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The Complete Tax Guide for Real Estate Investors: A Step-by-Step Plan to Limit Your Taxes

by Jackie Sonnenberg

The Complete Tax Guide for Real Estate Investors will take the mystery out of these tax issues and even provide you with tax planning strategies. In this book you will learn how to implement tax savings programs...

EY Tax Guide 2015

by Ernst & Young

File taxes with confidence and maximize deductions with this industry-leading guide

EY Tax Guide 2015 is your solution for a streamlined filing process. Authoritative and easy to follow, this trusted guide is...

The Theory, Principles and Management of Taxation: An introduction

by Jane Frecknall-Hughes

There are many practical textbooks explaining how taxation is applied and calculated but few ever deal thoroughly with the theory behind the practice.

This book concisely addresses the principles and theories...

The FairTax Solution

by Ken Hoagland

The definitive book on the Fairtax and its potential to save the U.S. economy

In the century since it was created, the federal income tax--originally intended as a simple way to soak the rich for their "fair...

HMRC - Her Majesty's Roller Coaster: Hints on how to survive a tax investigation

by Daniel Dover & Tim Hindle

Most people are happy to pay their taxes. But just how much we have to pay is not always straightforward, and it is frighteningly easy for a non-specialist to get the sums wrong or to overlook some significant...

Legally Avoid Property Taxes: 51 Top Tips to Save Property Taxes and Increase Your Wealth

by Iain Wallis

Lord Clyde famously said, in the case of Ayrshire Pullman Motor Services v IRC [(1929) 14 TC 754]: "No man in this country is under the smallest obligation, moral or other, so to arrange his legal relations...

Japan's Corporate Income Tax : Facts, Issues and Reform Options

by Ruud A. de Mooij & Ikuo Saito

This paper explores how corporate income tax reform can help Japan increase investment and boost potential growth. Using international and Japan-specific empirical estimates of corporate tax elasticities, investment...

Bhutan: Selected Issues

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

SUMMARY The first chapter describes the current tax system and suggests options for tax policy reform in Bhutan. Though significant hydropower revenues are expected in the medium term as major projects come...

Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Fight over Taxing Inherited Wealth

by Michael J. Graetz & Ian Shapiro

This fast-paced book by Yale professors Michael Graetz and Ian Shapiro unravels the following mystery: How is it that the estate tax, which has been on the books continuously since 1916 and is paid by only the...

Republic of Estonia:Technical Assistance Report-Revenue Administration Gap Analysis Program-The Value-Added Tax Gap

by International Monetary Fund. Fisc Dept.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report presents the results of applying the Revenue Administration Gap Analysis Program VAT gap estimation methodology to Estonia for the period 2007–12. The methodology employs a top-down...

Public Investment, Public Finance, and Growth: The Impact of Distortionary Taxation, Recurrent Costs, and Incomplete Appropriability

by Christopher Adam & David Bevan

Effective public investment requires governments to address the "recurrent cost problem" to ensure operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures are sufficient to sustain the flow of productive public capital...

Malaysia: Selected Issues

by International Monetary Fund. Asia Dept

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Managing Income Tax Compliance Through Self-Assessment

by Andrew Okello

Modern tax administrations seek to optimize tax collections while minimizing administration costs and taxpayer compliance costs. Experience shows that voluntary compliance is best achieved through a system of...

Mali: Technical Assistance Report

by International Monetary Fund. Fisc Dept.

PREFACE At the request of the Malian Ministry of Finance, a technical assistance mission visited Bamako during August 12-21, 2013. The purpose of the mission was to identify issues and options that need to be...

Thin Capitalization Rules and Multinational Firm Capital Structure

by Jennifer Blouin & Harry Huizinga

This paper examines the impact of thin capitalization rules that limit the tax deductibility of interest on the capital structure of the foreign affiliates of US multinationals. We construct a new data set on...

Return to Prosperity: How America Can Regain Its Economic Superpower Status

by Arthur B. Laffer & Stephen Moore


-- Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore

When Arthur B. Laffer spearheaded the theory of supply-side economics and became a member of President Reagan's...

Risk, Uncertainty and Profit

by Frank H. Knight

This enduring economics text provided the theoretical basis of the entrepreneurial American economy during the post-industrial era. A revolutionary work, it taught the world how to systematically distinguish...

Taxation in the New State (Routledge Revivals)

by J A Hobson

First published in 1919, Taxation in the New State explores the practical application of tax policy to the financial situation of post-World War I Britain. Hobson assesses policy according to the tax payer's...

The Complete Tax Guide for E-commerce Retailers Including Amazon and eBay Sellers: How Online Sellers Can Stay in Compliance with the IRS and State Ta

by Martha Maeda

Fed up with the numerous violations of tax law by individuals and businesses selling goods on eBay and other Web sites, the IRS is now making online marketplaces responsible for reporting sales information to...

Family Trusts: The Must-Have New Zealand Guide - How to Manage and Protect Your Family Trust

by Martin Hawes

Over 100,000 copies sold, and the one book all family trust managers and members should own.Family trusts are as popular today as ever. A family trust offers you the benefits, use and control of your assets...