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Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice n. 1/2009

by AA.VV. & Domenico Da Empoli

Contents Louis M. Imbeau Testing the 'Veil of Ignorance'Hypothesis in Constitutional Choice: A "Walk-Talk" Approach Geneviève Tellier Explaining Growth of Public Revenue: An Empirical Investigation of Canadian...

From Foreclosure to Fair Lending: Advocacy, Organizing, Occupy, and the Pursuit of Equitable Credit

by Chester Hartman & Gregory D. Squires

This book addresses important issues of the Occupy protest movement for fair lending, fair housing advocacy, and equal opportunity.

Beat the Cuts: How to Improve Public Services and Easily Cut Costs

by Rob Worth

How to improve public services and easily cut costs. While the public sector is faced with axing services to save billions and deliver 25% - 40% budget cuts, there are organisations that are not only saving...

The Right to Know: Transparency for an Open World

by Ann Florini & Joseph E. Stiglitz

The Right to Know is a timely and compelling consideration of a vital question: What information should governments and other powerful organizations disclose? Excessive secrecy corrodes democracy, facilitates...

Puerto Rico

by Luis Gautier

Puerto Rico is experiencing its deepest economic crisis since the first half of the twentieth century. The unique political and economic relationship between the US and Puerto Rico arguably plays a fundamental...

Integrated Reporting

by Stefan Hannen

The introduction of Integrated Reporting (IR) is supposed to tackle shortcomings of corporate reporting that have been criticized for decades. The new reporting format intends to improve the understandability...

Tax Management and Tax Evasion

by Konrad Raczkowski & Lukasz Sulkowski

Tax management and tax evasion represent an intrinsic element of economic turnover, an area of interest both to the institutional and to the real spheres of national economy. These problems, beyond any doubt,...

Modeling Fiscal Policy in the European Union

by Konrad Walczyk, Robert Kruszewski & Janusz Kudla

The book discusses optimal fiscal policy for an internationally integrating economy when public borrowing is constrained. Various innovations have been introduced: the agglomeration effect, the fiscal solvency...

Financialisation and Financial Crisis in South-Eastern European Countries

by Dubravko Radoševic & Vladimir Cvijanovic

The book discusses various cases of financialisation and financial crisis in South-Eastern Europe. While these can be directly traced to the region’s reliance upon the global financial regime, the interplay...

Turkish German Affairs from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

by Elif Nuroglu, Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoglu & Enes Bayrakli

The relations between Turkey and Germany deserve to be called unique because of their depth and extent. This book offers an interdisciplinary approach on these relations from political, socio-economic and business...

A decision-oriented approach to performance measurement

by Minh Hanh Le

Within the performance measurement theme, this book contributes a new decision-oriented perspective to evaluate the efficiency of organizations. This perspective defines an efficient organization as the one...

Valuation and Value Creation of Insurance Intermediaries

by Claudia Max

The book offers a comprehensive analysis of insurance intermediaries from a capital markets perspective. It presents an up-to-date market perspective, drawing the attention to the important trends and developments...

Innovation, Complexity and Policy

by Matthias Weber

This book brings together a set of contributions that show the breadth and depth of the scientific work of Josef Fröhlich and his influence on Austrian research, technology and innovation (RTI) policy. It is...

Capitalist Imperialism in Contemporary Theoretical Frameworks

by Filip Ilkowski

This book analyzes the controversy surrounding imperialism associated with capitalist development. The last dozen years passed under the shadow of two momentous events: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan conducted...

Money Matters

by Syed F. Mahmud, Kaoru Yamaguchi & Murat Yülek

The 2007 financial crisis and the Great Recession have prompted a debate about the state of macroeconomics, and many orthodox economists have argued that macroeconomics has entered a Dark Age.

This book discusses...

Sustainable and Solidary Education

by Monica Tilea, Oana-Adriana Duta & Alina Stela Resceanu

This volume of thematic studies offers multifaceted interpretations of education for sustainable and solidary development (ESSD). It is a joint work of academics, teachers and researchers covering the domain...

Estimation of Uncertainty of Wind Energy Predictions

by David Zastrau

Currently, a new generation of fuel-efficient ships, which use wind force in addition to conventional propulsion technology, is being developed. This study describes a mathematical method for a probabilistic...

Sustainability and Welfare Policy in European Market Economies

by Jürgen Plöhn & George Chobanov

The articles in this volume are selected from the contributions to two international conferences. Authors and teams tackle general economic approaches and developments with respect to new concepts for the production...

Leap into Modernity – Political Economy of Growth on the Periphery, 1943–1980

by Adam Leszczynski

This book describes struggles of different countries and their development after World War II. It presents a panorama of different ideologies of accelerated development, which dominated the world just before...

The Impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on International Cooperation

by Jerzy Menkes, Andzelika Kuznar & Elzbieta Czarny

This book gathers Polish and foreign scholars to consider diverse aspects of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). It examines key general areas such as the improvement of the position of the...