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Food Prices and the Multiplier Effect of Trade Policy

by Paolo Giordani & Nadia Rocha

This paper studies the relationship between trade policy and food prices. We show that, when individuals are loss averse, governments may use trade policy to shield the domestic economy from large food price...

Import / Export For Dummies<sup>®</sup>

by John J. Capela

A clear, easy-to-understand primer on the exciting world of import/export

The United States imports $1.2 trillion and exports $772 billion in goods on an annual basis. Import/Export For Dummies provides entrepreneurs...

After the Boom-Commodity Prices and Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Bertrand Gruss

After skyrocketing over the past decade, commodity prices have remained stable or eased somewhat since mid-2011—and most projections suggest they are not likely to resume the upward trend observed in the last...

How Solid Is Economic Growth in the East African Community?

by Nikoloz Gigineishvili & Paolo Mauro

Is rapid economic growth experienced by the East African Community during the past decade built on solid foundations? To gain some clues, we use a variety of newly-collected and existing data sources to analyze...

Rebalancing in the Euro Area and Cyclicality of Current Account Adjustments

by Thierry Tressel & Shengzu Wang

The paper examines progress with the external rebalancing of euro area deficit countries. Relative prices are adjusting at different pace across countries and with different compositions of wage cuts and labor...

Commercial Distribution in Europe (Routledge Revivals)

by John Dawson

The physical distribution of products is an important element in the marketing operations of all productive enterprises, and in many cases efficient distribution is the most important single factor leading to...

Export Spillovers from Global Shocks for the Middle East and Central Asia

by Alberto Behar & Jaime Espinosa-Bowen

This paper quantifies the effect of realized and potential global growth disappointments on export volumes from the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. Estimates of export elasticities...

European Productivity, Innovation and Competitiveness: The Case of Italy

by Andrew Tiffin

In Italy, price-based competitiveness measures are not always an accurate predictor of trade outcomes. This paper offers a more comprehensive assessment of Italian competitiveness, focusing on the role of innovation...

Baltic Cluster Report: 2014 Cluster Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release; And Statement by the Executive Director for the Baltic Countrie

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

KEY ISSUES The Baltic economies have performed well in the last two decades relative to other transition and emerging market economies, but they face some common challenges calling for national and regional...

Quality, Trade, and Exchange Rate Pass-Through

by Natalie Chen & Luciana Juvenal

This paper investigates theoretically and empirically the heterogeneous response of exporters to real exchange rate fluctuations due to product quality. Our model shows that the elasticity of demand perceived...

Doing Business In Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities

by John E Spillan, Nicholas Virzi & Mauricio Garita

Success in today's globalized business environment requires deep knowledge of varied areas, and the willingness to engage in commerce not just across geographic areas, but cross-culturally and environmentally...

Unbalanced: The Codependency of America and China

by Stephen Roach

The Chinese and U.S. economies have been locked in an uncomfortable embrace since the late 1970s. Although the relationship initially arose out of mutual benefits, in recent years it has taken on the trappings...

How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Import Export Business

by Maritza Manresa

The import export business is not just for large corporations. In fact, small- to mid-size businesses account for 97 percent of U.S. exporters, so an individual armed with the right information can get in on...

Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures

by Belay Seyoum

Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures is the first book on the topic aimed squarely at the academic audience. Discussing theoretical issues in depth, this innovative textbook offers a comprehensive...

Paying for the Piper: Capital and Labour in Britain's Offshore Oil Industry

by Charles Woolfson, John Foster & Matthais Beck

First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Making Money in Thailand

by Godfree, Ed. D. Roberts

"His wide-ranging knowledge of the expat community is evident from the real-world examples make this book authentic. Written with the charming immediacy of someone who is passionate about the lifestyle he has...

The Air Logistics Handbook: Air Freight and the Global Supply Chain

by Michael Sales

Why study air cargo? Consider that this sector moves only 2% of the global volume of goods but a huge 35% by value, reserved for the most costly and time-sensitive products. Air logistics is an economically...

The Internal Geography of Trade: Lagging Regions and Global Markets

by Thomas Farole

Over the past two decades, the rapid integration of many developing countries into global markets has contributed to a convergence of incomes across countries, pulling large economies like China, India, and...

Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

by Thomas E. Johnson & Donna L. BADE

Newly updated, the indispensable guide that has helped thousands of people conduct their international business-trouble-free!

Free Trade Agreements: 20 Ways to Grow Your Business

by International Trade Administration (U.S.

The book provides detailed information on best prospects, insights on the economic and political situation, tips on business culture, free and low-cost assistance for entering each market and also describes...