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corporate [g]ripping stories

by Aavv

This publication is part of the Mamma, che impresa! project, a workshop that promotes corporate culture, founded on the initiative of Rancilio Cube and open to collaborations and synergies. The stories of nine...

The Watchdog That Didn't Bark: The Financial Crisis and the Disappearance of Investigative Journalism

by Dean Starkman

In this sweeping, incisive post mortem, Dean Starkman exposes the critical shortcomings that softened coverage in the business press during the mortgage era and the years leading up to the financial collapse...

HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations (HBR Guide Series)

by Nancy Duarte


Terrified of speaking in front of a group? Or simply looking to polish your skills? No matter where you are on the spectrum, this guide will give you the confidence and the...

The Best Business Writing 2013

by Dean Starkman, Martha Hamilton, Ryan Chittum & Felix Salmon

An anthology Malcolm Gladwell has called “riveting and indispensable,” The Best Business Writing is a far-ranging survey of business’s dynamic relationship with politics, culture, and life. This year’s...

Banking On America

by Howard Green

Since its beginning, when its predecessor, the Bank of Toronto, was founded by a group of flour millers and grain dealers, TD Bank has evolved into one of the most proactive financial institutions on the planet....

Secrets of Business Plan Writing:

by Andrei Besedin

Do you have the plan of starting a business? Do you wish to develop an existing business? Or are you starting a non-profit? Whatever your project may be, you need to create a plan and knowledge that will ensure...

Let's Get Your Book Published

by Nicole Gabriel


Do you feel a deep longing to write a book but struggle to find the time, energy, focus, or know how to do so? Have you postponed your dream...

The Quick Wise Guide to Writing Grant Proposals

by Waddy Thompson

The Quick Wise Guide to Writing Grant Proposals presents an in-depth short course in the elements of a good grant proposal narrative. You’ll learn what questions funders expect to see answered and how to weave...

Best Business Writing 2012

by Dean Starkman, Martha Hamilton, Ryan Chittum & Felix Salmon

Launched at a time of major economic change and an uncommon era in business, this new annual series presents the most intriguing and rigorous coverage of the year’s well-known and crucial-to-know developments...

Good Writing Is Good Business

by Margaret Chandler

Are you looking for a book that will help you improve your business writing and write more efficiently and confidently? And a book that will also serve as a reference guide and answer many common questions and...

Backwards Book Publishing

by Dr. Robert C. Worstell

How to Save Time, Earn More, Work Less by Publishing Backwards?!?

(Note: See the bonuses in the back of this book, along with audio to each chapter.)

The situation that most starting authors have (and I've seen...

Plain English at Work

by Edward P. Bailey Jr.

Everyday we write countless memos, letters, and reports without a second thought. Likewise, we give presentations, both formal and informal. Often this writing and speaking gets criticized for being jargon-ridden,...

Good Charts for Persuasive Presentations

by Scott Berinato & Nancy Duarte

The right visual revealed at the right time can turn an unremarkable presentation into a resonant, emotional experience. This two-book collection provides you with the tools you need to craft and deliver presentations...

Your Book is the Hook

by Karen Williams

Writing a book is a great way for business owners to inspire and educate their clients, and leverage their knowledge and expertise.

It will help you to get known for what you do, establish yourself as an authority,...

The Content Planner

by Angela Crocker

It’s important for bloggers to publish frequent, unique content, but they often struggle to take action. Some are overwhelmed at the prospect of brainstorming topics to write about, let alone writing and publishing...

Respectful Policies and Directives

by Lewis S Eisen

The language you choose when you set administrative policies and rules for your employees provides some insight into the amount of respect you have for them.

It’s not enough for a policy statement to be clear...

Successful Writing and Speaking: The Communication Collection (9 Books)

by Harvard Business Review, Nancy Duarte, Bryan A. Garner & Holly Weeks et al.

This Harvard Business Review digital collection will give you the confidence and tools you need to write and speak successfully. It includes the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations, by presentation expert...

How to Write a Great Business Plan

by William A. Sahlman

Judging by all the hoopla surrounding business plans, you'd think the only things standing between would-be entrepreneurs and spectacular success are glossy five-color charts, bundles of meticulous-looking spreadsheets,...

Get Backed

by Evan Baehr & Evan Loomis

“Anyone who comes to pitch on Shark Tank should read this book first!”

—Barbara Corcoran, ABC's Shark Tank

“I have seen literally thousands of companies trying to raise capital and know that a great pitch...

Blog2Book: Repurposing Content to Discover the Book You've Already Written

by Cathy D Fyock

Book coach Cathy Fyock doesn’t tell you how to create a Blog2Book—she shows you! If you’ve been writing weekly blog posts for a year, you likely have enough content for your own book. 

In this easy-to-read...