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The Globalization Paradox

by Dani Rodrik

For a century, economists have driven forward the cause of globalization in financial institutions, labour markets, and trade. Yet there have been consistent warning signs that a global economy and free trade...

Fifty Economic Fallacies Exposed

by Geoffrey E. Wood

Whilst it is impossible to argue that the earth is flat without fearing ridicule, fallacies in economics are widespread. Such fallacies pervade the intellectual sphere and even influence policy. Professor Geoffrey...

Why we can't afford the rich

by Sayer, Andrew

Why we can't afford the rich exposes the unjust and dysfunctional mechanisms that allow the top 1% to siphon off wealth produced by others. With an updated Afterword, Andrew Sayer shows how the rich worldwide...

Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism

by Benedikt Koehler

Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism shows that globalized trade and capitalism originated in trade practices of pre-Islamic Arabs, and brought to European markets through European trade partners in the Middle...

What Then Must We Do?: Straight Talk about the Next American Revolution

by Gar Alperovitz

Never before have so many Americans been more frustrated with our economic system, more fearful that it is failing, or more open to fresh ideas about a new one. The seeds of a new movement demanding change are...

It Could Happen Here

by Bruce Judson

In It Could Happen Here, Bruce Judson, author of Go It Alone!, explains why revolution is possible in the United States—and makes the most disturbing case yet for why our economics are leading us inevitably...

Book Review: The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

by 50MINUTES.Com

It can be hard for busy professionals to find the time to read the latest books. Stay up to date in a fraction of the time with this concise guide.

The Wealth of Nations is one of the most significant works in...

Fantaeconomy or fantareality?

by Stefano Zinni

We have passed 2000 and we are aiming at 3000, but human problems have always remained the same. We will take a look at what is happening now, the global deformation of the system in all fields, actually a "fantarealily"...

A Primer on Macroeconomics, Second Edition, Volume II

by Thomas M. Beveridge

This two-volume text represents a common sense approach to basic macroeconomics. Economics, far from being the dismal science, offers us valuable lessons that can be applied to our everyday experiences.

At its...

Economic Policy: Theory and Practice

by Agnes Benassy-Quere, Benoît Coeuré, Pierre Jacquet & Jean Pisani-Ferry

Economic Policy provides a unique combination of facts-based analysis, state-of-the art economic theory, and insights from first-hand policy experience at the national and international levels to shed light...

Collected Papers in Theoretical Economics (Volume V): Economic Policy and Its Theoretical Bases

by Kaushik Basu

Effective policymaking is based on economics which is a blend of empiricism as well as theory. It needs to be grounded not only in data, statistics, and the regularities observed therein, but also analytics,...

The Good Society

by John Kenneth Galbraith

The legendary economist explains how a nation can remain both compassionate and fiscally sound, with “common sense raised to the level of genius” (The New Yorker).


This compact, eloquent book offers a...

The Oxford Handbook of the Brazilian Economy

by Edmund Amann, Carlos Azzoni & Werner Baer

Brazil is a globally vital but troubled economy. This volume offers comprehensive insight into Brazil's economic development, focusing on its most salient characteristics and analyzing its structural features...

The Origin of Macroeconomics

by José Villacís González

The true origin of macroeconomics.

This book details an unprecedented finding in the history of economic thought: the true origin of macroeconomics. This occurred in Spain with the researcher Germán Bernácer...

Against the Grain: Insights from an Economic Contrarian

by Paul Ormerod & Christian May

Economists and economics have been harshly criticised recently. This book accepts many of the criticisms of conventional theory but argues that the fundamental insights of economics are capable of reinterpretation...

The Fallacy and Failure of Communism, Socialism, and Keynesian Economics

by William N. Spencer

The hiring, firing, retention, compensation, and control of employees in the American workplace is the realm and domain of Human Resources Management. But who, or what, really controls the Human Resources department?...

The General Theories of Inflation, Unemployment, and Government Deficits

by John Lindauer

Intellectual time lags exist in every field of science. So it is that even today one often hears the same old common knowledge nonsense and simplistic analysis from the early post-Keynesian era when students...


by John Lindauer

This book explains all the usual macro topics and is easier and faster to read and understand. Students who are assigned this text, or use it instead of their assigned text, tend to learn more and receive higher...


by R. Ramakumar

The demonetisation of November 2016 will go down in history as one of the most intensely debated economic policy interventions of the Indian state. With the abolition of the legal tender status of Rs 500 and...

Efficient Macro Concept

by William Mannen

The United States has had a tumultuous history when it comes to money and banking. The bitter Bank War of the 1830s meant that the country never developed a central bank in the 1800s. The pre-Civil War monetary...