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Community Economic Development in Social Work

by Steven D. Soifer, Joseph B. McNeely & Cathy Costa

Community economic development (CED) is an increasingly essential factor in the revitalization of low- to moderate-income communities. This cutting-edge text explores the intersection of CED and social work...

The City Moves West: Economic and Industrial Growth in Central West Texas

by Robert L. Martin

Where water supply, railway transportation, and oil reserves have been abundant, towns in central West Texas have prospered; where these resources are few, settlements have maintained only slight growth or disappeared...

Business in Emerging Latin America

by Fernando Robles, Nila Wiese & Gladys Torres-Baumgarten

Driven by expanding domestic markets and exports of natural resource commodities, Latin America has recently come into focus as an economic force in the international arena. Business in Emerging Latin America...

Selling the Welfare State: The Privatisation of Public Housing

by Ray Forrest & Alan Murie

Originally published in 1988, this book offers the first comprehensive and critical analysis of the privatisation of public housing in Britain. It outlines the historical background to the growth of public...

Income Inequality, Fiscal Decentralization and Transfer Dependency

by Caroline-Antonia Goerl & Mike Seiferling

Within the context of reigniting post crisis macroeconomic growth, income inequality has emerged as a topic of significant interest for both academics and policymakers (Bastagli, Coady, and Gupta, 2012) This...

Change Leadership in Developing Countries

by Franca Ovadje

Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine in 2014!

In Change Leadership for Developing Countries, Franca Ovadje offers readers a comprehensive and integrative model for the design, implementation...

Cities, State and Globalisation: City-Regional Governance in Europe and North America

by Tassilo Herrschel

This book investigates the ways in which city regions view themselves as single entities, how they are governed, what is meant by 'governance', why the question of city-regional governance matters, and the extent...

Crony Capitalism and Economic Growth in Latin America: Theory and Evidence

by Stephen Haber

Crony capitalism systems—in which those close to political policymakers receive favors allowing them to earn returns far above market value—are a fundamental feature of the economies of Latin America. Haber...

The Legacy of Ireland's Economic Expansion: Geographies of the Celtic Tiger

by Peadar Kirby & Padraig Carmody

Ireland underwent a dramatic economic and social transformation from the 1990s onwards, earning it the title the "Celtic Tiger". Rapid economic growth was accompanied by substantial in-migration. However in...

Issues in Urban Economics

by Harvey S. Perloff & Lowdon Wingo Jr.

Classic economic considerations applied to the crucial urban problems of poverty, racial segregation, urban renewal, transportation, and education. Originally published in 1968

Leadership and Place

by Chris Collinge, John Gibney & Chris Mabey

Despite the radical transformation of society associated with globalisation, shifting patterns of demography and the revolution in information and communication technologies over the last two decades, we remain...

The Gift of Success and Happiness: Transforming Your Life Through Business Process Principles

by Chip Sawicki & Vernon Roberts

The Gift of Success and Happiness offers a set of simple systems—based on the world’s most reliable business principles—that empowers readers to meet and overcome challenges posed by money, work, relationships,...

The Role of Informal Economies in the Post-Soviet World: The End of Transition?

by Colin C. Williams, John Round & Peter Rodgers

Based on extensive ethnographic and quantitative research, conducted in Ukraine and Russia between 2004 and 2012, this book's central argument is that for many people the informal economy, such as cash in hand...

Global Monitoring Report 2013: Rural-Urban Dynamics and the Millennium Development Goals

by World Bank & International Monetary Fund

The Global Monitoring Report 2013: Rural-Urban Dynamics and the Millennium Development Goals examines rural-urban disparities in the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and how urbanization,...

The Little Data Book on Africa 2012/2013

by World Bank

The Little Data Book on Africa 2012/2013 is a pocket edition of Africa Development Indicators 2012/2013. It contains some 115 key indicators on economics, human development, governance, and partnership and is...

The Little Data Book on Gender in Africa 2012/2013

by World Bank

The Little Data Book on Gender in Africa 2012/13 provides a summary collection of gender statistics on Africa available in one volume. It contains 60 indicators, covering 53 African countries. Additional data...

Bangladesh: The Path to Middle-Income Status from an Urban Perspective

by Elisa Muzzini

Bangladesh seeks to attain middle-income status by 2021, the 50th anniversary of its independence. To accelerate growth enough to do so, Bangladesh needs to build a competitive urban space that is innovative,...

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics: Cities and Geography

by V. Henderson & J.F. Thisse

The new Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics: Cities and Geography reviews, synthesizes and extends the key developments in urban and regional economics and their strong connection to other recent developments...

Healthy City Planning: From Neighbourhood to National Health Equity

by Jason Corburn

Healthy city planning means seeking ways to eliminate the deep and persistent inequities that plague cities. Yet, as Jason Corburn argues in this book, neither city planning nor public health is currently organized...

Urban Growth and Spatial Transition in Nepal: An Initial Assessment

by Elisa Muzzini & Gabriela Aparicio

Nepal: Urban Growth and Spatial Transition carries out an initial assessment of Nepal's urban growth and spatial transformation, with a focus on spatial demographic and economic trends, economic growth drivers...