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Working the Street

by Erik Banks

Written by a former Managing Director at Merrill Lynch, Working the Street is the resource for readers hoping to build a successful career on Wall Street. It is not a "how-to" career book or a job guide. It...

Secured Transactions (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

Secured Transactions are contracts where a bank or other creditor holds rights to an item for security for funds owed. These often come in the form of mortgages, auto loans, boat loans, or business loans where...

Bankruptcy Laws: Speedy Study Guides

by Speedy Publishing

A bankruptcy laws study guide helps because it will explain what you need to know before you file. You will be able to determine whether or not you should even file for bankruptcy. If you do not have anything...

From Foreclosure to Fair Lending: Advocacy, Organizing, Occupy, and the Pursuit of Equitable Credit

by Chester Hartman & Gregory D. Squires

This book addresses important issues of the Occupy protest movement for fair lending, fair housing advocacy, and equal opportunity.

Banking On America

by Howard Green

Since its beginning, when its predecessor, the Bank of Toronto, was founded by a group of flour millers and grain dealers, TD Bank has evolved into one of the most proactive financial institutions on the planet....

The Royal Financial Administration and the Prosecution of Crime in France, 1670-1789

by Albert N. Hamscher

This book explores the French monarchy’s role in financing criminal prosecutions in the royal courts of the realm between 1670 and 1789.

Bailouts: Public Money, Private Profit

by Robert E. Wright

Today's financial crisis is the result of dismal failures on the part of regulators, market analysts, and corporate executives. Yet the response of the American government has been to bail out the very institutions...

National Commercial Banking in Trinidad and Tobago

by Eden Shand & Philip Guy Rochford

The author was chief executive of the National Commercial Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Limited from its inception until his retirement from the bank after twenty-three years. National Commercial Banking in Trinidad...

Corporate Disclosure in the Banking Industry

by David Isiavwe Ph.D.

Corporate disclosure is critical to the functioning of an efficient capital market, and all banks in Nigeria are required to hit the mark.

Expanding on some of the themes he explored in his first book, Cash Management...

In Math We Trust

by Simon Dingle

A highly readable account of a complex subject, In Math We Trust is all you need to find out about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, the future of money and the journey to being your own bank.

Money is the most important...

What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Business & Banking

by Lim Guan Chye

Aims to target would-be, new, or already business owners about business and banking based on the Sun Tzu Art of War. Part 1Know Yourself, Know your Business. Part 2Know your Environment, Adapt to the changes....

From Farmers to Financiers

by Hussain Kureshi

Financial systems have evolved over the centuries. The roots of many modern-day financial products can be found in use in many agricultural economies of the past. In the Muslim world, the contract of salaam...

The Untold Story

by Gary Allan Tisor

Forget 'Where's the Beef.' WHERE'S THE MONEY? Now you can find out. Read The Untold Story." Garys research has uncovered many manuscripts and 'documents' to inform you just how this theft has been very carefully...

Failure to Comply: We Fought a Wall Street Giant and Won

by Allen Ray & Terry Puffer Ray

Failure to Comply: We Fought a Wallstreet Giant and Won is a true story of one couples struggle to fight back against a corporate giant worth billions of dollars. Dont you know how big we are? We will crush...

Banks: the Cause and Cure of Recession

by Thres. Joseph Karottukunnel

After teaching twenty five years in the university inside and outside the United States, I decided to publish a series of lectures on the different issues of the Economy. Economics is a subject many students...

The Principles of Islamic Banking

by Cheikh A. Soumare

This book is about the principles of Islamic banking. It explains the prohibition of Riba, and how the prohibition of usury was common to all monotheist religions. The use of Islamic laws in banking can bring...

Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections

by Thomas H. Ward

I classify international banking and international shipping together because for a international business that buys and resells materials, the two are interrelated. It is necessary to have a bank and a freight...

Weathering the Global Crisis: Can the Traits of Islamic Banking System Make a Difference?

by Mohamad Azhar Nizam, Siti Zaleha Abdul Rasid & Wan Khairuzzaman Wan Ismail

This book is for those interested to know more about Islamic banking. In addition, it provides insights to both regulators and practitioners to focus their efforts in balancing their portfolio and improving...

Bye Bye Banks?

by James Haycock & Shane Richmond

Tech companies have disrupted retailing, media, transit and travel. Now the retail banking business model looks set to be transformed too. In Bye Bye Banks? James Haycock and Shane Richmond describe these startups,...

Corporate Culture in Banking

by Roger Claessens

Roger Jean Claessens; Founder of R.J. Claessens & Partners is an International lecturer and Independent Consultant for the financial services industry in marketing, planning, economics, wealth management, prevention...