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Integrating Performance and Budgets: The Budget Office of Tomorrow

by Carl Moravitz, Jonathan D. Breul, Burt Perrin & Katherine Willoughby et al.

Governments are under increasing pressure to produce-and to demonstrate-results in terms of their mission. Over the last decade, countries around the world have undertaken reforms with the aim of improving the...

How Finance Is Shaping the Economies of China, Japan, and Korea

by Yung Chul Park & Hugh Patrick

This volume connects the evolving modern financial systems of China, Japan, and Korea to the development and growth of their economies through the first decade of the twenty-first century. It also identifies...

Corporate Risk Management

by Donald H. Chew

More than 30 leading scholars and finance practitioners discuss the theory and practice of using enterprise-risk management (ERM) to increase corporate values. ERM is the corporate-wide effort to manage the...

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management: Engaging People to Identify, Own and Manage Risk

by Ms Ruth Murray-Webster & Dr Penny Pullan

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management is for all those who need to make sound decisions in important but risky situations; people who work with groups to identify, prioritize and respond to risks, and...

Behavioral Finance for Private Banking

by Kremena K. Bachmann, Enrico G. De Giorgi & Thorsten Hens

An essential framework for wealth management using behavioral finance

Behavioral Finance for Private Banking provides a complete framework for wealth management tailored to the unique needs of each client. Merging...

Man vs. Markets

by Paddy Hirsch

Man Vs. Markets by Paddy Hirsch of NPR’s “Marketplace” is economics explained, pure and simple, for the layperson who wouldn’t know a “bond” from an “option,” and who believes that a “future”...

Cryptocurrency: The Simple Yet Perfect for Beginners Guide Explaining What it is and How to Take Advantage of this Opportunity

by Fllc Guides

One super popular form of investment that’s recently gained momentum is cryptocurrency. You may be familiar with bitcoin, which is essentially hat started all of this, and there are others such as Ethereum,...

ICS Finance Manual

by Christian Pälchen

Finance Advice Manual For Families available as a PDF download. Finances are an important topic today. To use your money in a godly way, to get real finance knowledge based on life experience and the knowledge...

Mistake Power

by Juliana Vilke

We all make mistakes, but imagine losing your financial solvency or your childrens inheritance to the failing economy. Buying low and selling higher is the name of the game, but we often do the opposite. As...

A Few Good Eggs in One Basket

by Richard L. Gunderson

In a stock market environment dominated by professional investors, A Few Good Eggs in One Basket o?ers a plain-talk approach to pro?tability by selecting and managing an investment portfolio of common stocks...

Finance for Non-Financiers 4

by José Saul Velásquez Restrepo

In Finance for Non-Financiers: Advanced Finances, Jos Saul Velsquez Restrepo provides information about high-level finance management. From discussing basic, special, and professional finances, Restrepo focuses...

When Principles Pay: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line

by Geoffrey Heal

Stories of predatory lending practices and the reckless destruction of the environment by greedy corporations dominate the news, suggesting that, in business, ethics and profit are incompatible pursuits. Yet...

Secrets of Financial Analysis and Modelling For Beginners!

by Andrei Besedin

Are you advancing or pursuing a career in investment banking, commercial banking, corporate development, financial planning and analysis, equity research, or other areas of corporate finance? Building financial...

Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives

by Jeanne Bell & Elizabeth Schaffer

Making sure that your nonprofit is going to be around long-term requires financial leadership. This means creating a financial vision for your organization and planning how you’ll get there. Financial Leadership...

God Willing

by Mikolai Napieralski

By 2012 Qatar was riding the crest of a huge and powerful wave. Rich beyond its wildest dreams, the country was leveraging its oil and gas reserves to drag itself into the 21st century. And just like Dubai before...

Risk Management for Project Managers: Concepts and Practices

by Marcus Goncalves

Reviews for the newest volume in The Technical Manager's Survival Guides book series. "Good read. This book is a template for managing complex businesses and contains information that every Asset Manager should...


by Kavitha Chahel

Humanity and Profits are Not Mutually Exclusive. In this insightful book, Kavitha Chahel explores the tell-tale signs of a toxic work environment and the impact on business. Explore concepts, ideas and practical...

Measuring the "health" of Italian SMEs with insolvency prediction models Z '-ScoreM and D-Score

by Olga Maria Stefania Cucaro

Measuring the "health" of Italian SMEs with insolvency prediction models Z '-ScoreM and D-Score. This book comes from the study of probability of Default began in 2007 and that continues to this day. In particular,...

Double Your Income

by Mark Lloydbottom

How do accounting firms continue to generate ever increasing profits in a marketplace where technology and the evaporation of compliance services presents so many hurdles and challenges?

Today, for many, change...

Corporate Turnaround

by Donald B Bibeault

A comprehensive guide on how to turn a financially distressed company into a strong viable one. Based on the experience of 97 corporate leaders who successfully managed turnarounds in more than 200 failing corporations,...