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The Daily Grind: How Workers Navigate the Employment Relationship

by Marquita R. Walker

This text focuses on the structural and institutional barriers that create inequality and inequity in the labor-management relationship as well as how workers, as agents of change, participate in, interact with,...

Executive Presence

by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Are you “leadership material?” More importantly, do others perceive you to be? Sylvia Ann Hewlett, a noted expert on workplace power and influence, shows you how to identify and embody the Executive Presence...

And Why Not?: The Human Person and the Heart of Business

by François Michelin, Yves Messarovitch, Ivan LevaÏ & Mark Sebanc

One of the world's leading entrepreneurs speaks about human creativity and its reflection of God's creative work. These are the words of a man who sees business as a vocation and seeks to walk the path of truth....

Executive Intelligence

by Justin Menkes

The final word on what traits make for highly successful managers—and a detailed explanation of how to identify potential standout performers.

Executive Intelligence is about the substance behind great leadership....

Intelligent Businessman's Guide to Japan

by Jon P. Alston

This Japanese business guide contains insider's tips that will make dealings with the Japanese both manageable and successful.

For Westerners dealing with Japanese, simple differences in business practices can...

The Book of Business Etiquette

by Nella Braddy Henney

A comprehensive guide into the intricacies of business etiquette. In today's fast paced world of technology and chronic shortages of time and attention such concepts as business courtesy, morals and manners...

It's All Chinese To Me

by Pierre Ostrowski, Gwen Penner & Matthew B. Christensen

It's All Chinese to Me is a comprehensive introduction to Chinese culture that allows readers, tourists, and business travelers to experience what ultimately makes China so unique—its people. Learn about the...

An Approach to Style That Promises Power, Money, and Class

by Palle Smidt & Lyndia Smidt

Is it possible to have power, money, and class all at the same time in the workplace? Palle and Lyndia Smidt say you can have all three, while also furthering your career, enhancing leadership skills, and leading...

Ushering in This Coming Move of God Through Praise and Worship

by Rhoda Muganda

We were created to worship and live in the presence of God. Worship is meant to be the conduit to carry us into the very throne room of God.

Unfortunately, many churches have settled for entertainment, gimmicks,...

Insidious Competition

by Richard Telofski

The battle for the meaning of your corporate image is on and Richard Telofski explains how you can fight back in todays online world. The battle is being waged in social media by ordinary and not-so-ordinary...

Oh, You Behave!

by Marjorie Janczak

Courtesy, they say, is the shortest distance between two people. So make what you communicate on social media more credible, captivating, compelling, compulsive, stimulating, intriguing, considerate, thought-provoking,...

Pirate Wisdom

by Dr. Cindy L. Miles & Dr. Elisa S. Robyn

What th Pirates are saying Arrrrrrr, this be the chart to navigate treacherous waters, scoundrels, and find the treasure ye seek. BlueBeard

Avast me hardies, keep a keen weather eye to this tome. It be a cutlass,...

International Business Etiquette


Concise, to-the-point advice about the best ways to conduct business through Europe International Business Etiquette: Europe shares the do's and don'ts of interacting with individuals in every country throughout...

International Business Etiquette


International Business Etiquette: Asia and the Pacific Rim is the ideal guide for establishing and maintaining relationships in Asia, and it is as well-suited to the first-time traveler as to the seasoned veteran....

Business Truisms

by Vincent Toroscata

Vincent Toroscata spent thirty-five years working on Wall Street. Now, he brings you into the heart of the worlds busiest financial center and unveils lessons that apply to virtually any workplace. By closely...

The Inequality Equalizer

by Jena Abernathy & Kelli Christiansen

In The Inequality Equalizer, career coach and executive search consultant Jena Abernathy shares real-world success strategies for young professionals in a no-nonsense guide that will help them balance their...

Korean Mind

by Boye Lafayette De Mente & Laura Kingdon

Understanding a people and their culture through code words and language.

Today, South Korea as an economic, technological, and entertainment superpower. How, as a country, did they rebound from war, poverty...

Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette

by Boye Lafayette De Mente & Geoff Botting

In Japan: A Guide to Traditions, Customs and Etiquette veteran Japanologist Boye Lafayette De Mente unlocks the mysteries of Kata — the cultural forms that shape and define Japanese attitudes, behavior and...

Work That Works

by Geil Browning

Use cognitive diversity to your advantage and transform your organization

Work That Works is a guide to building better teams and an exceedingly positive workplace culture. Based on the tools and principles...

3 Simple Rules

by James O. Barnes

Still 3 Simple Rules: A guide for Business and Life 


Can you live your life by 3 Simple Rules? Take this quick survey. 


Do you get tired of being the only one to keep the calendar up to date? 

Have you ever...