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Brew to Bikes: Portland's Artisan Economy

by Charles Heying

Dissatisfied with passive consumption, many residents of Portland, OR, take matters into their own hands. Associate Professor of Urban Studies Charles Heying noticed these local artisans prospering all over...

Farmland Preservation

by Wayne J. Caldwell, Stew Hilts & Bronwynne Wilton

As land is lost to urban sprawl and other non-farm activity, our ability to produce food is diminished and options for future food production are limited. Farmland preservation speaks to the need to preserve...

Crisis and Comeback

by Michael Moynihan

How does a city survive its worst recession in living memory?

Cork entered the 1980s with swagger. The 1970s had been dominated nationally by the city's favourite son, Jack Lynch, who was Taoiseach for much of...

Smart Cities, Smart Future

by Mike Barlow & Cornelia Levy-Bencheton

Are you curious about smart cities? You should be! By mid-century, two-thirds of us will live in cities. The world of tomorrow will be a world of cities. But will they be smart cities? Smart cities are complex...

South African Mining Nationalization

by Abraham Mathebe

A fascinating read, this book will give readers an insight and a clearer understanding of the bases of what prompted the author to write this critique on South African mining and its true operational reflections....

Last Chance Mile

by Rod Kackley

Like many other cities in the United States, Grand Rapids, Michigan has struggled with redeveloping its economic identity after the devastation of the Great Recession of 2008. Last Chance Mile: The Reinvention...

The Community Economic Development Handbook

by Mihailo Temali

The step-by-step guide to turning any neighborhood around A weak local economy can be strengthened. A run-down neighborhood of boarded-up storefronts, litter-strewn sidewalks, high unemployment, and poorly-maintained...

Population, Migration, and Socioeconomic Outcomes among Island and Mainland Puerto Ricans

by Alberto Dávila, Havidan Rodriguez, Marie T. Mora & Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz

At the landmark centennial anniversary of the 1917 Jones-Shafroth Act, which granted Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenship, the island confronts an unfolding humanitarian crisis initially triggered by an acute economic...

Secrets of Building Successful Business Plan for Farm and Rural Business!

by Andrei Besedin

Starting a farm and rural business is an exciting and challenging undertaking. But a good business plan is often one of the keys to a successful business start-up. The real value of creating a business plan...

International Practices of Smart Development

by Robertas Jucevicius, Jurgita Bruneckiene & Gerd-Bodo von Carlsburg

Smart people make a smart city. This volume presents a collection of papers on the concept of smartness, smart development and the international practices in the field. There are five key topic areas: the conceptual,...

Cities for Profit

by Gavin Shatkin

Cities for Profit examines the phenomenon of urban real estate megaprojects in Asia—massive, privately built planned urban developments that have captured the imagination of politicians, policymakers, and...

The Creative Community Builder's Handbook

by Tom Borrup & Robert McNulty

Put the power of arts and culture to work in your community Part 1 of this unique guide distills research and emerging ideas behind culturally driven community development and explains key underlying principles....

State of Urban Services in India's Cities

by Kala Seetharam Sridhar & A. Venugopala Reddy

With increasing population and expanding demand for urban infrastructure services, the capacities of local governments in many developing countries are overburdened. Adequate infrastructure is not only necessary...


by Gianpiero Venturini & Carlo Venegoni

Urban re-activation is becoming an increasingly relevant and complex topic in Europe, as it brings together a growing community of influential actors who, in recent years, have established a number of successful...

Herbert Has Lots For a Buck

by Elizabeth McLachlan


Canada in the twenty-first century is a place of growth and expansion. Cities like Vancouver and Toronto have become word class destinations for business and tourism. Meanwhile, smaller, less prominent communities...

The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies

by Michael Storper, Thomas Kemeny, Naji Makarem & Taner Osman

Today, the Bay Area is home to the most successful knowledge economy in America, while Los Angeles has fallen progressively further behind its neighbor to the north and a number of other American metropolises....

Economics of the Marine

by Karyn Morrissey

This book extends the current international interest in the conceptualization of the marine sector to explore its importance of at different geographical scales: from the national, to regional and small area...

The Icon Project

by Leslie Sklair

In the last quarter century, a new form of iconic architecture has appeared throughout the world's major cities. Typically designed by globe-trotting "starchitects" or by a few large transnational architectural...

Memphis and the Paradox of Place

by Wanda Rushing

Celebrated as the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock and roll, Memphis, Tennessee, is where Elvis Presley, B. B. King, Johnny Cash, and other musical legends got their starts. It is also a place of...

Preserving South Street Seaport

by James M. Lindgren

Preserving South Street Seaport tells the fascinating story, from the 1960s to the present, of the South Street Seaport District of Lower Manhattan. Home to the original Fulton Fish Market and then the South...