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Help! How to defend yourself against marketing and its strategies

by Andrea Payaro

Versione in lingua inglese e digitale del libro "Si salvi chi può... dal marketing e dalle sue strategie" (Aras Edizioni, 2012). Gli acquisti sono condizionati da strategie di comunicazione occulte? Perché...

Profit from Mobile Social Media Revolution: Learn how to Engage Social Media and Triple Your Profits

by Laura Maya

Learn how to Engage Social Media and Triple Your Profits By 2016, Mobile Social Media will be worth about $150 billion, Social Media + Mobile Marketing Creates Market Opportunities Cloud computing technology,...

Google My Business 2.0 Training guide (1, #2)

by Laura Maya

Any business that serves customers locally needs to be on Google My Business (GMB). It offers the greatest impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Google My Business is, without a doubt, a market pioneer when...

Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed

by Raymond Wayne

Savvy business owners have been using Facebook to market their businesses since its creation. It’s only been recently that Messenger has become a primary focus

According to Facebook - On average, there are...

The Internet Marketer's Handbook

by Raymond Wayne


 "Discover the 79 Actions That You Need to Take Today That will Lead to Huge Results in Your Internet Business"

The Internet is a big place that continues to grow at a substantial...

In Search for the Soul of International Business

by Michael R. Czinkota

A New World Order has begun for trade and globalization. Inundated with constant information, new concepts, and endless data, individuals are caught in the whirlwind of a fast-paced world, often without the...

E-commerce Merchants Holiday Success Guide & To-Do List

by Adam Miller

Maximize Your Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, and we all know how important they are for business. This year, in order to help you get prepared

we have a gift for you.

We’ve done all the necessary...

Modern Twitter Marketing

by Hillary Scholl

Twitter is so easy to use.

You just need to post a tweet that is within  Two hundred  Eighty  characters. You need to do it long enough. You have to pick the right hashtags. You have to pick the right content...

Instant Profits Guide to Facebook Ads Outreach Marketing  Success

by Hillary Scholl

Online Advertising can be simple and powerful. Since your time is valuable, creating and managing all your ads should be as easy as sipping your morning coffee.

Understanding how to leverage Facebook Ads is becoming...

Building Successful Partner Channels

by Hans Peter Bech & Preben Damgaard

The book applies the business model and business model environment frameworks developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur and concludes that taking the indirect route to market adds an additional layer...

Infinite Ripple - the Social Media Revolution

by Glenn Mehta

Infinite Ripple is an essential read for anyone wishing to utilise the power of social media in their personal, academic and professional lives. With a strong focus on Irish examples, the book contextualises...

The Intuitive Marketer

by Pat Grosse

Are you starting a business or a business owner that wants to get a better understanding of marketing to make informed decisions to grow your business? Have you relied on your intuition to get you to where you...

Nation Branding in Modern History

by Carolin Viktorin, Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht, Annika Estner & Marcel K. Will

A relatively recent coinage within international relations, “nation branding” designates the process of highlighting a country’s positive characteristics for promotional purposes, using techniques similar...

Contrarian Branding

by Roland van der Vorst

The world is busier than ever. One of the major challenges for brands is how to stand out of the competition: brands competing for market share, new brands that are being introduced, and indeed politicians fighting...

Google  My Business

by Laura Maya

Learn how to set up, use and get the most out of Google My Business!

With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a...

Korean Mind

by Boye Lafayette De Mente & Laura Kingdon

Understanding a people and their culture through code words and language.

Today, South Korea as an economic, technological, and entertainment superpower. How, as a country, did they rebound from war, poverty...

The What, Why and How of Attending Trade Shows in Germany

by Andra Riemhofer

German trade shows are the place to be if you want to learn about the latest technologies, update yourself on international market trends, and meet potential business partners from all over the world. According...

What's Wrong with China

by Paul Midler

What’s Wrong with China is the most cogent, insightful and penetrating examination I have read on the paradoxes and self-deceptions of Modern China, written by someone who has lived in the country and dealt...

Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technologies

by Christian Friebe

By analysing the context of emerging and developing countries, the author explores the private sector perspective on renewable energy diffusion. The evaluation of two technology case studies, namely wind farms...

Commercial Integration between the European Union and Mexico

by Gerhard Niedrist

The economic integration between the European Union and Mexico is of strategic significance to both parts. The EU is Mexico’s second most important trading partner and an integral piece in the diversification...