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The Big Thirst

by Charles Fishman

The water coming out of your kitchen tap is four billion years old and might well have been sipped by a Tyrannosaurus rex. Rather than only three states of water—liquid, ice, and vapor—there is a fourth,...

Mortgage Free!: Innovative Strategies for Debt-Free Home Ownership, 2nd Edition

by Robert L. Roy

mort•gage (mor´-gij)

n. from Old French morgage, mort gage, literally “death pledge”

As a wave of foreclosures sweeps the country, many people are giving up hope for owning a home of their own. They have...

Maxwell Land Grant: Facsimile of 1942 Edition

by William A. Keleher

When the United States acquired New Mexico by invasion and conquest on August 15, 1846, it inherited a land grant problem of considerable magnitude. This problem continued for decades until 1870 when the United...

Landlording in Canada

by Michael Drouillard

As the cost of real estate rises across Canada, more and more homeowners are looking to become landlords. "Secondary suites" are becoming an increasingly common way for homeowners to subsidize their mortgages...

Guide For Real Estate Investors: Learning How To Fix And Flip Properties

by Lila Smith

Being a real estate investor is fantastic due to the increasing value of properties and the booming market, but there is an art to getting it right and making a profit.

Learn the ins and outs of doing this the...

Optimize YOUR Airbnb

by Daniel Vroman Rusteen

Danny Rusteen - former Airbnb employee, Superhost, super guest (250+ days on Airbnb), and Airbnb property manager - reveals his strategies to rank high in Airbnb search by creating an optimal online listing...

Real Estate Photography for Everybody

by Ron Castle

Photographing interiors is not as easy as you might think, and it takes a lot of practice to produce consistently strong, high-impact compositions for your clients. Still, there is money to be made in this field,...

Where did my industry go?

by Mark Burgess

My first experience of an agency was back in the mid 1990s. Since then I have set up and built various successful businesses in the property, marketing, recruitment, publishing and digital sectors. Over all...

A House Divided

by Jody Bruns

In,"A House Divided: The Clash between Divorce, Real Estate and Mortgage Financing" you'll learn what every divorcing person and divorce professional needs to know and how to avoid the common (and not so common)...

House Money

by Richard Montgomery

Buying and selling real estate is likely the largest financial transaction consumers encounter. A real estate transaction is a bit like an iceberg. It appears on the surface as a simple operation, while, under...

Rent to Rent

by Jacquie Edwards

Create financial freedom following a proven step by step checklist to build your Rent to Rent business! Jacquie Edwards built a business using the Rent to Rent strategy that has made her financially free and...

Realtor Rescue

by Sandi Klein

Agents and other self employed people work very hard and many times forget that part of their life should be devoted to finding happiness. This clever book, with its conversational tone and forthright presentation,...

Real Estate License Exam Prep

by David Cusic & Ryan Mettling Stephen Mettling

Features of Real Estate License Exam Prep (RELEP):

  • National Principles & Law Key Point Review (45 pages)
  • Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice (20 pages)
  • National Practice Tests (500 questions)
  • Sample...


by Daniel Immergluck

In 2007 and 2008, the United States has observed, with some horror, the explosion and collapse of entire segments of the housing market, especially those driven by subprime and alternative or "exotic" home mortgage...

The Profit Blueprint for Real Estate Brokers: How to build your budget, earn a return on your investment, and build equity in your company...without a

by Thompson Eric

When it comes to budgeting, I often find that real estate brokerage owners and managers aren’t always taught how to earn a profit nor how to set up their budget. They’re not even sure of the return on investment...

Inside Real Estate

by Peter O'Malley

The real world of modern real estate exposed

Inside Real Estate is a down-to-earth consumer guide for anyone navigating the property market in the digital age. Written by industry veteran Peter O'Malley, this...

The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money on Airbnb

by Evian Gutman

Most Airbnb hosts possess a general understanding of the concept behind Airbnb: Making money by opening up their home to travelers looking for short-term rental accommodation.

But Airbnb hosts, both new and...


by Margaret Wright

Wealth is an amplifier. It makes you more of who you are—which is why it’s so important to get money and wealth in the hands of those people making a positive difference in the world. I’m talking to you...

The Realtor's Magic Forumla

by Rob Vivian

There is no doubt that in Real Estate there is no magic pill, but there is a magic formula. This book contains everything you need to kmnow to have the Real Estate career that you have just dreamt about up to...

Real Estate License Exams For Dummies

by John A. Yoegel

Your ticket to passing the real estate license exam

In order to become a licensed real estate agent, you must pass your state's real estate licensing exam–and with this hands-on guide, you'll get everything...