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The Globalization Paradox

by Dani Rodrik

For a century, economists have driven forward the cause of globalization in financial institutions, labour markets, and trade. Yet there have been consistent warning signs that a global economy and free trade...

Why we can't afford the rich

by Sayer, Andrew

Why we can't afford the rich exposes the unjust and dysfunctional mechanisms that allow the top 1% to siphon off wealth produced by others. With an updated Afterword, Andrew Sayer shows how the rich worldwide...

The Macroeconomic Environment of Business: Core Concepts and Curious Connections

by Maurice D Levi

If you always thought that macroeconomics was too complex and theoretical to understand, this book is the perfect introduction to the subject. The Macroeconomic Environment of Business provides a clear understanding...

Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism

by Benedikt Koehler

Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism shows that globalized trade and capitalism originated in trade practices of pre-Islamic Arabs, and brought to European markets through European trade partners in the Middle...

Quantitative Easing as a Highway to Hyperinflation

by Imad A Moosa

This book addresses the topical issue of whether the current environment in the US and other major countries, where quantitative easing is used to boost the economy, is conducive to the emergence of hyperinflation....

The Global Economy in Transition: Debt and Resource Scarcities

by Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller

This book is a collection of essays written by Ambassador, Professor Jørgen Ørstrøm Møller from the middle of 2009 to end of 2012, commenting on global economic and political events, which reflect Moeller's...

Priorities and Pathways in Services Reform â¿¿ Part I: Quantitative Studies

by Philippa Dee

This book presents a state-of-the-art evaluation of the benefits and costs of behind-the-border services reform. It introduces new, second-generation methods for quantifying regulatory barriers and applies those...

Regional Development and Economic Growth in China

by Yanrui Wu

China has enjoyed unprecedented high economic growth for three decades. This growth has however been unbalanced and has led to some serious consequences which Chinese policy makers are now trying to rectify....

Struggling with Success: Challenges Facing the International Economy


Globalization, by which is meant the increasing economic interdependence among nations, has been a critical ingredient in enabling enormous improvement in mankind's condition. While progress has not always been...

From Adam Smith to Michael Porter: Evolution of Competitiveness Theory


With Foreword by Michael Porter

Following the success of the First Edition published in 2000, this extended edition of From Adam Smith to Michael Porter: Evolution of Competitiveness Theory provides a thorough...

Public Finance: An International Perspective

by Joshua E Greene

This book expands on issues like fiscal sustainability, state enterprises and the variety of subsidies, with a multi-country focus. Drawing examples from numerous countries, it presents issues in contemporary...

Introductory Economics

by Arleen J Hoag & John H Hoag

This carefully constructed textbook empowers the reader with an understanding of fundamental economic concepts. There are 31 “one-concept” chapters. Each short chapter highlights one economic principle....

International Finance and Open-Economy Macroeconomics: Theory, History, and Policy

by Hendrik Van den Berg

This historically-based textbook on international finance and open-economy macroeconomics provides a complete course on the theory and policies that shaped our international financial system. Utilizing the 1944...

Macroeconomics: (With Study Guide CD-ROM)

by Jagdish Handa

This book presents the stylized facts on the important variables (output, inflation, money supply and interest rates, etc.) of the macro economy and uses them to differentiate how well particular economic theories...

What Then Must We Do?: Straight Talk about the Next American Revolution

by Gar Alperovitz

Never before have so many Americans been more frustrated with our economic system, more fearful that it is failing, or more open to fresh ideas about a new one. The seeds of a new movement demanding change are...

It Could Happen Here

by Bruce Judson

In It Could Happen Here, Bruce Judson, author of Go It Alone!, explains why revolution is possible in the United States—and makes the most disturbing case yet for why our economics are leading us inevitably...

Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry into the Cause of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth: The Remedy

by Henry George

Progress and Poverty is Henry George's classic book on the causes and effects of industrial depressions. 

This classic work is an enquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and the persistence of poverty...

The Nobel Laureates and their Legacies

by Professor B.S.R. Rao

The two volumes summarise significant contributions of sixty-seven winners of Nobel Memorial Prize for economic sciences during 1969 to 2010. The contributions are under seven major heads – General Equilibrium...

Capitalism's Crisis Deepens

by Richard D. Wolff

  • "[P]robably America's most prominent Marxist economist"

    New York Times Magazine

  • Aimed at the increasing numbers of people negatively impacted by the austerity triggered by the financial crisis of 2008, who...

  • The Purpose of Banking

    by Anjan V. Thakor

    Banks and other financial institutions play a fundamental and yet divisive role in the health of any economy. As lenders they are important to everyone seeking a mortgage or a car loan. As investors they are...