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What Every Landlord Needs to Know: Time and Money-Saving Solutions to Your Most Annoying Problems: Time and Money-Saving Solutions to Your Most Annoyi

by Richard H. Jorgensen

Everything that new and veteran landlords need to know to protect their most valuable investments

How do I raise the rent? How do I legally turn down a prospective tenant? How do I evict a current tenant? These...

Boom Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010

by Fred Harrison

Using the United Kingdom as a case study, this well-researched account shows how, for more than 200 years, a remarkably regular 18-year cycle of boom and bust can be traced to the peaks and troughs in land prices....

Start Small, Profit Big in Real Estate: Fixer Jay's 2-Year Plan for Building Wealth - Starting from Scratch: Fixer Jay's 2-Year Plan for Building Weal

by Jay DeCima

From the BusinessWeek bestselling author of Investing in Fixer-Uppers--a plan for building a real estate empire with little or no money down "

Fixer Jay" DeCima, the acknowledged king of fixer-uppers, delivers...

The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Real Estate Investing, Second Edition

by Jack Cummings

A complete curriculum for profiting in today's tough market! Opportunities abound in the real estate market. In order to find the best investments, though, you need to understand the changes brought on by the...

The Wall Street Journal. Complete Home Owner's Guidebook: Make the Most of Your Biggest Asset in Any Market

by David Crook

Your Map for a Brave New Real-Estate World

The days of real-estate mania—when you really couldn’t go wrong with buying a home, then selling it in a few years for a lot more than you paid for it—are over....

All Quiet on the Realty Front

by John Hepburn

The author spent a thirty plus year career in the real estate industry. The book is an easy to read collection of seventeen short stories or vignettes. Some certainly are sad, while others are humorous, and...

Investing in the Right Property Now!

by Margaret Lomas

Investing in today's property market is different from investing pre-GFC. Old strategies are simply not working. So property expert Margaret Lomas set about comprehensively re-considering the economy, property...

Real Estate Recession Riches - Top 10 Real Estate Investing Tips That Don't Suck!

by Cory Boatright & Rodney Miller

Allow me to share my story with you.

My name is Cory Boatright. I am 35 years old and since my early twenties I have started, run, or been directly involved with almost 40 different companies.

I have sold everything...

Magic BPO Success Secrets

by Cory Boatright

Have you ever been frustrated by not getting a BPO (broker price opinion) price that you expected on a short sale property? You're not alone. Cory Boatright's Magic BPO Success Secrets reveals new, ninja strategies...

How to Get a Business Loan for Commercial Real Estate

by Charles Barthelemy

Having a HARD TIME Getting Your Business or Commercial Loan Funded?

OR is it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to FIND a funding source for your LOW CREDIT SCORES or HIGH RISK project? You have the problem, we have the solution....

Ultimate First Time Home Buyer Guide

by Gerald Tribuzio

In today's real estate market, the road to homeownership is a tough one and you can't afford to make a wrong move and ruin your chances of achieving the American dream of owning a home. The Ultimate First Time...

The Incredible Investment Book: The #1 Way to Invest in the #1 Investment in America

by Chuck Salisbury

The most successful investment in the United States is not stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, annuities or any related products. The best investment is Real Estate and The Incredible Investment Book outlines...

From Homemaker to Breadwinner

by Myra Nourmand

If you can make it in Beverly Hills you can make it anywhere. In From Homemaker to Breadwinner renowned real estate broker Myra Nourmand shares the secrets of her incredible success.

How did this mother of three,...

Retire Early Retire Wealthy: Your essential guide to Successful Property Investing

by Roly Weaver

Roly Weaver quit his 'day-job' as a Chartered Civil Engineer at the age of 50 in March 2008 - fulfilling his long standing dream 'to retire early'. He was able to do this because in 2002, along with his wife...

Property Magic: How to Buy Property Using Other People's Time, Money and Experience

by Simon Zutshi

In this 4th, updated edition of the Number 1 Property best Seller, Property Millionaire Simon Zutshi will show you how you can build a GBP 1 million property portfolio and a GBP 50,000 income in 12 months. The...

Rent to Rent: Your Questions Answered

by Jacquie Edwards

Create £100,000 of income in 12 months using other people's property! Jacquie Edwards spent 12 months creating a property portfolio that pays her over £100,000 NET PROFIT per annum and she doesn't even own...

The Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper in the Crash Following the Greatest Boom in History

by Harry S. Dent

The first and last economic depression that you will experience in your lifetime is just ahead. The year 2009 will be the beginning of the next long-term winter season and the initial end of prosperity in almost...

Buy It, Rent It, Profit!: Make Money as a Landlord in ANY Real Estate Market

by Bryan M. Chavis

Demystify the process of evaluating, acquiring, and managing rental property and becoming a landlord with Landlord Academy founder Bryan Chavis’s clear, step-by-step plan to make your dream of owning a multi-family...

Real Estate Investing For Beginners: How to Make Money in Real Estate Market

by Robert Alderman

The most difficult thing in life is to make decision about investments. People most commonly encounter a lot of queries and do not find any way to get the right answers like how to invest my money to make more...

Econometric Analyses of International Housing Markets

by Rita Yi Man Li & Kwong Wing Chau

This book explores how econometric modelling can be used to provide valuable insight into international housing markets. Initially describing the role of econometrics modelling in real estate market research...