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Social and Economic Networks

by Matthew O. Jackson

Networks of relationships help determine the careers that people choose, the jobs they obtain, the products they buy, and how they vote. The many aspects of our lives that are governed by social networks make...

Real World Personal Finance

by Mark A. Nadler & Terry Rumker

Personal Finance for the Real World teaches the basics of personal finance by mentoring the reader through the process of creating a personal financial plan. Instruction culminates in the creation of a budget...

Intermediate Microeconomics

by John H Hoag

This book provides a rigorous course to the theory of intermediate microeconomics. It includes not only the basic traditional theory, but also a “From the Literature” box in each chapter directing students...

Bargaining in the Shadow of the Market: Selected Papers on Bilateral and Multilateral Bargaining

by Kalyan Chatterjee

Bargaining in the Shadow of the Market — Selected Papers on Bilateral and Multilateral Bargaining consists of selected research in bargaining carried out by Kalyan Chatterjee by himself and with various co-authors....

Introductory Economics

by Arleen J Hoag & John H Hoag

This carefully constructed textbook empowers the reader with an understanding of fundamental economic concepts. There are 31 “one-concept” chapters. Each short chapter highlights one economic principle....

Summary & Study Guide - Empty Planet

by Lee Tang

The Global Population Will Soon Decline.

This book is a summary of “Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline,” by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson.

For many years, pundits and politicians have...

Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism

by Richard D. Wolff

A new manifesto for gaining democratic control of our workplaces.

Selected Works of Joseph E. Stiglitz

by Joseph E. Stiglitz

This is the third volume in a new, definitive, six-volume edition of the works of Joseph Stiglitz, one of today's most distinguished and controversial economists. Stiglitz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics...

A Primer on Microeconomics, Second Edition, Volume II

by Thomas M. Beveridge

This two-volume text represents a common sense approach to basic microeconomics.

Economics, far from being the dismal science, offers us valuable lessons that can be applied to our everyday experiences. At its...

Measuring Utility

by Ivan Moscati

Utility is a key concept in the economics of individual decision-making. However, utility is not measurable in a straightforward way. As a result, from the very beginning there has been debates about the meaning...

Economics For Dummies, 3rd Edition

by Sean Masaki Flynn

  • Find FREE quizzes for every chapter online
  • Learn about good markets, bad monopolies, and inflation
  • Decode budget deficits and trade gains

Understand the science of wealth and prosperity

This book gives you...

The Microeconomics of Product Innovation

by Paul Stoneman, Eleonora Bartoloni & Maurizio Baussola

Economics has not given sufficient attention to the microeconomic analysis of innovation and technological change. Counteracting this imbalance, The Microeconomics of Product Innovation considers how the use...

The Economy of Ireland

by John W. O'Hagan & Carol Newman

An essential book for students of economics as well as economists and policymakers.

The twelfth edition of this enduring and popular book surveys all major changes in the Irish economy in the past fifteen years,...

Economic Logic Fifth Edition

by Mark Skousen

In Economic Logic, Mark Skousen offers a step-by-step approach to economics showing how microeconomics and macroeconomics are logically linked together.

The fully revised fifth edition introduces a major breakthrough...

Qualitative Methods for Health Economics

by Joanna Coast

Qualitative methods are increasingly used within health economics research, but there is almost no specific material to guide the use of these methods in this context; there is very little that links them to...

Agricultural Product Prices, Fifth Edition

by William G. Tomek & Harry M. Kaiser

Published continuously since 1972, Agricultural Product Prices has become the standard textbook and reference work for students in agricultural and applied economics, buyers and sellers of commodities, and policymakers,...

Microeconomic Theory Old and New

by John M. Gowdy

Microeconomic Theory Old and New: A Student's Guide has two main goals. The first is to give advanced undergraduate and graduate students an understanding of the core model of economics: Walrasian general equilibrium...

Lifecycle Events and Their Consequences

by Kenneth A. Couch, Mary C. Daly & Julie M. Zissimopoulos

In Lifecycle Events and Their Consequences: Job Loss, Family Change, and Declines in Health, editors Kenneth A. Couch, Mary C. Daly, and Julie Zissimopoulos bring together leading scholars to study the impact...

Irrationality in Health Care

by Douglas E. Hough

The health care industry in the U.S. is peculiar. We spend close to 18% of our GDP on health care, yet other countries get better results—and we don't know why. To date, we still lack widely accepted answers...

Homer Economicus

by Joshua Hall

In Homer Economicus a cast of lively contributors takes a field trip to Springfield, where the Simpsons reveal that economics is everywhere. By exploring the hometown of television's first family, this book...