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Introducing a Semi-Structural Macroeconomic Model for Rwanda

by Luisa Charry & Pranav Gupta

We develop a simple semistructural model for the Rwandan economy to better understand the monetary policy transmission mechanism. A key feature of the model is the introduction of a modified uncovered interest...

Czech Republic: 2014 Article IV Consultation : Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Czech Republic

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

Growth is gaining momentum, led by strong external demand while domestic demand is also picking up. The central bank’s foreign exchange intervention policy has helped stem deflationary pressures but inflation...

Is Japan's Population Aging Deflationary?

by Derek Anderson & Dennis P. J. Botman

Japan has the most rapidly aging population in the world. This affects growth and fiscal sustainability, but the potential impact on inflation has been studied less. We use the IMF’s Global Integrated Fiscal...

Philippines : Selected Issues

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Japan :  2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; and Press Release

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

KEY ISSUES Abenomics is gaining traction, but progress across the three arrows has been uneven and medium-term risks remain substantial. Inflation has risen, a consumption tax increase has been implemented,...

Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage

by Anton Korinek & Alp Simsek

We investigate the role of macroprudential policies in mitigating liquidity traps driven by deleveraging, using a simple Keynesian model. When constrained agents engage in deleveraging, the interest rate needs...

Output Gap in Presence of Financial Frictions and Monetary Policy Trade-offs

by Francesco Furlanetto & Paolo Gelain

The recent global financial crisis illustrates that financial frictions are a significant source of volatility in the economy. This paper investigates monetary policy stabilization in an environment where financial...

Monetary and Macroprudential Policies to Manage Capital Flows

by Juan Pablo Medina Guzman & Jorge Roldos

We study interactions between monetary and macroprudential policies in a model with nominal and financial frictions. The latter derive from a financial sector that provides credit and liquidity services that...

Euro Area Policies: 2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release; And Statement by the Executive Director

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that the euro area recovery is taking hold. Real output has expanded for four consecutive quarters, and financial market sentiment has improved markedly. Complementary...

Russian Federation: 2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Informational Annex; Press Release

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

KEY ISSUES AND RECOMMENDATIONS Context. The growth slowdown continued in 2013, reflecting pre-existing structural reasons, despite accommodative policies. The fallout from geopolitical tensions relating to Ukraine...

New Zealand: 2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

KEY ISSUES Outlook and risks The economic expansion is becoming increasingly embedded and broad-based, driven by supportive financial conditions, historically high commodity prices, resurgent construction activity...

Republic of Poland: 2014 Article IV Consultation: Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Republic of Poland

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

The economy is steadily recovering from a substantial slowdown in 2012–13, helped by improving conditions in main trading partners and a rebound in job creation and household consumption. Financial markets...

Inflation and Public Debt Reversals in the G7 Countries

by Bernardin Akitoby & Takuji Komatsuzaki

This paper investigates the impact of low or high inflation on the public debt-to-GDP ratio in the G-7 countries. Our simulations suggest that if inflation were to fall to zero for five years, the average net...

Ms. Muffet, the Spider(gram) and the Web of Macro-Financial Linkages

by Ricardo Cervantes & Phakawa Jeasakul

The global financial crisis has underscored the importance of understanding macro-financial developments and spillovers in an increasingly interconnected and intricate system. At the IMF, staff is focusing on...

The Macroeconomic Environment of Business: Core Concepts and Curious Connections

by Maurice D Levi

If you always thought that macroeconomics was too complex and theoretical to understand, this book is the perfect introduction to the subject. The Macroeconomic Environment of Business provides a clear understanding...

Inflation Targeting and Fiscal Rules: Do Interactions and Sequencing Matter?

by Jean-Louis Combes & Xavier Debrun

The paper examines the joint impact of inflation targeting (IT) and fiscal rules (FR) on fiscal behavior and inflation in a broad panel of advanced and developing economies over the period 1990-2009. The main...

Inflation Reports and Models: How Well Do Central Banks Really Write?

by Ales Bulir & Jaromír| Hurník

We offer a novel methodology for assessing the quality of inflation reports. In contrast to the existing literature, which mostly evaluates the formal quality of these reports, we evaluate their economic content...

Time-Varying Neutral Interest Rate-The Case of Brazil

by Roberto Perrelli & Shaun K. Roache

Emerging markets have experienced a sizeable decline in their neutral real interest rates until recently. In this paper we try to identify the main factors that contributed to it, with a focus on Brazil. We...

Commercial Property Price Indexes: Problems of Sparse Data, Spatial Spillovers, and Weighting

by Mick Silver & Brian Graf

Transaction-price residential (house) and commercial property price indexes (RPPIs and CPPIs) have inherent problems of sparse data on heterogeneous properties, more so CPPIs. In an attempt to control for heterogeneity,...

Does Demand Volatility Lower Growth and Raise Inflation? Evidence from the Caribbean

by Magda E. Kandil

The paper investigates asymmetry in the allocation of aggregate demand shocks between real output growth and price inflation over the business cycle in a sample of fifteen Caribbean countries. In most countries,...