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New Paradigm for Interpreting the Chinese Economy: Theories, Challenges and Opportunities

by Justin Yifu Lin

Since the reform and opening up in 1978, the Chinese economy has grown rapidly. China has become the focus of the world due to its astonishing achievements in every aspect of its economical growth. The country's...

Mission Impact: Breakthrough Strategies for Nonprofits

by Robert M. Sheehan

Create powerful strategies for your nonprofit organization to achieve breakthrough performance in mission impact

Does your nonprofit have a reliable way of knowing the impact its making? Beginning with an eye-opening...

Case Studies in Asian Management

by Parissa Haghirian

There is a lack of knowledge on how corporations in Asia develop strategies, organize their work processes and deal with competition. Western managers and business students need to know more about Asian corporations...

Rebuilding Construction: Economic Change in the British Construction Industry: Economic Change in the British Construction Industry

by Michael Ball

First published in 1988, this book analyses the changes that took place in the economic organisation of the British construction industry throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, in particular considering its social...

The Optimization Edge: Reinventing Decision Making to Maximize All Your Company's Assets

by Stephen Sashihara

Why downsize when you can OPTIMIZE?

"At McDonald's our focus has always been on providing maximum value to customers through 'optimal' quality and tight cost management, which is why Optimization has become...

Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

by Adam Hartung

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Master the #1 Principle for Long-Term Market Dominance! The Phoenix Principle


Some companies can’t change in response to market disruptions. Those companies...

Advantage-Makers, The: How Exceptional Leaders Win by Creating Opportunities Others Don't

by Steven Feinberg

This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Some leaders consistently see possibilities others miss. They learn more, learn faster, and transform their insights into breakaway strategies. They are more effective...

Think Bigger: Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business

by Mark Van Rijmenam

Big data--the enormous amount of data that is created as virtually every movement, transaction, and choice we make becomes digitized--is revolutionizing business. Written for a non-technical audience, Think...

Configuration Management: Expert Guidance for It Service Managers and Practitioners

by Shirley Lacy & David Norfolk

Configuration management is the tracking, recording and monitoring of the elements of a business IT system and any changes and developments. Invaluable to IT professionals and to technology-savvy business managers...

Managing It Projects for Business Change: From Risk to Success

by Jeff Morgan & Chris Dale

This book will empower experienced project managers and their business counterparts to understand and manage the risks of challenging business change projects. Providing principles and guidance, it shows project...

Business Continuity Management Systems: Implementation and Certification to ISO 22301

by Hilary Estall

This practical guide is written for organisations who are implementing a business continuity management system and certification in line with ISO 22301. It will prove invaluable for those new to business continuity...

Wargaming for Leaders: Strategic Decision Making from the Battlefield to the Boardroom

by Mark L. Herman & Mark D. Frost

If you had the opportunity to probe the future, make strategic choices, and view their consequences before making expensive and irretrievable decisions, wouldn't you take advantage of it?

Of course you would....

Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications

by Paul A. Argenti & Courtney M. Barnes

The explosion of blogs, social networking sites, wikis, video sharing sites, and other powerful digital communications platforms may be the biggest game-changer to impact business since mechanized manufacturing....

The Value Chain Shift: Seven Future Challenges Facing Top Executives

by Teresa Ferreiro, Carlos Cordón & Mark Foster

- What is the cost and contribution of a company to society? - How to manage resource scarcity? - How are companies from emerging countries managing their value chains? - Which processes should IT manage globally...

Anywhere: How Global Connectivity is Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business

by Emily Nagle Green

Ubiquitous connectivity is the biggest revolution in business since the Internet—and this is the first strategic guide to harnessing its power

Anywhere examines the far-reaching impact of what can only be termed...

Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change

by Chris Ertel & Lisa Kay Solomon

Moments of Impact is a book on a mission: to eradicate time-sucking, energy-depleting workshops and meetings. In our fast-changing world, organizations have important challenges and opportunities to address—and...

Corporate Strategy for Dramatic Productivity Surge


Corporate Strategy for Dramatic Productivity Surge deals with the very basics of productivity and cost performance — including abridgement of time, increase in speed, enhancement of capabilities, increase...

Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making

by Michael Benoliel

Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making was written by leading negotiation experts from top-rated universities in the USA and in Asia and its objective is to introduce the readers to the theory and best...

The Technology Machine: How Manufacturing Will Work in the Year 2000

by Patricia E. Moody & Richard E. Morley

How will autonomous agents, emergent systems, and chaos theory change the way we live and work in the twenty-first century? As today's manufacturing and production systems grow increasingly complex, tomorrow's...

The Improbability Principle

by David J. Hand

In The Improbability Principle, the renowned statistician David J. Hand argues that extraordinarily rare events are anything but. In fact, they’re commonplace. Not only that, we should all expect to experience...