays and the possibility of progressing towards a system of public and safe money, issued by the Central Bank.

Miguel A. Fernández Ordóñez introduces his text...


by Subir Roy

Three decades of being a banker afforded Samit Ghosh a ringside view of the biggest vulnerability of India’s financial sector—its failure to ensure true financial inclusion. This became the impetus for Ghosh’s...