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6 Practical Tips for Closing Automotive Sales

by Tom Hopkins

Having a well-trained sales team is like having insurance for your advertising dollars. Your marketing efforts capture the attention of buyers. The sales team converts those efforts into closed sales and satisfied...

Strategies for Finding More Business Than Ever

by Tom Hopkins

Hate prospecting? Wish you could build a business without ever having to do it again? When you master the strategies of prospecting like a pro, you'll build a pipeline of leads and be happy to make prospecting...

Closing Sales is Easy: Once You Know How

by Tom Hopkins

The fun part of selling yourself, a product or a service is the demonstration or presentation. But the aspect of selling that makes you successful is having the ability to close the sale, get the decision made...

Building a 6 Figure Sales Career: How to Develop the 4 Golden Pillars of Sales Success

by Chris Widener

Do you know a person who just seems to "have it all" when it comes to closing sales deals? What is it about that person that makes them wealthy? In this program, best-selling author Chris Widener outlines the...

How to Sell Anything to Anybody

by Joe Girard & Stanley H. Brown

"Salesmen are made, not born. If I did it, you can do it."

-- Joe Girard

In his fifteen-year selling career, author Joe Girard sold 13,001 cars, a Guinness World Record. He didn't have a degree from an Ivy...

Word of Mouse: 101+ Trends in How We Buy, Sell, Live, Learn, Work, and Play

by Marc Ostrofsky

The New York Times bestselling author of Get Rich Click! delivers cutting-edge advice for consumers and marketers on how to get the most from today’s technology.

Gain a competitive edge— get the most from...

Success Secrets of Sales Superstars: The Moves and Mayhem Behind Selling Your Way to the Top as Told by 34 Industry Leaders

by Robert L. Shook & Barry Farber

Shook and Farber invite eager entrepreneurs to join 33 of today’s business and sales best as they share the details behind their greatest sales moves and ultimately, impart valuable lessons on how to sell...

The Portable Sales Coach

by Lance Osborne

Time is money-which means you're pouring money down the drain when you spend your time on low-percentage selling strategies. How many times have you cold-called someone with no expectation that they'd have any...

Selling Your Services

by Robert W. Bly

If you sell any kind of service, whether professional, personal, or technical, this book will give you the information you need to bring in large numbers of sales at the fees you want.

Business Battleships

by Tim Rylatt

Business Battleships - blow your competition out of the water with marketing and sales skills that hit the target every time. Discover what goes on in the mysterious brain of your prospect AND make more sales...

Selling with Presence

by Reggie Pearse

Technology is crushing us, guys. Its disrupting how buyers buy and, therefore, how we sales professionals must sell. Buyers dont listen to us in the same way they used to because we no longer have power based...

Mastering the “Game of Selling”

by Pawan Kumar Arya

Mastering the Game of Selling is a knowledge bank for the sales professionals. After complete reading of this book, you will emerge as a master in selling. This book is full of sales strategies, sales closing...

Sales Predictability

by Don Beck

If you want to know if someone is a successful sales leader, you only have to look at one thing: business results.

C-level executives have confidence in their sales executives when they make their assigned revenue...

Selling Is Easy

by Zeaur Rahman

Readers will walk away with better understanding of the sales process, closing techniques, sales strategies, and other useful techniques. Selling Is Easy is a handy salespersons manual that provides tips for...

The Secret Is Selling Not Closing. Closing Is the Result of Effective Selling.

by Joel Pinero

My intention in this book is to provide an innovative perspective and approach of what is a must in the sales process so that you, the sales professional, can be more effective in closing deals in todays market....

Automated Sales

by Steffen Ritter

Many businesspeople and salespeople leave their offices at the end of the day without a valuable, measurable, and presentable sales outcome.

Its easy to see why: With distractions flowing from all directions,...

Can Sell.... Will Sell

by Mike White

We show you how to: Be an effective face to face and social networker Make effective telephone sales calls Conduct productive meetings Make powerful PowerPoint presentations Successfully negotiate and close...

The Formula for Achieving Goals and Finding Success

by Rod Burns

Author ROD BURNS reveals a formula that will help the reader achieve their goals. Have you ever said to yourself, why can some people achieve more in life than other people. Sometimes it is just luck but most...

Predictable Corporate Sales

by Duane Glader

Trying to sell a product or service to a corporation is like navigating a maze: You think you know where youre going, but then you hit a wall.

Duane Glader, MBA, has spent almost forty years in sales, and he...

The Sensational Salesman

by Duane Cummings

Lots of books claim they will change your life, but they rarely give you a map to follow. If you have been searching for answers about how to improve your current situation, look no further. The Sensational...