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Business Law (Speedy Study Guide)

by Speedy Publishing

Business law is the collection of laws and regulations that advises one as to the manner in which a business can properly operate. The laws pertaining to business can be enacted by the courts as well as a legislative...

Business Law (Speedy Study Guides)

by Speedy Publishing

Business law is the vast series of laws, rules and regulations that impact and dictate business. Many are complex and ever changing. This makes it challenging for business owners and operators to stay on top...

Data Protection and Compliance in Context

by Stewart Room

This comprehensive accessible guide for those with little or no legal knowledge provides detailed analysis of current data protection laws. It enables the reader to construct a platform on which to build internal...

A Manager's Guide to IT Law

by Jeremy Holt & Jeremy Newton

This comprehensive guide for management professionals discusses the IT-related legal issues faced by businesses on a daily basis. Legal concepts and terminology are notoriously difficult for non-specialists,...

Bad History, Worse Policy: How a False Narrative About the Financial Crisis Led to the Dodd-Frank Act

by Peter J. Wallison

This timely study focuses on how the government-constructed narratives surrounding the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the 2008 financial crisis shaped the policymaking that led to the Dodd-Frank...

New York Management Law

by Scott Horton

Do you have employees reporting to you? This is a tremendous responsibility, both to them and your company.

Especially in New York, there is a complex web of laws that regulate the workplace. If you don’t know...

Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume II

by Dylan van Genderen

Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume I provides the reader with unique, comprehensive, and efficient methodologies that will change and improve corporate security and operational models to...

Corporate Maturity and the "Authentic Company"

by David Jackman

Corporate maturity is introduced as a new and valuable concept that provides a holistic view of an organization's performance, culture and resilience. This book presents a general model of corporate maturity,...

Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume I

by Dylan van Genderen

Counterintelligence for Corporate Environments, Volume I provides the reader with unique, comprehensive, and efficient methodologies that will change and improve corporate security and operational models to...

Conflict Resolution Strategies

by Mary Schaller

Many lives have been lost and destroyed via peoples inability to apply constructive resolutions strategies when disputes surface. The importance of an open, honest communication process necessitates for parties...

Statistical Analysis of Adverse Impact

by Stephanie R. Thomas Ph.D.

Written with human resources professionals, in-house counsel and employment lawyers in mind, readers are introduced to the statistical analysis of adverse impact. Various tools for examining disparate impact...

The Bankruptcy Claims Handbook

by Aba Business Law Section Business Bankruptcy Committee

Published by the Business Law Section's Business Bankruptcy Committee's Subcommittee on Claims and Priorities, this guide is a unique resource for lawyers seeking to develop greater familiarity with bankruptcy...

Foundations of Australian Law

by Callie Harvey

Foundations of Australian Law is pitched exactly at the right level – in terms of both content and language – for business students, for law students, and for international students. This fifth edition has...

A Freelancer’s Guide to Legal Entities

by Alex D. Bennett

Whether you are just starting out as a freelancer or have been freelancing for years, choosing the right legal structure for your business is an important part of maximizing your returns and minimizing your...

Sovereignty in China’s Perspective

by Yonghong Yang

This book explores China’s perspective on sovereignty. The concept of sovereignty is universal, however, the understanding of it varies in different states and due to cultural backgrounds, history or the composition...

Political Leadership in Morphogenetic Perspective

by Filip Pierzchalski

This book depicts a new research perspective of political leadership, in which the multi-level and dynamic leadership relation is explained as relations between the leader (human agency) and followers (sociological...

Pricing Lives

by W. Kip Viscusi

Like it or not, sometimes we need to put a monetary value on people's lives. In the past, government agencies used the financial cost of death to monetize the mortality risks of regulatory policies, but this...

Legal Handbook for Photographers

by Bert P. Krages

Is it okay to photograph on tribal lands? Or at a shopping mall? Can people in public places be photographed? And what happens if you want to sell those images? Or the images from a child’s portrait session?...

European Employment Law

by Claire-Michelle Smyth

Within Europe, employment law has grown as a result of regional rather than national legislation. The European Union has been at the fore of developing a comprehensive framework to protect workers from unfair...

Social Enterprise Law

by Dana Brakman Reiser & Steven A. Dean

Social enterprises represent a new kind of venture, dedicated to pursuing profits for owners and benefits for society. Social Enterprise Law provides tools that will allow them to raise the capital they need...