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Think and Grow Rich special edition

by Napoleon Hill

"Think and Grow Rich" is a motivational personal development and self-help book written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. While the title implies...

Moral Hazard in Health Insurance

by Amy Finkelstein, Jonathan Gruber, Joseph Newhouse & Kenneth J. Arrow et al.

In this short and accessible book, Amy Finkelstein—winner of the 2012 John Bates Clark award—tackles the tricky question of moral hazard, which is the tendency to take risks when the cost will be borne by...

My Attorney's Guide ... To Understanding Insurance Coverage After An Accident: (Florida Edition)

by Jason Turchin

Understand Insurance Coverage After A Car Accident Learn about the various insurance coverages which may apply after a car accident in Florida. Topics include what insurance may apply through your own insurance...

Your Company Safety and Health Manual: Programs, Policies, & Procedures for Preventing Accidents & Injuries in the Workplace

by Nwaelele, Csp, Dan O.

Having written safety and health policies isn't enough. These plans and procedures have to be effectively communicated to the employees expected to follow them or you may be violating OSHA standards. This manual...

Risk Management 100 Success Secrets

by Gerard Blokdijk

Risk Management 100 Success Secrets

A Short Guide to Political Risk

by Mr Robert McKellar

What does political risk really mean to a company who relies on operations in unstable areas for competitiveness and growth? What does it mean for a specific operation of strategic significance, and how can...

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management: Engaging People to Identify, Own and Manage Risk

by Ms Ruth Murray-Webster & Dr Penny Pullan

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management is for all those who need to make sound decisions in important but risky situations; people who work with groups to identify, prioritize and respond to risks, and...

Better Futures

by Andy Garlick

Better Futures is not just a textbook on risk management.  It provides new perspectives to help you embed risk management into your organisation in a more natural way; the aim is to ensure you maximise your...

Strategic Analysis of Business

by Hiriyappa.B,Ph.D.

Strategic Analysis of Business is vital reading for CEOs and senior executives, heads of strategy, current and future entrepreneurs, investors - especially corporate business development managers - and any businessperson...

Risk and Win!

by John Harvey Murray

If you think risk management is a bit of meaningless management-speak, this is the book for you. The world is full of risks and they all need managing. In fact, we all manage risks all the time whether well...

Online Benefits Technology

by Alex Tolbert

Health insuranceagencies today face a decision with dramatic implications. Benefits administration is going online, and brokers can either let their clients pick a platform or select one for them. Agencies that...

Closing the Wealth Gap

by Tyrone French

Americas widening wealth gap has caused people like Warren Buffet to publicly say, Rich people have too much money!

The United States is quickly becoming a nation with two distinct economic societiesthe haves...

Uncertainty Advantage

by Gary S. Lynch

Risk and uncertainty may sound scary, but todays best business leaders are navigating both to gain strategic advantage over competitorsand you can, too.

This guide for business leaders examines risk and opportunity...

Perils & Consequences

by Rich Votaw & Stan Scott

Putting the client first is the most important element of any business transaction. However, it is often the most overlooked. I attended many seminars, read many books, and listened to agents and representatives...

Capturing Good Stress on the Leadership Battlefield

by Steven C. German, PhD

How to remain fresh, focused, creative, productive, and healthy in the face of enormous stress is an important challenge facing leaders within the modern organization, regardless of the organization or the level...

The Claim Game

by Mario S. Pecoraro

Organizations that fail to identify and eliminate fraud are losing hundreds of thousands of dollarsand many dont even know it!

Many claims professionals dont have the time or resources to spot the red flags that...

Turbo Charge Your Life

by Troy Spring

Maybe you want to make more money. Maybe you want to learn to think BIGGER. Maybe you smoke and want to quit. Maybe you over eat. Maybe you want to feel more energetic. Maybe you need a kick in the ass to get...

Captive Insurance in Plain English

by F. Hale Stewart Jd. Ll.M.

This is written to be the readers first book on captive insurance. It avoids legal and industry jargon, instead using straightforward language to quickly and efficiently explain how captives started and how...

The Doom Loop in the Financial Sector

by William Leiss

In the past two years, the world has experienced how unsound economic practices can disrupt global economic and social order. Today’s volatile global financial situation highlights the importance of managing...

Purpose Driven Thieves

by Juliet McLean

My book, Purpose Driven Thieves, is a nine year window into my life. It is a true story of gross medical negligence by twenty-four neurosurgeons and radiologists who overlooked the cancer inside my spinal cord...