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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

by Gary Vaynerchuk

New York Times bestselling author and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk shares hard-won advice on how to connect with customers and beat the competition.

When managers, marketers, and small business owners...

The Customer Experience Edge: Technology and Techniques for Delivering an Enduring, Profitable and Positive Experience to Your Customers

by Reza Soudagar & Vinay Iyer

“This excellent book makes it quite clear that your business has to focus on customer experience for 21st-century business success. It’s more than refreshing to read the multiple case studies and well thought...

Can I Have 5 Minutes of Your Time?: A No-Nonsense, Fun Approach to Sales from Xerox's Former #1 Salesperson

by Hal Becker

Becker understands that hard work, common sense, and close attention to customer needs are trademarks of a good salesperson. His book echoes that same insight for those who want to achieve sales success.

Wired and Dangerous: How Your Customers Have Changed and What to Do About It

by Chip R Bell & John R. Patterson

In an era of economic stress, rapid change, and social networking, customers are distracted, disgruntled, and harder to please than ever. Picky, Fickle, Vocal, Wired, and Vain - they have very little tolerance...

Why CRM Doesn't Work: How to Win by Letting Customers Manange the Relationship

by Frederick Newell & Seth Godin

CRM was supposed to help businesses better understand their customers and increase efficiency. Yet most companies are not getting the return they expected. Is it possible to make customers happy and, at the...

The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to Connect with your Customers to Sell More!

Customer Service for Dummies

by Karen Leland & Keith Bailey

Customer Service For Dummies, Third Edition integrates the unbeatable information from Customer Service For Dummies and Online Customer Service For Dummies to form an all-in-one guide to customer loyalty for...

The Cornell School of Hotel Administration on Hospitality: Cutting Edge Thinking and Practice

by Jack B. Corgel, Michael C. Sturman & Rohit Verma

This cutting edge and comprehensive book—with contributions from the star faculty of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration—offers the latest thinking on the best practices and strategies for...

Tourist Customer Service Satisfaction

by Francis Noe & Muzaffer Uysal

Customer satisfaction and loyalty in the tourism sector is highly dependent upon the behaviours of front-line service providers. Service is about people, how they relate to one another, fulfill each other's...

One Minute Service

by Loeffler Bruce

Everything is super-sized in the Lone Star State, and when it comes to poker legends, none are bigger than Texas Dolly Brunson, the godfather of the green felt. For nearly four decades this man has remained...

How to Be a Fierce Competitor: What Winning Companies and Great Managers Do in Tough Times

by Jeffrey J. Fox

From best-selling author Jeffrey J. Fox, how the savvy see opportunity -- and capitalize on it

Economic downturns separate the winning companies from the struggling. And as best-selling author Jeffrey J. Fox...

Managing Customers for Profit: Strategies to Increase Profits and Build Loyalty

by V. Kumar

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

“This is a milestone book in marketing. Most companies claim they are focused on customers, but even those who are, probably do not take a scientific approach...

The Network Is Your Customer: Five Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age

by David L. Rogers

"An incredibly useful and valuable guidebook to the new consumer economy. Buy it. Learn from it. Succeed with it."-;Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do "This is the stuff that every business and nonprofit...

Please Every Customer: Delivering Stellar Customer Service Across Cultures

by Robert W. Lucas

Deliver Valuable Service to a New World of Customers

As the economy globalizes, customers are becoming more and more diverse making your job harder than ever. Regardless of differences in values, age, abilities,...

Customer Service Training 101: Quick and Easy Techniques That Get Great Results


From the first impression to the last "thank you," great service is the hallmark of great companies-like yours.

Reinventing the Wheel: The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers

by Chris Zane

When Chris Zane bought his bicycle shop at age 16, his business struggled until he discovered the secret that catapulted his store into one of the largest in the country. His secret? Provide unbelievable, over...

Measuring Service Performance: Practical Research for Better Quality

by Ralf Lisch

In service societies, the tertiary sector has long become the primary sector in terms of GDP and employment. Quality research and testing means better service, and success in the service industries demands quality....

The Truth About What Customers Want

by Michael R. Solomon

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Customers demystified! How you can move them to more...and keep on buying!

The truth about what customers really want, think, and feel

The truth about...

Cultural Studies and Anti-Consumerism

by Sam Binkley & Jo Littler

Anti-consumerism has become a conspicuous part of contemporary activism and popular culture, from 'culture jams' and actions against Esso and Starbucks, through the downshifting and voluntary simplicity movements,...

The New Market Leaders: Who's Winning and How in the Battle for Customers

by Fred Wiersema

In the decade since Fred Wiersema coauthored the #1 bestseller The Discipline of Market Leaders, a momentous shift has occured. We have entered an age of customer scarcity--an age in which exciting, often unorthodox...