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Picture Your Business Strategy: Transform Decisions with the Power of Visuals

by Christine Chopyak


Scientific studies have shown that looking at pictures, drawings, and other graphics engage both sides of the brain--opening...

Leading the Epic Revolution: How CIOs Drive Innovation and Create Value Across the Enterprise

by Hunter Muller

A must-read leadership guide for CIOs and executives whose careers depend on creating value and growth through continuous innovation

Innovation is the hot topic. Everyone's talking about it, but there seems to...

The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think

by MichaelE. Raynor & Mumtaz Ahmed

Finally, an answer to the ultimate business question: How do some companies achieve exceptional performance over the long term?

In every sector, there's an outlier. In the phar­maceutical industry, it's Merck....

Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts

by Thomas Eisenmann

If you want salient advice about your startup, you’ve hit the jackpot with this book. Harvard Business School Professor Tom Eisenmann annually compiles the best posts from many blogs on technology startup...

Why Strategic Planning Matters for Smaller Companies

by Lori Williams

Without strategic plans, smaller companies fall victim to the unexpected: subtle competitive shifts, new technologies and processes, changes in cost structure. Now, discover how to quickly create strategic plans...

The New Age of Sustainable Capitalism: Business Models to Drive Growth and Social Change (Collection), ePub

by Stuart L. Hart & C.K. Prahalad

A brand new collection of cutting-edge guides to sustainable capitalism


Translate sustainability and “base of the pyramid” strategies into real profits


It’s time for capitalism’s next reinvention....

The Power of Strategy Innovation: A New Way of Linking Creativity and Strategic Planning to Discover Great Business Opportunities

Return on Sustainability: How Business Can Increase Profitability and Address Climate Change in an Uncertain Economy

by Kevin A. Wilhelm

This book highlights the risk of inaction for businesses when it comes to climate change, but also contains best practices to allow them to capitalize on the numerous business opportunities that climate change...

Get Ready to Grow Your Company After a Recession

by Lori Williams

The recession will end. Most companies won't be ready: They're spending all their time hunkering down. But a few companies will be prepared to jump on their best new opportunities, grab new profits, and supercharge...

Get Time-Wasters Out of Your Inbox

by Lori Williams

Stop wasting time: transform your email inbox from time-waster to supercharged productivity tool! Lori Williams shows how to regain control over email...eliminate unnecessary messages and "cover-your-rear" cc:s...handle...

Creativity and Strategic Innovation Management

by Malcolm Goodman & Sandra M. Dingli

In a highly competitive and globalized scenario, business creativity provides the spark that fosters the development and implementation of innovation and organizational change. This book aims to explain the...

The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

by Thornton May

Learn to manage and grow successful analytical teams within your business

Examining analytics-one of the hottest business topics today-The New KNOW argues that analytics is needed by all enterprises in order...

Own the Future: 50 Ways to Win from the Boston Consulting Group

by Michael S. Deimler, Richard Lesser & David Rhodes

The world faces social, political, and economic turmoil on an unprecedented scale—along with unsettling levels of turbulence and volatility. Market leadership today is less of a predictor of leadership tomorrow....

10 Easy Steps to Strategic Planning

by Lori Williams

Get the benefits of strategic planning without the hassle and complexity! Lori Williams offers today's simplest, most practical guide to strategic planning: 10 easy steps that anyone can use, even small businesses...

Scenario Planning in Organizations: How to Create, Use, and Assess Scenarios

by Thomas Chermack

Scenario planning helps organization leaders, executives and decision-makers envision and develop strategies for multiple possible futures instead of just one. It enables organizations to become resilient and...

Head First Data Analysis: A learner's guide to big numbers, statistics, and good decisions

by Michael Milton

Today, interpreting data is a critical decision-making factor for businesses and organizations. If your job requires you to manage and analyze all kinds of data, turn to Head First Data Analysis, where you'll...

The Birth of a New Workforce: 21st-Century Strategies That Will Revolutionize Your Business

by Randall W. Hatcher

A veteran in the staffing and outsourcing industries, Randy Hatcher has collected over thirty years of tested ideas for transforming companies and making them more competitive. In “The Birth of a New Workforce,”...

Relational Political Marketing in Party-Centred Democracies: Because We Deserve It

by Helene P.M. Johansen

This book offers a critical study of the way in which traditional market logic - derived from mainstream economics and managerial marketing - is commonly applied to democratic politics, within both political...

Central and Eastern European Media in Comparative Perspective: Politics, Economy and Culture

by John Downey & Sabina Mihelj

An international line up of distinguished experts and emerging scholars methodically examine the different economic, political, cultural, and transnational factors affecting developments in media systems across...

Escaping the Survival Trap at the Bottom of the Pyramid

by Eric Kacou

This Element is an excerpt from Entrepreneurial Solutions for Prosperity in BoP Markets: Strategies for Business and Economic Transformation (9780137079261) by Eric Kacou. Available in print and digital formats....